Falling In Love Again (Part 20)

After a long I’m here back again guys...

So Our Abhigya got married. Bulbul is upset as Pragya is no more in the same house. Abhi’s life changed for good after marrige

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In Arora House
Daily chores are going on. Bulbul was cleaning her room. She is happy that she now can arrange her room as she likes and no one will be there to scold her for being messy or lazy. She picked up Pragya’s handbag to keep it in almirah. But the bag slipped and fell on the ground. She collected things and put them into the bag,she noticed the guitar locket and thought what is this doing in her bag and thought Di must have purchased it to gift Jiju.

Abhi-Okk Jinny. I want a gift right now
Abhi forwarded his hand for gift…
Pragya thinking I did not buy any gift what do I do now?
Dadi-Beta Abhi and Pragya you have to go to Arora house today as a ritual,come down quickly.
Pragya had sigh of relief as she will be having some time to think about what to gift him.
She pulled her hands back and went in the hall to dadi.
Dadi-Beta, be ready you have to go to your house now so that you can come back again here soon before night.
Pragya- G dadi
Dadi-It’s just yesterday you get married and entered this house and you won hearts of all members already. we can’t stay away from you for long time. so go and come quickly.
Abhi-Dadi,you are only talking to your bahu.(making sad face) I’m also here talk to me too.I think you forgot me.
Dadi-If Pragya is my heart you are my soul beta. I can’t live without both of you.
Both take blessings from Dadi and drove to Arora house.

Arora House-
Sarla-Bulbul quickly clean this mess as Pragya will be arriving soon.
Pragya standing at the door sweetly called- Maa
Sarla-Arey Pragya and Beta g you. Come have seat..

  1. Hey your ff is just awesome..
    Btw what’s the reason that you didn’t post for such a long time..But literally it was a rocking comeback

    But please post one episode daily…So eager to know what’s gonna happen next.. Please we want daily updates.

  2. Hey ur FF is too awesome…please update it daily .. don’t take a long break..please update it regularly

  3. Prabhigya your fanfiction is really nice and imaginative.btw i think the update/plot could have been a more longer.please try to avoid posting shorter updates.
    When are you posting next??
    But please post daily on regular basis.

  4. CuteVanshu

    After a very long time…
    Btw amazing story please update next one ASAP eager to know how they both will come to know about truth 😃

    Keep writing

  5. This episode was nice and eagerly waiting for your next episode.. I am expecting daily updates…

  6. Prabhigya

    Thanku all to spare your time to read this FF..
    I’ll try to be regular from now

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