When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 5)

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Hello everyone , this is Tanz back with part-5 of my ff .I am so glad that you liked the previous part. I was really confused about it . Thanks a lot for your support . Now let’s start with this part,….
Recap : Shivaay gets Annika’s details and decides to help her .
Annika got her Champa and started her journey of finding a new job . She went for 2 or 3 interviews and they had told her that they’ll give her their answer by tomorrow . Annika stopped at a café as she was both tired and hungry . When she was waiting for her order to come, she got a call from an unknown number .She frowned and thought,”Ab yeh kon hai ?”(Now who is this).Nevertheless she received a call with a cold “hello”
Caller : “ Am I speaking to miss Annika?”
Annika(who is already irritated) : “ Of course it’s me . Who else will pick up my phone?”
Caller : “Ma’am , you have been shortlisted for a job of event organizer . You have to reach at the address that I’ll message you by 12’O clock for the job interview .”

Annika(confused) : “ But I have no job interviews till evening…”
Caller : “Ma’am , a company, ‘Maya decorators’, in which you gave an interview in the morning , forwarded your case to us . If you want you can confirm with them . But if you want the job , please reach at this address by 12’O clock . Okay?”
Annika :”Okay I’ll reach there on time . Thanks for informing me. “
The call ended and shortly after it Annika received a message from the same number . She looked at her watch and it was 11:20 a.m. already . So, she quickly munched her sandwich and reached at given address 5 minutes before the appointed time . She looked at the building and was surprised . It was so beautifully designed . A creamish colour building with ‘The Oberois’ written at its top . She thought that she had heard that word before, Oberoi , but she brushed off her thoughts and continued inspecting the building .At one side , there was structure like a spider’s web, painted in silver, giving a contast to the cream colour . Annika was an event organizer so one can call her a part-designer . She took much interest in interior designing too . This building looked so elegant to her . Her examining was disturbed by a familiar voice.

Man : “ Ma’am , Are you miss Annika ?”
Annika :”Yes , I am Annika and you are may be the one I talked to earlier on phone .”
Man : “ Yes ma’am I am the same person . You can call me Khanna, that’s what everyone calls me .Come I will show you the way to my boss’ cabin .”
Annika :”Yeah sure, Khannaji lets go.”
Khannaji was surprised and happy because no one had given him such respect till now . He guided her to Shivaay’s cabin . The interior designing was as impressive as the building was from outside . Khannaji knocked at the door and voice came from inside,”Come in.”Khannaji opened the door and told Annika to go in . When she was inside the cabin she saw that she was facing the back of the chair on which someone was sitting .
Annika :”Sir I’m Annika . I’m here for an interview .”
Shivaay while slowly turning his chair towards her :” Yes Miss Annika please have a seat .”
Till the time Shivaay had turned towards her completely , she had seated herself in a chair opposite to his.
Shivaay :”You…..”He acted as if he was confused to see her there but it was all a part of his plan .He stood up from his chair.

Now it was Annika’s turn to react, she was really confused. Annika :”You….”
Shivaay(still acting as if he knew nothing) : “ You have come to give the interview ?”
Annika didn’t want to work under this tadibaaz but she had no other option at the moment . She tried to be as polite as she could be and maintained all formality .
Annika : “Yes Sir, I have come for this interview . Khannaji had called me . I am sorry for whatever happened last night . “
Shivaay : “Have a seat miss Annika . Don’t worry, I don’t mix up my personal and professional life . So , you are an event organizer ,right?”
Annika : “Yes Sir .”
Shivaay : “ So what type of events do you organize ?”
Annika : “ Sir , I have organized many business related events . “
Shivaay : “ Okay . I don’t think you are apt for this job. We’ll call you again if we have any other offer for you. You may leave now.” He was taking quite a risk by asking her to leave but their earlier conversation had made him believe that she wouldn’t leave so easily without knowing a reason for her rejection . And she did the same.
Annika : “ But sir What is wrong?I have qualifications and experience.”
Shivaay : “ It’s not about your qualifications miss Annika , It’s about the type of work You’ll have to do. And seeing your earlier works, I don’t think you can do that .”
Annika :”What type of work ?”

Shivaay :”Can you organize a’ Maata ka Jagraata ‘? It’s a type of a Pooja . “ Shivaay very well knew that she could easily do that. He was just trying to act normal .
Annika : “ Sir , I think you haven’t seen my profile properly. I started my work by organizing Family functions and Such type of Poojas .”
Shivaay :”But can you organize this Jagraata in…”seeing his watch, he continued,”in 5 hrs?”
Annika : ”Are you challenging me ?”
Shivaay : ”Yes, you can think like that . If you are able to do this perfectly , I’ll appoint you as the event organizer of Oberoi Mansion .”
Annika : “Annika never loses a challenge.”

Shivaay : “Okay, okay, we’ll see that later . I will ask Khanna to drop you at OM and he will also give you the details . Now, will you go out and send Khanna inside my cabin . Thank you.”
Annika nodded in positive and as soon as she was outside his cabin she started speaking , “What does that Baghad Billa think of himself . I’ll show him what Annika is . His eyes will pop out, seeing the arrangements I’ll do . Tadibaaz kahin ka . “While she was blabbering, she saw khannaji and said ,”That Baghad Billa is calling you in his cabin .”Khannaji was confused and he asked ,”I’m sorry , who?”
Annika realizes what she has just said and tries to cover up,”Oh nothing Khannaji. I was saying that your boss is calling you in his cabin . Did you hear anything else?”
Khannaji smiles and says, “No, I heard nothing.”
Annika gives out a sigh of relief . Soon she and Khanna ji reaches OM. Outside Oberoi mansion she thinks ,”Till now I had only heard that Oberois are very rich and now I’m seeing it. First, such a beautiful office and now this Mansion . I don’t know how much would have this Mansion cost them ….”

“1000 crores .This mansion is worth 1000 crores . It was built by my Grandfather. “Came a boastful voice from behind .She turned back to see to whom it belonged and she found that it was the same irritating Baghad Billa. She thought,”Did he read my mind ?”She asked him , “ You here….How?”
Shivaay replied , “Why? This is my house. Can I not come here ?”
Annika, “No, I didn’t mean to say that. You were in your office right?”
Shivaay, “Yes, today’s work ended so I came home . Also, mom had asked me to come early due to jagraata. Will you stand here and keep asking me questions . You have a challenge to complete, remember?”
Annika : “Yes , I completely remember it .”
Shivaay : “So let’s go inside . You have so much work to do in so less time .”
Annika : “Okay.”

Precap : Annika meets the Oberoi family .
So, I hope you liked this part . The building which I described as Oberoi office , is not an imagination .This building is present in my city . Actually it’s a college campus . i really like its design so I mentioned it here, ofcourse with some minute changes .
Please do comment if you can.

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  1. awesome

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Anaya.

  2. Anagha

    I love your ff

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Anagha.You know i have a baby brother whose name is Anagh.

      1. Anagha

        Wow…..that’s cool…Anagh!!!..

  3. Lisaaa

    awesome.. waiting for next

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Lisaaa . I’ll try to update soon.

  4. Awesome….
    Shivaay acts really well…
    waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Shivika. Yeah , he is SSO , he can do anything….I’ll try to update soon.

  5. Awesome update ?. Post soon ??….

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Sofiya. I’ll try to update soon.

  6. It’s was an awesome super duper episode dear. I’m very excited to the further story.The entire episode is fantastic. Shivay is acting as he don’t about anika coming for interview. In future anika know it’s was an act of shivay after their marriage it was so funny to see that how Shivay escape from the angry Anika.I like the challenge of both. I’m sure anika win not only in the challenge but also the oberio members heart too. I’m waiting for your next episode update soon…..

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Ahsana . i always like the way you analyse things in my ff . i don’t know if I’ll be able to show what happens after marriage….I’ll try to update soon.

  7. Vincy


    1. Tanz

      thanks a lot Vincy

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Tanz its just amazing…. And ur description about Oberoi office is beautiful….. I liked it!!! Eagerly waiting for next part dear….

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Gayathri . Yeah, I’ve always loved the design of that building , glad you liked it too.I’ll try to update soon.

  9. Amazing!!

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Bhavana

  10. Haridhra

    Its superb yaar … I’m falling in love with ur ff …

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Haridhra . I think it’s a good sign for me. 😉

  11. Dear dont thnk that am being g selfish but do post next part of possible by today itself pl????

    1. Tanz

      It’s ok Arthi…..The truth is I’m being lazy but after reading your comment I’ll try to complete the next part today itself… 🙂

  12. Superb

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Fffan1234

  13. Alekhika20

    Fab updt

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Alekhika

  14. Diyaa

    I loved it Tanz. I liked the idea of Shivaay pretending to be surprised at seeing Anika for interview. Made it more interesting in natural. Also I really loved the moment where Anika said Khannaji and he felt respected. These little things show the character of a person. Really nice update ☺

    1. Tanz

      Thank you so much Diyaa Di. yes i called you Di because it’s so much unlike me to call someone elder to me by his/her name , unless i don’t respect that person but I respect you a lot . And i am really happy that you’re liking my ff.

  15. Pooja26

    really a bhagad billa 😉 😉
    amazing one
    post asap…..

    1. Tanz

      thanks a lot Pooja . i’ll try to update soon and you too take care. 🙂

  16. Amazing epi

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Lilly.

  17. Superbb epi Tanz…..

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Banita

  18. Amazing updates…

    1. Tanz

      Thanks Ankita

  19. It is awesome dear.. In which clg do you study???

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot nikitajai.No I’m not in college, I study in 11th class.

  20. OMG Tanz. ….
    This was awesome….I really loved the minute details like Khannu ji feeling respected, shivaay acting surprised , etc…
    This just shows how awesome a writer u r…better than our CVs. ..ams o sorry that couldn’t comment on the previous episode….was busy….but count my comment even If it isn’t there because I luv your ff….

    1. Tanz

      I don’t know if I am a good writer but Thanks a lot Vivikhta . I’ll always +1 comments whenever you don’t comment because I know you’ll read it.

  21. Aryaraju

    Really loved it.. Plz update the next one asap ?

    1. Tanz

      Thanks a lot Aryaraju.I’ll try to update soon.

  22. Neha_Pheonix

    I am loving this version of Shivaay..why cant be he like this in show..I liked your description in this FF a lott..great you started writing…Love ya!

  23. Thedreamsoul

    This is Awesome Tanz , loved it to the core and I am sorry for commenting late . Loved Shivaye’s act today and waiting eagerly to know what happens next . Post asap dear , will be waiting for it 🙂

  24. Jerry_36

    Amazing dear☺

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