Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd August 2021 Written Episode Update – Tulsidas handovers the Granth to Guru Madhusudan.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The thief bends down praying Prabhu Shri Ram for accepting his mistake of trying to steal Ram Charitra Manas hence pleads for forgiveness & Prabhu blesses him leaving from there.

Pushpadant asks Ganeshji how lucky was that thief who got blessings of Prabhu for which people after meditating for years & years do not get such opportunity & Ganeshji says this was also a miracle of Prabhu.

Santh Gyandutta’s helper student comes to ask that thief if he has stolen the book of Tulsidas but instead thief tells him it was wrong for him to think also for stealing such a book because Prabhu himself is his guard that’s why he is a great Santh whom all should respect while the student tells him he itself has to do this now but the thief says he’ll guard this place now on behalf of Prabhu & won’t allow anybody to steal this book hence the student returns.

Gyandatta is awaiting news of success of his plan for stealing Ram Charitra Manas by that thief but his student comes to inform him about the thief’s betrayal who could not do his work.

Tulsidas comes out of his hut while that thief bends down praying & praising him but Tulsidas asks him what has happened & he narrates him what all happened with him due to which his eyes opened getting blessings from Prabhu & Tulsidas breaks into emotions knowing his Prabhu itself guarded his Granth book.

Tulsidas moves in the village watching some children’s learning poems from his book felling very proud of them & also woman’s who are learning from one of their colleague from the Granth book of Tulsidas itself which she praises about his wordings richness which also makes him strong in his belief of spreading this book in the entire world.

Tulsidas is wondering about the books knowledge becoming famous while Shri Hanuman advises him this will keep happening more & more hence to keep this work going on in which he’ll face lot of big hurdles in his path.

Gyandatta leaves to meet his Guru Shastri Madhusudan planning to instigate him against Tulsidas for rejecting his Granth while Shastri ji tells him unless he doesn’t read the book he can’t declare his views on the same & Gyandatta tells him he’ll arrange to bring Tulsidas’s book so that he can declare his rejection.

Gyandatta meets Tulsidas requesting him to allow of reading this book to the famous Guru Shastri Madhusudan & he accepts his request hence meets Guru Madhusudan who welcomes him with pride which makes Gyandatta jealous. Tulsidas tells Guru that this book I am giving it to you to read which is written in very simple language but only think that this is my soul which I have handed it in your custody.

Precap: Gyandatta keeps Ram Charitra Manas in front of Prabhu’s Shivling idol in temple & challenges telling everybody that once Prabhu Mahadev accepts this then there will be no doubt left for spreading this book’s knowledge within this world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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