Falling Head Over Heels For a Wizard Riansh FF – Demons and Dragons

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Chapter 13: Demons and Dragons

Next morning Rai Singhania Mansion

Riddhima and Sia wake up almost at the same time.

Sia: Good morning bhabhi

Ridhimaa: Good morning Sia

Sia: So what plan for today?

Vansh walks in

Vansh: So you both are awake, good good. Ridhimaa get ready we have to leave at once

Ridhimaa: Where ?

Vansh: Ill tell you on the way. We have to leave now. Sia your meeting will be online today. Dont go out till I come back

Sia: Anything serious bhai?

Vansh nods in affirmation and : Just caution dear, Ridhimaa a salwar has been brought for you. Get ready soon

Ridhimaa picks the clothes and rushes to get ready. Vansh walks out

Angre: What happened bhai?

Vansh: I have to reach Gaurav ji by midnight. Im taking Ridhimaa with me. I already informed Aryan about it

Angre: Why always Aryan?

Vansh: He is Aryan Khundra hope you understand

Angre nods

Sometime later Ridhimaa comes out and is standing infront of the mirror. She finds the room empty as Sia has gone out already. Suddenly the door opens and Vansh walks in

Vansh: Are you ready? Shall we leave

Riddhima’s dori is still not tied and she is struggling to tie it, Vansh notices this and walks to her

Ridhimaa: Vansh who called you in? Wait outside Im..Im

He ties the dori and hugs her

Vansh: Im just helping you sweetheart

Ridhimaa pushes him away

Riddhima: When a girl is getting ready its not manners to walk in like this

Vansh: If that girl is mine?

Riddhima: Then also..now wait outside

She pushes him out and locks the door

Vansh: Okay..sorry for what I did..now come fast

Within 5 minutes she walks out and they leave. The scene freezes

Dragon Caves

Aman reaches the caves after a long journey. He finds the place quite which is exactly opposite from what he had imagined . He walks further and finds the entrance infested with dragon eggs

Aman: If I step over these dragons will come from wherever they are to kill me. I must find a way to cross this

Thats when he remembers having his broomstick in his vehicle. He grabs it and mounts the broomstick to enter the caves

Once into the caves he finds himself in the dark inner side of the caves. Suddenly there is a loud cry and dragons start to swarm towards the inner part of the cave. Thats when Aman realises that the roof has shafts having the dragon eggs

Aman: Oh my goodness…now..how can I

He grabs his broomstick and wand and starts to fight for his life with the dragons, he successfully escapes a dragon by a hairline and proceeds to the deep  inner part of the cave. Thats where he sees a golden shine from a distance and flies towards it. He gets off the broomstick and walks near it. And there lies a golden egg. He grabs it and flies out fighting the dragons on his way. With  blood dripping after a tail of the dragon swept past him he falls near his vehicle.

Aman picks his mobile and calls Chandrika

Aman: Chandrika ji I got the egg from the dragon caves

Chandrika: Good job my boy. Now next to Gaurav ji’s place. He has asked you to come there

Aman: How are you both?

Chandrika: We are safe you dont worry

Aman: Okay

He disconnects the call and leaves for Gaurav’s place

Vansh’s car

Vansh and  Ridhimaa a travelling for almost the entire day as sun has already started to set

Ridhimaa : Vansh where are we going?

Vansh: I told na to meet Gaurav ji

Ridhimaa : What place is it?

Vansh: Its an isolated place Ridhimaa. We will reach there in few more hours

Ridhimaa gets bored and dozes off in the car. Vansh sees her slipping of and makes her rest her head on his shoulder as he drives the car as fast as he could

Unidentified place

Vansh and Riddhima rush inside. They see Gaurav seated in his chair reading something

Vansh: Sir…

Gaurav looks up and smiles at them

Gaurav: Vansh Ridhimaa..welcome ..sit down

They sit in the chairs in front of the table

Vansh: Sir ..what is our plan now?

Gaurav: Vansh as you know the shooting star has appeared so

Vansh: We have to start our hunt for the dark forces

Gaurav: Exactly..and..

Voice : Sir..

They all turn to see Aman at the entrance with the golden egg

Gaurav: Aman come in..

Aman greets them places the egg on the table and seats himself

Gaurav: The first part is over now. We have got the secrets egg, now you both will start on your next mission

Vansh: The next mission is to?

Gaurav: Face Kabir and bring his end

Vansh: When he is in his wolf form

Gaurav:Exactly . Aman you have done a good job by bringing the egg. Now will you fight with Vansh?

Aman: Ill be so honoured to fight along with such a great wizard

Aman and Vansh hug. Suddenly demons enter the place and start to move around Ridhimaa

Both Vansh and Aman grab their wands

Both in unison:Pitradev Sanrakshanam (Expecto Patronum)

A stag and a horse erupt into the air and fight the demons. Ridhimaa starts to faint. Vansh runs to her and holds her close to his bosom

Vansh: Ridhimaa..Ridhimaa….

Gaurav comes to her and utters few words under his breath. She closes her eyes

Vansh: Sir..?

Gaurav: I expected this attack Vansh thats why I called you early morning asking you to bring Ridhimaa with you. Dont worry I have put her to sleep only

Aman: Who sent them sir?

Gaurav: Someone who is watching all our moves. They sent demons to attack Vansh’s place once then to the dungeons where you were with Roshini and now here. I guess that is some follower or student of Nagesh

Aman: He leads everyone like Kabir? And is he the dark force?

Gaurav: He leads them, ie., he leads all the dark wizards and together they are the dark force

Aman: But western world had only one..

Vansh: It varies Aman

Gaurav: Vansh Take Ridhimaa to Khundras house and leave her there before the sunrise

Vansh nods and leaves carrying Ridhimaa  While Aman stays

Gaurav: Aman I need your help to open this golden egg and find the secret which we need to identify the location of the dark forces

Aman: What help sir?

Gaurav: Take it to Maya ji’s place. Her herbs will have the solution and there you will meet another friend to aid

Aman leaves with the golden egg. The scene freezes

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Next Chapter: Unicorn’s charm

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