Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh ff- Ridhimaa’s long time desire

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Recap : Shivaay is Ridhimaa’s brother Aditya. He has rescued their parents from Haden. Shivaay confides in Ranveer. Vansh and Ridhimaa are at Ridhimaa’s house. Ridhimaa is drunk.

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Chapter 25 : Ridhimaa’s long time desire

Ridhimaa’s home

Ridhimaa is asleep while Vansh takes her diary again


Dear Diary, even today my wish did not come true. You know right I have been dreaming of this for long but no…it is not at all happening. I wish Vansh’s arrival into my life will fulfill it

There is nothing else written which confuses Vansh. He searches the diary to know what Ridhimaa’s long time desire is but he is unable to find it. He shuts the diary and places it on the table. He then walks to a sleeping Ridhimaa and kisses her forehead

Vansh in mind: Ridhu… I don’t know what your desire is but I will know it soon and make it come true very soon. I love you so much my dear love.

Ridhimaa smiles is sleep as if she heard his heart. Vansh sits there staring at her . The scene freezes

Tunnel Next morning

Harish and Avantika are sleeping. Shivaay walks in with a set of clothes

Shivaay: Mom..Dad please change these clothes we have to leave from here

Harish: Why are you being so sweet all of a sudden? Did that guy send you with a new plan?

Shivaay goes on his knees in front of them and holds their hands

Shivaay: Dad…Mom..he has not sent me. He wont be able to do anything to you hereafter. We are going for another important work

Avantika feels strange as Shivaay holds her hand. He senses the motherly love in her sight. Controlling his tears Shivaay gets up and asks them to hurry up

The scene shifts to a strange village. Shivaay walks in with Harish and Avantika dressed in a different way

Harish: Where are we?

Shivaay: Dont be afraid..its where we belong to

As they walk nearer a house appears from nowhere. Seeing it Shivaay smiles

Shivaay: Dad..mom..can you see the house over there? Does it remind you of anything?

Harish and Avantika watch the house with awe in their eyes. That tells Shivaay that they dont remmeber anything

Shivaay in mind: Let me take them in..it may bring back something from the past into their memory

Shivaay holds their hands and is about to walk in

Voice: Rukiye..dont make that grave mistake Mr.Aditya Sharma

Shivaay aka Adi turns back to see a girl standing behind them. Her lips bear a sweet smile while her eyes show concern

Shivaay: How..how did you know my name?

Girl: Thats a long story..now dont walk into the house

Shivaay: Can you see the house? It..it..

Girl: I know whats in you mind. I cant see the house but I know you can definitely see it

Shivaay is totally confused

Girl extends her hand to him

Girl: Im Pankhuri Gupta..one of the students of Chandrika ji

Shivaay: I don’t remember seeing you in school?

Pankhuri: Im from a different institution run separately by Chandrika ji..we are a few students there studying potions under her. You don’t know about us but we know about you

Shivaay: So you know about Roshini being chosen by Chandrika ji too

Pankhuri: Even Im chosen..see Adi..everyone has a role to play..like Veer is an animagus and has a separate role under Maya ji while you have your own role..and you are chosen for that

Shivaay: Your words confuse me a lot..but now tell me why are you stopping us from entering here?

Pankhuri: Nagesh and Haden had them this long..dont you think they will use them to find a way to every plus point we have? This house is where Ridhimaa got her powers..this is where pur biggest advantage lies..dont you think they will use them to find this house and find a way to kill Ridhimaa?

Shivaay realises that she is right

Pankhuri: Sir guessed that you will come here and that is why he sent me here. See Shivaay we have to break all the magical ties Haden made with them before taking them in

Shivaay: But how do we do that?

Pankhuri: Ill help you with that. You have to come with me. We also have our friends who will help us with it.

Shivaay: How do I trust you? What if you are Haden’s aid and is trying to get us into trouble?

Pankhuri: Smart…now to make you trust me I have to produce my patronus..and you know that Haden’s men dont produce one

Pankhuri takes her wand and : Pitradev Sanrakshanam

An otter erupts into the air and Shivaay smiles at it

Shivaay: I trust you now..lets go

The scene freezes with them leaving from there

Unidentified place

Roshini: What are you saying..someone made Ridhimaa drunk?

Aman: Exactly.thats why Vansh and Ridhimaa weren’t here last night when the ritual took place

Roshini: My goodness..but whoever did this had actually

Veer: Saved Ridhimaa only

Roshini: Exactly..if not that Haden would have

Aman: Who must have done that?

Maya: Some well wisher for sure

Angre: Ill call bhai and..

Gaurav: No need Angre. Let them take their time. Preeta are you having good sleep and healthy food?

Karan: Not at all sir. She is eating all junk even after me forcing her to eat healthy

Roshini: Dont worry Ill prepare a potion which reduces cravings for junk and make her eat healthier

Chandrika: Thats great. The war will reach its peak soon then we wont have time or energy to care for our health

Veer: Mam what is our next step? Are we rescuing Sharmas now?

Gaurav: No..not now Veer. We have something else to do

Aman: Whats it sir?

Gaurav: Let Vansh and Ridhimaa come. Angre ask them to bring  Aryan with them

Angre leaves to call Vansh

Meanwhile Ridhimaa’s apartment

Ridhimaa slowly wakes up and sees Vansh sleeping in the chair.

Ridhimaa in mind: How did I get here? Okay leave it..let me get ready for college

She jumps off the cot and walks to her dresser. She remembers something and runs to a sleeping Vansh. She slowly bends down and gets near him

Ridhimaa: Good morning My dear Vansh. I love you so much

She then turns to leave when she feels a hold in her hand . Before she could react Vansh pulls her over him

Vansh: I love you too My dear Ridhimaa

Ridhimaa: You were awake? Cheater..

Vansh chuckles and gets closer to kiss her. His mobile rings

Vansh: Who is this disturbance?

Ridhimaa uses this opportunity to get away. She grabs her towel and gets into the restroom

Vansh picks the call and its Angre

Angre: Bhai…Gaurav ji asks you to come here with Ridhimaa and Aryan

Vansh: Okay sure

Angre: How is Ridhimaa now?

Vansh: Normal now. How is everything going on?

Angre: Yesterday after the ritual was done Haden and men attacked us. They came for Ridhimaa..luckily you weren’t here

Vansh: Even if we were there I wont let anyone touch her shadow even

Angre: Yeah but..anyway come soon

Vansh disconnects the call and calls Aryan

Aryan: Vansh..

Vansh: Aryan we need to leave for somewhere so come to Ridhimaa’s house soon

Aryan : Okay. How is she?

Vansh: Fine. Any news about the spiker?

Aryan: Ranveer said he could not find any. Even I could not

Vansh: Seems like the spiker is lucky

Aryan: Haha yeah but we need to be careful nah

Vansh: Haan. Come soon lets talk in person

As the call ends Ridhimaa comes out in a fresh pair of salwar. Vansh is dumbstruck at her

Ridhimaa notices her diary in a different place and understands what happened

Ridhimaa in an angry tone : Vansh did you read my diary?

Vansh: Haan..woh..sorry yaar Ridhimaa

Ridhimaa: Do you think it is a good manners?

Vansh: Im sorry Ridhimaa…but..

Ridhimaa: What did you read in it?

Vansh: Aa..bbb…ooouuuttt…your long time ddddeesssirrree

Ridhimaa starts to laugh which makes Vansh sigh

Vansh: Why are you laughing?

Ridhimaa: The daring wizard Vansh is stammering in fear..thats why..

Vansh: The fear is of annoying you..angry Ridhimaa is a nightmare for me and so is drunk Ridhimaa

Ridhimaa: Drunk? Me?

Vansh: Haan..leave it now tell me whats that long time desire?

Ridhimaa: It is..it is…to..to

Before she could finish the door bell rings

Ridhimaa: Ill open it

Vansh: I think its Aryan..I called him here

She runs to the door while Vansh corrects his clothes.


Hearing her shout he runs outside.




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