Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh FF – His Miss Possessive

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Chapter 11: His Miss Possessive

Its been a week since the hill meet with Gaurav occurred. Its a beautiful Saturday. Vansh’s Ridhimaa day as she has an off and he has promised to take her wherever he goes throughout the day. Riddhima is all excited about the day. She wears his favourite colour dress , a loose hair and a nude lipstick. With her look being perfect she locks the house leaves the key with Aryan and runs down to see her Vansh waiting in the car for her. She gets inside

Vansh: Good morning Sweetheart

Riddhima: Good morning Vansh

Vansh: Are you ready for the day?

Riddhima: Of course Im ready

Vansh: Lets go then

The car speeds on the roads. It stops at Vansh’s office

Vansh gets down and opens the door for Ridhimaa

Vansh: Get down madam

Once she is down he closes the door behind her and they walk inside. As they step into the entrance all eyes are on her. The girls start to gossip about her

Vansh seems to take no notice, he leads her inside and stops at the middle of the office

Vansh: Everyone she is Ridhimaa, my current girlfriend and future wife

All girls are shocked at the statement. Their eyes bulge and bear jealousy and hatred for Ridhimaa. Riddhima sees this , instead of feeling awkward she started to feel happy that a guy who is wanted by all girls belongs to her. She grips his hand tighter. He takes her inside his cabin

Ridhimaa: Author sir has a very big office…

Vansh: Proofreading , editing , picture addition and lot more happens here sweetheart

Riddhima sits on the couch

Riddhima: You do your work..Ill settle here

Vansh: Do you want anything? Coffee? Snack

Ridhimaa: Ill tell when I need

Vansh: Fine

He gets immersed in his laptop. Riddhima sits watching him work. His face is expressionless and she notices that his attention doesn’t waver.

Ridhimaa in mind: How does he do this? I have tried this a lot of times in class but all I get is sleep

She is just watching him without blinking. Suddenly the door bursts open and a girl enters. Ridhimaa starts to wonder who it is. Vansh turns to her

Vansh: Ragini?

Ragini: Hey Vansh baby..how are…

Her eyes fall on Ridhimaa. She gets irritated

Ragini: How are you

Vansh: Good good..anything important, that you didn’t have the time to knock before entering

Riddhima expects Ragini to understand his mocking but she doesn’t seem to care about it

Ragini: Dad sent me on office work

Vansh watches Ridhimaa from the corner of his eyes. He clearly understands that she doesn’t like Ragini but plans to tease Ridhu

Vansh: Sit down..will you like something ?

Ragini beams with happiness as she did not expect this. Someone else who didn’t expect this fumes with anger. Who is it other than Ridhu?

Ragini: Er..juice may be

Vansh: Ridhimaa will you have one too?

Ridhimaa nods. Vansh orders two juices via intercom

Vansh and Ragini talk about something. Suddenly his hand touches hers. Ragini feels happy while Ridhimaa’s anger is rising . Suddenly an idea strikes her. She gets up

Riddhima: Vansh Ill be back in a minute

She gets out and moments later she comes back. Few moments after her arrival the juice comes. Ridhimaa picks her apple juice while Ragini takes her orange juice. She sips it and her face turns red..she spits it out

Vansh: What happened Ragini?

Ragini: Er..its salty

Vansh: What? Did you put salt instead of sugar

The work nods in affirmation and : No sir

Ridhimaa: Ill check it

Vansh: Leave it na Ridhimaa…lets get one more made

Ridhimaa: No Vansh if she has defect in tasting it may be a symptom of many issues..thats why

Vansh nods. Ridhimaa sips and her face shows no change in expression

Ridhimaa: I was right your tasting has a defect. Better consult a doctor

Ragini gets up in anger. He hits Ridhimaa’s hand holding the juice glass and the juice spills on her clothes, she walks off in anger. Once Ragini and the worker disappeared Vansh starts to laugh out loud. He gets up and comes to Ridhimaa. He holds her closer

Vansh: You look too cute if you get angry

Riddhima: What are you saying?

Vansh: I saw you when I asked Ragini to sit down, your nose went red as you got angry

Ridhimaa: So you knew it and yet you…

She dabs her fists on his chest. He holds her hands and stops her

Vansh: Slowly..slowly ..its paining

Riddhima: Let it pain…u deserve it for talking to another girl closely that too in my presence

Vansh: If I cant talk to other girls..what about my sisters

Ridhimaa: Sia and Ishani are different. She barged in and …and called you baby..even I don’t call you that..how can she and you..knowing that..Im angry…continued to..I thought you will scold her for barging in and calling you as baby

Vansh: But you punished her..then what

Ridhimaa is shocked at it

Riddhima: Me…me?

Vansh laughs again

Vansh: Sweetheart (he pulls her closer) the salt in the juice was by you

Riddhima: No Vansh..when I drank..

Vansh: I saw you retaining your apple juice while you sipped the orange juice to avoid the salty taste affecting you

Ridhimaa is surprised that he noticed her every single act

Vansh: Oye Ridhimaa..look at me..look into my eyes

He cups her face and makes her look into his eyes

Vansh: These eyes will not admire any other girl other than you.

Riddhima: Sorry Vansh

Vansh: Sorry for?

Riddhima: Woh …she is your partner’s daughter..and I

Vansh: You did it right …I liked you like this

Riddhima: Like what?

Vansh: Like My Miss Possessive Sharma

Ridhimaa hugs him

Riddhima: Yes Im possessive, apart from Aryan and Sejal you are only there for me. And you are the only one whom I can call mine

Vansh: Ill always be your Vansh. This wizard will not belong to anyone other than his Ridhimaa

Ridhimaa doesn’t answer but he understands that she is happy with the way she is holding him. The scene freezes

Rai Singhania Mansion Evening

Sia is bustling here and there. Angre walks in with a huge box

Ishani: Whats that?

Angre shrugs his shoulders

Angre: Sia asked me to collect it so did I

Ishani: Whats it Sia?

Sia: Woh…a mini plan of my new project and a cake for Ridhimaa..she is coming first time na..Im so excited..when bhaiya is in love for the first time she must be special..Im looking forward

Ishani: May be they are destined for each other thats why bhai who never falls for anyone fell for her

Angre: Now shall we see to the preparation..they will be here soon

They get busy..half an hour later Vansh’s car enters the gates. Soon Vansh and Riddhima enter the Rai Singhania Mansion

Sia: Hello Ridhimaa..welcome to our house for the first time..

Sia hugs Ridhimaa

Ridhimaa: This must be Sia right

Sia: How did you..

Riddhima: I know it all Vansh has told a lot about you both

Ishani: I hope he didn’t create an image of devils for us

Riddhima hugs her

Riddhima: No..not at all. Hey Angre bhaiya..

He smiles at her

Riddhima: Woh..I always feels a brotherly connect with you and that day too you saved us like a brother would have saved his sister…so if you don’t mind..can I call you bhaiya?

Angre: Only a fool will mind being a brother to you..and Im not a fool

Ishani: Vansh bhai will mind being her brother too..(she winks at him) so is he a

Vansh stares at her and his look appears like he is saying that he wont spare her afterwards

Sia: Let her sit Atleast..dont start now itself

They cut the cake and start to gossip while they eat it. Vansh gets happy to see a complete home in his till then house. Thats when his mobile rings

Vansh: Hello..

Aman: Is this Vansh?

Vansh: Haan..who are you?

Aman: Im Aman Chandrika ji’s..

Vansh: Hey Aman..I know you well from school days

Aman: Yes..woh Vansh..the curse of parseltongue has been found

Vansh: Means?

Aman: Its meaning.l

Vansh: Whats it?

Aman: When the struggle gets stronger , your love shield itself will become a toxin and either kill you both or throw you apart

Vansh: That means…

Aman: Dont worry Roshini is working on a break to this curse

Vansh: Thanks for informing Aman. Does anyone else know this?

Aman: We had to report to Chandrika ji and she would have told Gaurav ji

Vansh: Okay fine

He gets upset knowing it.

Vansh in mind: Even If I die or if we stay apart..its okay..nothing should happen to her

He looks at Ridhimaa laughing out loud with Sia and Ishani. Not willing to spoil the happiness he hides his confusion and sorrow and joins them

Unidentified place

Gaurav: Such a cruel curse was put on two babies..whose hearts were made for each other..and we stood there unable to understand anything or do anything

Meghanand: Sir..Roshini will definitely find the cure

Gaurav: Vansh and Riddhima found their lost happiness in each other and now hearing that they have to die together or stay apart like living corpses is so cruel

Meghanand: Why did Nagesh side the darks and curse them

Gaurav: He must only answer this

Gaurav too gets worried. The scene freezes

Next Chapter: The shooting star

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