Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh FF – Time Of Revelation

Hey friends here is the much awaited Revelation episode. I guess I have to go into hiding after this episode. Im getting ready for that…lets go to the chapter now

Chapter 9 Time of Revelation 

Vansh and Riddhima are enjoying themselves at the cafe. Aryan and Sejal come there

Aryan: Vansh sir? Ridhu you said you will introduce us to your boyfriend 

Sejal jumps in joy

Sejal: You fool Vansh is her boyfriend. blo*dy tubelight..congrats Vansh sir

Vansh: I guess Vansh is fine

They settle down. Just then Vansh’s phone rings. Its Angre

Vansh: Angre?

Angre: Vansh..I have found where sir is…surprisingly he himself contacted me

Vansh: What?

Angre: Haan Vansh…he says he wants to meet you and Ridhimaa in half an hour in the hills

Vansh: Er..okay..We will come

He disconnects the call

Vansh: Riddhima if you dont mind will you come with me to meet someone?

Ridhimaa: Why not?

Vansh: Aryan ..sejal?

Aryan: Vansh..you saved her earlier and now you are her boyfriend too why wont she come with you

Vansh: Great then

Within minutes the bill is settled. Riansh get into the car and leave 

Ridhimaa: Where are we going?

Vansh is confused about the reason for Gaurav wanting to meet her. He doesn’t hear her words

Ridhimaa shakes him

Vansh: Huh..Ridhimaa ?

Ridhimaa: Where are we going?

Vansh: Its a surprise 

Riddhima: You planned a surprise for me..so sweet

Vansh in mind: Gaurav ji has planned one for both of us

Riddhima loops her hand around his and rests her head on his shoulder. She enjoys the journey.


Vansh’s car stops with a screech at the top of the hills. He gets down and Ridhimaa too gets down. He holds her close to him as they start to walk towards the rocky area

Riddhima: Vansh..

He raises his hand and silences her. They feel a presence behind them and turn to see Gaurav behind them

Vansh: Gaurav ji…

Gaurav: Vansh,,so good to see you

Vansh: Sir this is..

Gaurav: I know Ridhimaa…Ridhimaa sharma

Riddhima: Namaste

Gaurav looks at her closely 

Gaurav: You look exactly like your mum. Exact photocopy

Ridhimaa: You know her?

Gaurav chuckles

Gaurav: I know her? Oh she was my best student ever…Avantika

Ridhimaa: Oh you are a teacher

Gaurav: Yes indeed..

Vansh: Sir where were you these many days?

Gaurav: Wherever I was I have been watching you closely..every move of yours.

Vansh: Sir…woh…

Gaurav: Vansh you are on the right track. Now having everything our mission has started

Vansh: Sir?

Gaurav: You were searching for ultimate power of magic it’s impossible to get without the destruction of Dark powers around us. The struggle which happened earlier will happen again. 

Ridhimaa doesn’t understand anything 

Vansh: Sir the struggle?

Gaurav: Yes…the struggle which occurred 20 years ago. Ridhimaa its time for you to know the secrets

Ridhimaa: What secrets?

Gaurav: Your parents…were…me and Vansh are….Wizards

Ridhimaa is shocked 

Ridhimaa: Vansh stop pranking..I dont like this..tell me he is kidding 

Vansh: Its true Riddhima 

Gaurav: Your mom was my student and a best witch of her batch..lady of good brave heart and pure skill…she gave a power to you when you were in her womb

Ridhimaa: Power?

Gaurav: Yes…the power of love..actually when she was pregnant the great struggle happened to curtail the dark powers…in that course your mother gave you this power of Ultimate love…that is if you love someone with whole heart your love will become a shield to that person..the same way in which Avantika’s love shielded her baby inspite of fighting against so many cruel spells and combats. Your love is your power. It will come out when you turn 20. Anyone who gains your love shield can overcome any spell , can endure any problem and gain their glory. The person who will get all this will be the strongest and you will be his strength 

Ridhimaa and Vansh are shocked 

Vansh: Sir…the prophecy was..

Gaurav: It was this power Vansh

Riddhima: Prophecy? Magic? Wizard? What more are you hiding Vansh? You knew about this already and acted to me to get my love and gain power? 

Vansh: No Ridhimaa..I knew this but the care and love on you is true

He holds her hand. She snaps it and starts to walk behind . Her eyes are full of tears

Vansh: Ridhimaa 

Riddhima: Liar…blo*dy liar…you cheated me..why did you hide your truth?

Vansh: I didn’t get a proper time to tell it Riddhu..sorry

Riddhima: You didn’t say as you thought your mission will fail

Riddhima starts to run away from Vansh and Gaurav 

Vansh: Sir..you..

Gaurav stays silent. Vansh runs towards Riddhima grabbing his wand

Its dark everywhere.

Vansh: Prakashit Bhawa (Lumos)

He starts to search for her but she is nowhere to be seen

Vansh: Ridhimaaaa………

Vansh breaks down on not finding her. He slumps on the ground crying like a baby

Tere Jaane Ka Gam

Aur Na Aane Ka Gam

Phir Zamaane Ka Gam

Kya Karein?

Raah Dekhe Nazar

Raat Bhar Jaag Kar

Par Teri To Khabar Na Mile

Bahot Aayi Gayi Yaadein

Magar Iss Baar Tum hi Aana

Iraade Fir Se Jaane Ke Nahi Laana

Tum Hi Aana

Meri Dehleez Se Hokar

Bahaarein Jab Gujarti Hai

Yahan Kya Dhup Kya Saawan

Hawayein Bhi Barashti Hai

Hume Puchhon Kya Hota Hai

Bina Dil Ke Jiye Jaana

Bahot Aayi Gayi Yaadein

Magar Iss Baar Tum Hi Aana

Oh Ooo..

Gaurav walks to Vansh

Gaurav: Vansh..we will find her

Vansh: She is the first girl my heart fell for…she is the first person who made me have emotions..And now..she …she is missing…she hates me…only yesterday she confessed her love and today she hates me…you…were the reason my parents died…you were the reason her parents are still suffering after the curse…it’s because of you….everything is because of you..20 years ago you made me an orphan…and now again you did..why did you poke your nose ….

He loses himself in anger and starts to scream in pain. He bangs the floor , curses Gaurav and starts to slaps himself 

His heart has a feeling of fear…fear of losing her, fear of what happened to her . It has a feeling of confusion of where to find her, a guilt of lying to her and what now.

The scene freezes on a desperate Vansh. Please dont scold me for leaving it here. Im sorry guys…I know you will definitely be angry. Ready to face all your anger. Meet you tomorrow morning with 

Next Chapter: Is it the end or the beginning?

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