Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh ff- Keeping up the promise

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Recap: Avantika and Harish have an emotional reunion with Ridhimaa. Ridhu and

Vansh’s engagement is fixed. Ranveer goes to help Shivaay. Haden performs the ritual with Ragini to unleash the dark powers.

 Chapter 29 : Keeping up the promise

Ridhimaa and Vansh are out of the hospital, in Vansh’s car

Ridhimaa: Vansh…

Vansh: You are scared, aren’t you? 

He says without taking his eyes off the road

Ridhimaa: Woh…You know right…that…

His hand on the gear holds her hand placed on her lap nearby. He gives a gentle squeeze. The warmth fills her heart, taking away her fears. 

Vansh: Let me play a song for you

He turns on the radio

Lag ja gale ki phir

Ye hasin raat ho na ho.

Lag ja gale ki phir

Ye hasin raat ho na ho

Shayad phir is janam main

Mulakat ho na ho

Lag jaa gale,

Ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho

Shayad phir is janam main

Mulaqat ho na ho

Lag jaa gale


Ridhimaa rests her head on his shoulder and 

Ridhimaa: This is my favourite song you know, before meeting you whenever I felt strange and choking this song will only soothe me. I love this so much

Vansh: More than how much you love me?

Ridhimaa stares at him through the corner of her eyes and starts laughing 

Hum ko mili hai aaj

Ye ghadiya naseeb se,

Hum ko mili hai aaj

Ye ghadiya naseeb se,

Ji bhar ke dekh leejiye

Hamako kareeb se,

Phir apke naseeb mein

Ye baat ho na ho

Shaayaad phir is janaam mein

Mulaqat ho na ho

Lag jaa gale


The car stops with a screech in the street. It is empty now and the street lights shine bright. Vansh gets down and takes Ridhimaa with him. Her hand clenches his hands with such a force that even the strong Vansh Rai Singhania winces in pain

Vansh: Ridhimaa yaar that much fear huh?

Ridhimaa: You have no idea what I went through, so you wont understand my pain

Vansh in mind : Sweetheart, I have had the same strange feeling whenever I stepped into this street but the thing is my heart never accepted its weakness whenever it reached here

Vansh: Thats the past dear, now having Vansh Rai Singhania in your heart fear will run away itself.

Vansh holds her hand and takes her forward. He notices that Ridhimaa has her eyes closed. Vansh gets a small smile on seeing it. He suddenly loses his grip on her hand and steps back. Ridhimaa walks a few steps forward and then realises his absence, she stops and opens her eyes. She finds Vansh nowhere and starts to panic . The scene freezes 

Haden’s mansion

The light gets near the entrance and two heads pop out of the cloak, they are Shivaay and Ranveer.

Shivaay peeps inside and is shocked to see the happenings.

Ranveer: Adi…adi what happened? Is everything fine?

Shivaay pulls him away from the place and gets inside the cloak

Shivaay: What I feared of has happened, he has done the ritual. He is evil now

Ranveer: That means the dark force…

Shivaay: Yeah….what was Ahaana doing? I wanted her to keep an eye on Ragini

Suddenly they feel someone approaching there. The cloak flies away in a second and Haden stands in front of Shivaay and Ranveer

Haden: You thought that you can deceive me for long? What a wrong guess Aditya Sharma

Shivaay: Now having that exposed my job is easy…but

Haden: How did I know? Thats it right…pyari behna…

Ahaana steps forward from behind him. Men surround Shivaay and Ranveer

Shivaay: Ahaana?

Haden: Yes my sister Ahaana. 

Ahaana: Did you think Ill join with a Sharma? The blood traitors…today is your last day..soon your sister will die too

Haden takes his wand and aims it at Shivaay

Haden: Mrityu Dansh…sham

Ranveer remembers his promise to Pankhuri and kicks the guy holding Shivaay. His leg gets burnt as its hit with the killing curse. Ranveer groans in pain. Haden grows angry and orders something to his men. But before they could do anything a silver light emerges and thats what Ranveer could remember as he faints. The scene freezes 


Ridhimaa gets anxious on not finding Vansh there. She shouts his name and then slumps on the road crying. She suddenly feels a touch on her shoulder and turns to find Vansh. Once her eyes see him, she pulls him into a bone crushing hug

Ridhimaa: Where did you go?

Vansh: Darling..I just…played with you.

Ridhimaa: Is this the situation to play? One second I thought that I lost you forever. This street…it….

Vansh’s hand pats her head and thus her breathing calms down.

Vansh: Shsh…I did it to make you strong and not to break you. Sweetheart, your parents are not dead as your Dadi told you. So this street has no involvement in anything. Please come out of it. You are becoming Mrs.Rai Singhania, so you should be

Ridhimaa: Strong like Vansh Rai Singhania 

She laughs saying it. His heart smiles at her laughter. But their beautiful moment is broken by a call. Its Gaurav

Gaurav: Vansh, Ridhimaa come to Maya’s place soon

Vansh: Sir..

Gaurav: Its urgent..come fast 

The call disconnects. A confused Vansh leaves from there with Ridhimaa 

Maya’s place

Vansh and Ridhimaa rush inside, at the same time Aman , Roshini, Angre, Karan , Preeta,Aryan, Bani and Veer too enter to see an unconscious Ranveer lying on the bed. Kartik and Naira are treating him.

Vansh: Sir what happened?

Gaurav: He got hit by Mrityu Dhansham in his leg. So he is now in sedation to do the perform the procedures

Vansh: But sir how did he….

Shivaay walks in and : To save me

Everyone get shocked 

Aman: Shivaay? You…

Gaurav: So everyone its time to tell the truth to you guys,

Before he could finish Pankhuri and Sirat run inside

Sirat: Didi..here is the kit. 

Pankhuri’s eyes get welled with happiness for Shivaay and concern for Ranveer

Aman: Whats the truth sir?

Gaurav: Ridhimaa today is a very good day for you. You have got back your brother too on this day

Vansh: Aditya Sharma?

Gaurav: Yes Shivaay is Aditya 

Gaurav narrates the past to them. Hearing it everyone get so emotional 

Ridhimaa: But why did he?

Meghnand : To save you and help us. He only brought Avantika and Harish out of Haden’s custody, saved Vansh and Ridhimaa by spiking her drink and what not

Vansh: But how did Ranveer get hurt?

Shivaay: We went to Haden’s place under the invisibility cloak but a betrayal got us caught and Ranveer intervened when Haden tried to kill me. Thanks to Meghnand if not we both would have been dead

Meghnand: Pankhuri told me about you both going for an important work. She also requested me to follow you from a distance. I waited in the forest and then when I saw a green light I rushed to Haden’s mansion

Vansh: Haden’s mansion? Why?

Shivaay: Thats what I want to tell you. He has performed the ritual and has erupted the dark force, which is inside him now. 

Aman: Haden is dark force? But how did he perform the ritual without Nagesh’s blood?

Shivaay: He has it…Nagesh’s grand daughter Ragini gave her blood

Ragini’s name shocks Angre, Vansh and Ridhimaa. The episode freezes 

Next Chapter : Engagement 

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