DYM2 – Episode 3 (illusory)

Episode No : 03

The episode starts with Ankush playing with kids and he suddenly notices that nandini di is watching him from bit far. Nandini moves forward to talk to ankush and he feels tensed. Meanwhile scene shifts to Arjun and radhika at home having dinner. Radhika removes evrythng from the dining table and arjun helps her. Arjun waits for her in bed room while watching tv. But radhika sat on the couch in hall and writing the locations for the next day ad shoot.Arjun calls her & she says few more minutes plz. Radhika blushes by arjun’s calla and feels shy. Arjun thinks to play a prank and screams out Radhika, she runs to him hearing the sound.. she sees everything messed up and starts scolding arjun. Arjun wont listen to her and sees her with a glazed look.. radhika collects all the papers that were flown on to floor by the air from window.arjun too joins her in collects the papers and they come back-back and turn towards eachother having eyelock of lots of love,care & affection..

One of his frens comes to ankush and asks can we leave, ankush replies yeah sure. While nandini is near ankush and about to speak she gets a call and saying it’s emergency please come to children’s playing room. She immediately leaves with without talking to ankush. Ankush & his frens leave from there as its getting late to reach their Rooms.

Radhika moves away and stands up keeping the papers back on table. Arjun stares at radhika with a bug-eyed look. She feels shy and arjun comes close to her holding her hand and laying another hand around her neck. She blushes with her head down and arjun holds her chin and asks her to call arjun with love. She doesnt,but he repeats. She punches his foot and goes to get water. He utters ouucchhh in pain and goes to bed and covers himself with a blaket. She comes and closes the door keeping water at the bed side down. She wonders why arjun slept so fast in a short span and switches off the light and takes the blanket to cover herself. Radhika in inclined position moves close to arjun and caresses his hair staring at him with love. Arjun suddenly opens his eyes and holds her tight around her waist,so tight that even air cant stay between them. He collects her hair strands and keeps back to her ear and asks her to call arjun with love. She blushes and calls. He is very adamant and asks to call again looking in to his eyes. She shivers and calls and he holds her even tighter and he gets up slightly to kiss….

Sam and neil in their room fight about the puppy, apple. Neil makes him rest on the bed laid for him and they switch off the lights. Neil comes close to sam and asks for hair band. She gets puzzled and asks what. He says hair band to hang my self and acts naughty as she is not feeling romantic.. they have a nok-jhok and end up kissing eachother and love making… ♥♥♥

PRECAP : Ankush saves all the photos he has shoot at orpahanage in his laptop and sits brooding.




Credit to: Anu

  1. @anu……loved ardhika romance yaar…..again enjoyed…..

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