Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 10


Episode begins when ridhima goes to meet kabir in jail. Kabir gets surprised to see her. Ridhima says I just came here to know something and to tell something. Kabir says what. Ridhima says do you really love me. Kabir says yes. Ridhima says how much, kabir says love cannot be explained. Ridhima smiles.

Ridhima says vansh doesn’t love me kabir. Kabir says then what are u doing with him, divorce him we will make a new start. Ridhima smiles. Kabir says I can go any extend to get u. Ridhima says this is the point. We can go any extend to get our love. But my love is different its beyond. Should I say obsessed. Vansh is my obsession from childhood. Iam obsessed with vansh. His my everything. It’s a warning never come between us. I won’t let you touch him. Stay away from vansh. Iam sweet as sugar, hard as ice ,if u hurt me once,I’ll kill u twice. And I mean it. Don’t ever try to separate riansh. Did u get that . Kabir says why are u telling me.Ridhima says Before going I need to tell something. Remember I told you my would be husband died in mandap. Kabir says yes. Ridhima says I killed him. Kabir says what. Ridhima says he came between riansh. So I gave him poison. Actually when vansh came to my wedding. I saw his friendship band and I got to know that he his my vansh. So I made a plan and married vansh. Kabir says vansh doesn’t love u.

Ridhima says so what my love is enough for both of us. Kabir says if vansh gets to know then he will hate u. Ridhima says never mess with ridhima. She goes.

Kabir thinks if ridhima can go any extend to get vansh. So why can’t I. I will also go any  extend to get u ridhima. Now u r my obsession. Lets see who wins.

In VR Mansion

Vansh sees some footage and gets shocked. He ask angre to destroy this. Angre says boss but this is the proof. Vansh says I know do it. I don’t want anybody to know that my papa was killed and  who killed him. I’ve to protect the killer. Now clearly listen to me my papa died in a accident. Angre says ok.

Vansh calls ridhima. Ridhima doesn’t pick his call. Vansh gets worried. He again tries and this time ridhima picks up. Vansh shouts at her. Ridhima says calm down vansh. I am ok. Vansh says then why didn’t you pick my phone first time. Ridhima says I was in bathroom. Vansh says ok. Vansh says are u ok ridhi. Ridhima says yes iam. Vansh says iam getting worried about u. Ridhima says I know. Vansh says did u kept the thing in safe. Ridhima says yes. It’s with me. Vansh says take care. Ridhima says I will.

Other side kabir escape from jail. Police tries to find him. While talking to vansh ridhima heard someone knocking the door. Ridhima says vansh i think someone has come. She opens the door and says you and shouts. Vansh says ridhi. What happened. Someone cuts the phone. Vansh says ridhima is in danger.

Precap: Vansh tries to find ridhima. Ridhima tied in a chair.

  1. Your story is just awesome… many twists and turns…..! It’s even more thrilling than the real one….just loved it…. Will be waiting for the next one…please update soon….

  2. Your story is really awesome ….. Will be waiting for the next update…… Plz update it soon

  3. your story is awesome. please daily updates

  4. you are really a great writer RIANSH

    your writing creates an interest to read more and all those twist you are bringing are mind blowing, i’ve missed the update so much and its back with a bang .
    am also liking your pace its really good but don’t you dare stop writting again

  5. Great story . Loved it. And please upload daily we are waiting for your fanfiction because it’s awesome, nice creativity.
    Pls upload next FF soon or may be tomorrow…..

  6. Wow… Love it… So here Ridhima is negativ… Her character is similar to Kainat (one of Helly’s characte) but It’s good

  7. i feel that……

    u should have written more on that video shown by andre to vansh about his father’s death……….

  8. ‘I am sweet as sugar, hard as ice ,if u hurt me once, I’ll kill u twice’,, Wow, that’s how savage Ridhima should be in the real story as well :)),

  9. It’s really not good, how can she kill an innocent person to get her love. We want to get our love, by expressing it in our words or in action. Not by killing innocent people….

  10. Wow! This is an unbelievable twist! Just when I thought that the story had perhaps ended, you caught me up by surprise. You have a really creative mind, and I like the way you are doing justice to all the 3 leads, without any one of them being left out.

  11. The twist is super👌, no one can imagine this…. Really, behind that innocent face this much of evilness.woow am impressed

  12. You are the best in writing about riansh …. Hats off to you❤❤❤❤…..

  13. While reading the entire FF my reaction was 😳!!
    Well we get a very good writer just imagining while reading 😂👌

  14. Why I am not getting the written update of 11th September episode???????🤷🤷🤷

  15. Your Comment
    much luv Riansh, thanks for the update really enjoy

  16. Khadija lukman

    I don’t understand is ff different from the real one bcoz de story is not de same

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