Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Police takes Maharaj in custody.

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 12th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

A woman and a boy came forward. Maharaj asked villagers to send these people away, they were disturbing the prayer. Bhim Rao asked the woman to tell everyone her relation to Maharaj. She informed everyone that Maharaj was her husband, everyone was shocked. She said that they have a son as well, but he was brutal and greedy for wealth and luxuries. He ran away with Sethji’s daughter, after two months the news came that he killed her. She never saw him again until today in this village. She said that he was no Maharaj but a criminal, a cruel father, and a cruel human being. Mangesh taunted Maharaj for not remembering his family though he has a son and a wife. Maharaj said that the woman was lying, he has never seen this woman before in her life. Bhim Rao asked for evidence. The woman said that Maharaj has some marks in his back. Bhim Rao said that to prove the woman wrong Maharaj should show his back. the villagers asked Maharaj to show his back. Maharaj did not want to stay in a place where he constantly needs to prove himself, he was leaving. Mangesh blocked his asking him to show his supporters his back. Mahesh and Maharaj grabbed him, meanwhile the boy tore his shirt and showed everyone the scars. The boy started crying, his mother hugged him. Maharaj grabbed a knife threatening to kill anyone to dared to come near. He then grabbed his wife, warned to kill her if anyone came forward. The police came. Meanwhile a man hit Maharaj in the head. The woman turned around to see Bala. Maharaj fell to the grounded, Bala pointed the stick at him recalling the many times he was beaten because of Maharaj. The police tied Maharaj. A woman spit on his way for betraying them, though they didn’t have anything to eat for themselves but still donated all they could. They believed in him, gave him anything they could. Sethji was mad at himself for having faith in Maharaj, they cared about his Murti more than their own needs. Bhim Rao said that that the actual issue was the people’s intellect, they trusted him blindly. This process would continue if people would not understand. Mangesh agreed.

Maharaj was stoned and dirtied with mud as the police took him to jail.

Bhim Rao apologized to the woman and the boy. The woman was happy, she wanted to celebrate her victory.

Pandith and Sethji were extremely angry for believing and praying Maharaj. Sethji said that in order to shut Bhim Rao they complied to everything Maharaj told them. Mangesh came saying that they have been doing the same as Maharaj, but they need to clean their hearts and relive their life as friends, like the old times. Sethji apologized, Mangesh hugged him, he said to have learned one thing in life that if he were ever given an option to those between Bhim Rao and Maharaj, he would always choose Bhim Rao. Sethji might contradict now but one day he and the entire society will understand that Bhim Rao is right. Pandith said that they can not let go of their Dharam because of a fake Maharaj. Mangesh argued that Bhim Rao has never asked them to let go of their Dharam and the belief in God. Sethji asked Pandith to sense the peace in Satara today. Sethji said that Bhim Rao didn’t do good by closing all the alcohol bars in Satara. Mangesh laughed.

Bala had already talked to Ramji, he asked not to be pressurized. Meera said that Bhim Rao, Anand, Venaik and Damudan should go to Ramji first. Bhim Rao questioned about Tulsa and Manjula. Meera said that they were only doing to inspect if everything were up to their mark than rest of the family would come. Mangesh came, Sethji was with him. Mangesh asked Sethji to cross the boundary for once, their home would feel like his. Sethji recalled the many times he hurdled Bhim Rao and his family. Sethji came inside the house. Everyone was amazed. Sethji said that his son gave Bhim Rao a coat once and h burnt it but today he has brought all his new clothes for him, the ones he never wore. He presented Bhim Rao with the clothes. Meera thought that if Bhima Bai were alive, she would have witnessed Sethji presenting her son with clothes, a man who troubled them the most. Sethji wanted Bhim Rao to accept these clothes as an apology for the injustice against the lower caste. Mangesh supported Sethji. Bhim Rao took the clothes. Sethji asked them to tell Ramji that Satara’s Sethji Dhansuklal has bettered himself.

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