Where is Heart There is Life (Episode 2)

The episode starts with ananya coming to the canteen. Sam and other internees r sitting in the canteen. Sam calls her. She comes and sits. Neil asks anu why she is upset? She tells them about dr arjuns yelling at her. Kirti says wow he holded u. Anu says stop it. Rahul says thats not a big deal. Its normal that boss always yells at his internee. At the same time nurse joya whos a old lady comes and tries filrt with neil. Neil says oh grandma what u doing? The nurse slaps him and says ur ma should be grandma. All laughs.

Sattu staff comes and says dr arjun has called u all. They go to arjuns cabin. Arjun divide work among them. Arjun says rahul and kirti will work in ward 1, parth and tammanna will work in ward 3, anjali and nikita will work in ward 4, samaira and neil will work in child ward. And u ananya will work with me. Now go back to ur ward.

Anu is with dr arjun. She is doing everything thats doing dr arjun. Arjun gets angry and says i told u to observe me not to become a copycat. He goes angrily. Anu cries.

Sam and neil are in child ward. Neil says oh God why u sent sam with me? She goes everywhere i go. Sam says right. A child patient comes to them and requests them to sing a song. They sing a song.

Its night. All internees are coming back to their home. Anu comes home. Her house is very luxerious. She greets madhvi and mohit (her parents). Mohit says how was ur day? Anu says fine. Madhvi says it was bound to happen fine as u have worked so hard to become a doctor. Now go and get fresh. Anu goes. Madhvi says to mohit sometimes i fear if anu gets know about the truth then? Mohit says dont worry she wont know about the truth. Madhvi says i too wish the same.

The scence shifts to rishikesh. Mala(radhikas mom) says to dilip(radhikas father) i dont belive that my daughter is dead. Even looking at the deadbody it was impossible to recognise her. Dilip says but the truth is radhika is dead.

Its the magazine officce “diva” in rishikesh. Shreya says to tiya today my daughter riya is successful only because of u. Tiya says thank u and thats my pleasure. Shreya says if u hadnt done that then it wouldnt be possible.

Precap: dilip says to mala tommorow i have to go to mumbai for some work. Wil u accompany me? Mala says yes.

Credit to: Natasha

  1. @naaty…again loved ur epi dr…..

  2. Very nice update keep going 😀

  3. Excellent natasha

  4. nce epi…
    waitin for anu nd mala to b fce to fce…

  5. hey nats….very good one buddy…luv the doctor sub…keep gng buddy

  6. woooooow,amazind natasha

  7. Keep continuing dear. Liked your story.

    But need some twist and turns to make it spicy.

    And everyone just going to be a die heart fan of your story.

    We are here to live our manmarziyaan. And always here to appreciate each other efforts to create their manmarziyaan in their beautiful weaving words.

    Love you dear.

    But really loved it. Love you dear.

  8. How r u guys? Where is happy,abi,devga,samiha,dipika and all. When should i post my next episode?

  9. Natasha,why don’t u keep ur story name”dil hain to ishq hain” or “jaha dil Waha ishq”

    1. Ireena at first i also wanted to keep these name but later my best friend told me to keep a english name so that whom dont know hindi will also understand the meaning of the name.

  10. superb natasha!!!! more like nurse and neil scene. .. haha neil called her grandma 🙂 🙂
    waiting for next episode.. .

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