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The episode starts with The youngster reaching the khurana mansion..

All are shocked to see karan & Sameer injured.. Aditi and kavya started to do their firstaid .. while the whole time Dadi was scolding them..

Adi , Shivu, Ragu and Aarti was having tea with their Dada..

Just then Tanvi with Abhi enters the scene . Tanvi is shocked also .. she starts scolding them for getting into usless fight..

Karan : So what do you want us to just got beaten up for some crime which we haven’t yet committed.. is that so sorry.. i can’t

An angry karan goes to his room..

Its night and dinner time all dine for dinner except karan..

Aditi : Shivanya.. go and get karan

Shivanya : I told him about 100 times .. he is hell angry and i don’t think he will come..

Abhi : If he can’t come.. we will go to him..

Adi : Maa… please serve our food on poolside.. we will have it there


All his sibling enters his room with a big bang.. and karan who was standing near the window looks at them..

Adi sits in a chair and sameer and Aarti sat on sameer’s bed.. shivanya and Abhi on karan’s..

karan looks at them with a confused face : What!!

Adi : Come lets have dinner..

Karan : I am not hungry..

Aarti : But i am..

Abhi goes to karan and holds his hand..

karan (in pain) : Ahh..

Abhi : Sorry yaar..

Shivu : You .. come have dinner..

They goes to pool area..

Karan : Adi bhaiyaa.. i want to ask you.. som..something..

Adi : Okay comeon shoot..

Karan : Why did you start drinking..

Everyone notices that how adi’s facial expression changed.. he kept silent..

Ragini : jaran bhai.. what kind of question is this..

shivu : Ragini… shhh.. Adi bhai karan have asked something we need answers..

Adi slinently goes from there without telling anything.. he takes his car and goes..

Adi is shown driving his car fastly.. suddenly a woman comes infront of his car.. Adi somehowescapes his car without hitting the woman..

Adi gets out of his car..

Adi : Are you.. fin.. fine..

Just then the girl looks to adi..

Adi : Zoya..

Zoya : Aditya

Adi : What are you doing in the middle of road at this time..

Zoya : Actually .. i wanted to explore mumbai.. but.. Maya was busy so I left alone and now I am lost..

Adi : Wow.. you brilliant girl..  you know that you are new in this city and you .. what would have happen if my car have hitted on you..

Just then Adi saw two durnken people passing through their side looking vulgarly at zoya..

Adi : Okay.. now come i will drop you home..

Zoya : That’s sweet of you..


Zoya and adi are in his car.. suddenly it rains..

Zoya : Do you mind if i play music..

Adi : No.. its okay..

Adi puts on the radio..

Bheegey hont tere song from Murder movie pays..

Adi and zoya looks at eachother..

Zoya changes the music

pee loon song from once upon a time in mumbai plays..

Adi turns of the Radio.. Zoya looks out through the window..

After a few minutes of silence due to embarcement zoya spoke..

Zoya : I must admitt aditya you are clever..

Adi : Why??

Zoya : Cause sometimes our bestfriends also confused between me and maya..

Adi : Oh..

Zoya : But you.. you had idebtified me on the first time..

Adi suddenly stopped the car..

zoya : What happened adi??

Adi : Your home..

Maya was walking outside the home tensed as zoya was not yet home..

On seeing Zoya and the gate side Maya went on and hugged her..

Adi : So.. i take leave.

Zoya : Sure aditya.. bye

Maya : Bye..

Adi leaves..

Maya : You know i was so scared.. now don’t to such stupid things to defate me..

zoya and Maya walks to her room..

Zoya : where is maa & papa

Maya : They are sleeping.. actually.. i weared your clothes and said mom.. that maya is at office..

Zoya looks at Maya in disbelif..

Maya enters her room and sits at her bed..

Maya : Now don’t stare at me.. i have saved you from mom’s anger..

zoya goes to maya and hugs her..

Maya(teasingly) : Where dis you get jiju..

zoya without realising : I got him on the road… wait .. what jiju.. maya..

They have a cute pillow fight..


Adi sees his home from outside.. He was pretty sure that everyone must have been asleep as its about 2 a.m in morning..

Adi without waking up anyone enters his home and he makes his way to his room

And finds that his siblings fell asleep near the pool area waiting for him to return..

Adi looks that them.. Karan and his siblings words echoed in his ears .. a tear fell from his eyes.. he went to his room and closed the door

He started to cry…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Adi meeting zoya on the road n managing to not hit her with the car n dropping her home was cute that he identified zoya correctly.waiting 4 Adi to say why he started drinking

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