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Shivany and Ritik’s eye lock..

shivanya realises her position and gets up.. following her ritik also gets up..

Yamini : Shivanya.. are you fine..

Shivu : Yes.. Ma’am..

Yamini : Ritik.. are you hurt??

Ritik : No.. mom. i am fine..

He goes fron there..

Yamini : Your dance was awesome. and i belive that you have the potential to make people.. faint in your dance..

Shivu : Does that mean  yes..

Yamini : Of course tomarrow moring 9 am onwards we will start our class..

Shivu : That’s so sweet of you..


Gitanjali was getting some files from the shelf and she falls down Abhi hold her

Abhi : Ms. Geethanjali what are you doing..

Gitu : What did i do now.. i don’t understand what is your problem..

Abhi : Oh.. i don’t have any problem with you

Gitu : Then put me down!!

He realises that he haven’t put Gitu down until then and He suddenly puts her down..

Gitu :Ahhhh..

Abhi (laughs) : Sorry..

Abhi goes from there.. Gitu looks at him irritatedly..


Jhanvi : Maya you can’t wear this in today’s get together..

Maya : Please mom i am comfortable i this .. then whats your problem mom..

Zoya : Maa.. you know na she won’t listen to anyone..

Maya : Yeah , mom.. you know that i am unique..

Jhanvi : What to do with this girl..


A doorbell rings and Dadaji opens the door.. its non other that Arjun..

Arjun : Dadaji..(he huggs him)..

Arjuncomes inside the house and sees the house almost decorated..

Arjun : Do we have any party today??

Adi who was sitting in the sofa..

Adi : Your mom’s friend have came so.. get together is happening..

Adi goes and aits with Arjun..

Just then aditi comes there in hurry

Arjun : Tai ji please also take care of me too

Aditi(happly) : Arjun.. you..

She also hugs Arjun..

Dadi : Aarea.  Arjun my dear..

She also huggs him..

Dadi : Its about be evening you guys go and get ready..

Arjun :why should we get ready for Mom’s friend

Dadi : Because your mom’s friend have two beaitifull daughters..

Arjun : Naughty dadi..

Dadaji : You have told them to come early.. did you..

Aditi : Yeah.. they must be here..

Just then Aarti comes down..

She gets happy seeing Arjun and runs towards him and hugs him..


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  1. Jasminerahul

    good that yamini chose Shivanya n she will take classes for her.abhigeet scene was romantic and funny in the arjun has come arjun Dadi scene was cute

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