Twin troubles IshRa SS Part1

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Twin troubles Part 1
A beautiful clean Kitchen…
A middle aged lady is making milk shake.
She is none other than Madhu…the dutiful wife of Mahesh Kapoor and the lovely mother of the twins Ishita and Divya.
“Madhu…”Mahesh called her from the bedroom.
Madhu:I am coming.
Madhu walked to the room with lime juice.
Madhu:Can’t you even wait for 2 minutes?I was making milk shake for our sweet daughters.
Mahesh:You know that without lime juice I can’t sleep.
Madhu:Even our daughters can’t sleep without having milk shake.
Mahesh smiled romantically:I can only sleep if the lime juice is made with your hands.It’s so sweet.

Madhu:In this old age no need to be romantic.I am not going to fall in your sweet words.
Mahesh got embarrassed.
Madhu:Ok…take your lime juice.Let me give milk shake to Ishu and Divu.They will be waiting for me.

She handed over him the lime juice and left the room.

Madhu went towards Ishita-Divya’s room.
Madhu called them knocking at the door:Ishu…Divu…
The door got opened.
It was Divya.She was dressed in a simple salwar kameez.Her hair was left open.
Madhu:I brought milk shake.
Divya:Wow..I was waiting for it.

She took the milk shake and started sipping it.
Divya:So tasty mumma.
Madhu smiled:As a mother I make the best for both of you.

Divya:You are the best mother who makes milk shake with love.
Madhu smiled:And you both are the best daughters.
Divya smiled.
Madhu:Where is Ishu?Ishu….your strawberry milkshake is ready.It’s fresh strawberry.
Divya became nervous.
Madhu:Why is Ishu not coming?
Madhu entered the room.Ishita was not there.
Madhu:Where is Ishita?
Divya was more nervous.
Divya:Mumma…it’s because Ishu is bathing in the bathroom.
Madhu heard the sound of shower in the bathroom.
Madhu:She is taking bath at this time?Ok..when she finishes bathing ask her to drink it.
Divya:Ok Mumma.
Madhu kept the milk shake on the table.
Madhu held Divya’s hair.
Madhu:I told you many times to tie your hair before sleeping.Otherwise your hair will break.
Divya:Yes mumma.Actually i was going to tie it.
Madhu smiled:Ok…good night.
Divya:Good night mumma.
Madhu left the room.
Divya was relieved.She opened the bathroom.There was no one inside.
She closed the pipe.
Divya:Thankfully I forgot to close the pipe due to carelessness.Otherwise I would not have been able to lie to mumma that Ishu is taking bath.Because of this Ishu how much am I telling lies?


Divya was sleeping.Suddenly she heard someone’s footsteps and she got woke up in fear.
“Who are you?”
A person closed her mouth.Divya moaned struggling hard to remove the hand from her mouth:Mmmm.
That person:Divya…keep quiet.Don’t scream.Otherwise mom and dad will wake up.
Divya was relieved.That person took off her hand from Divya’s mouth and switched on the light.
It was none other than Ishita.
She was wearing a flimsy white top and black short skirt.
Divya smiled:You scared me.

Ishita giggled.
Divya:Mumma will faint seeing you in this dress.
Ishita smiled:That’s why I came inside silently.

Divya:Naughty girl.Because of you I always face problems.Today we were about to get caught by mumma.But somehow I managed the situation.
Ishita:I knew that you will save me.You are the sweetest sister Ishu.
They hugged each other.

Oh Dil Se Dil Ka Rishta Judaa
Pal Do Pal Mein Mit Ta Nahi
Bandhan Dilo Ka Tut Ta Nahi
Bandhan Dilo Ka Tut Ta Nahi

Divya:How was the night?

Ishita:I enjoyed a lot in the pub with my friends.We danced a lot.Really rocking.You should have been there with us.
Divya smiled:You know that I don’t like late night parties and all.I prefer to be in a peaceful atmosphere.
Ishita:Ok no problem.Now let us sleep.
Divya:Ya…oh I forgot to tie my hair like mumma said.
Ishita:Oh mumma’s daughter…So obedient.I will tie your hair.
Ishita combed her hair and tied it.

Tere Dil Ka Mere Dil Se
Rishta Purana Hain
In Aankho Se Har Aansu
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain
Mujhko Churana Hain(Koi aap sa).

Raman and Abhishek had a meeting with a famous personality called Mr.Jai Thakral.
Jai:I am impressed.We want you guys to do this project.
Raman and Abhishek were very happy:Thank you Mr.Jai Thakral.
Raman:We promise you that we will put our 100% into it.
Abhishek:Yes.We will give our best.
Jai:I know.I trust you.
They shook hands and parted.
Raman and Abhishek hugged each other.’s such a happy news.
Raman:Yes.We need to work hard for it and we should be above their expectation.
Abhi:Exactly.We got the biggest project.In this happiness we will have a celebration.We will party.

Raman:Not party.Have to go to the temple and thank God.

Abhishek:What yaar!No party?
Raman:No.You know that I am not a party animal.
Abhishek:You are so boring.
Raman smirked:No problem.But I will not change.
Abhishek:Oh no.

Raman went to the temple and prayed thanking God.
Raman informed this to his parents Santhoshi and Omprakash Bhalla.
Toshi:Raman Puttar…I know that you will get it.I had full faith in my son.

Toshi hugged him.
Omprakash:Well done Raman.Keep it up.I am proud of my son.

Raman smiled:Thank you papa.

Abhishek went to the pub.He took a peg and danced joyfully.

Hone Do Dil Ko Fana
Hone Do Dil Ko Tabah
Udne Do Har Ek Wo Tamanna…(2)
Aao Na…(3)
Hona Hai Fana

Ulfat Ka Hai Dariya
Ye Jaa Ek Qatra
Dariya Mein Hai Qatra
Ya Katra Mein Hai Dariya

Saaya Hai Badan Ka
Ya Tan Me Chhupa Saaya

Dono Mil Gaye To
Kya Tan Kya Kya Saaya(Yuva).

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