Fall in love with fake boyfriend OS

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Fall in love with fake boyfriend.

In this story it will describe twinj and uv relationship. Uv and twinkle love each other but uv don’t give twinkles time because uv always busy flirting with other girls.

In college all girls are chanting one name and which made twinkle curious to know who is that person and why only girl chanting for him.

Twinkle went their and look their is two boy are fighting and one is shirtless and he look damn hot but suddenly twinkle come back to her sense that she already have boyfriend.

Twinkle : What going on her ask some random girl??

Girl : the guy is fighting with another guy and I heard that one guy passed a bad comment oh unknown girl and he start beating that guys. How cool is it right he even don’t know the girl but he took stand for her like true gentlemen.

Twinkle : yeah that sweet of him. And may I ask u one more questions if u don’t mind.

Girl : yeah sure ask me

Twinkle : what is his name??

Girl: his name even I said his name it give me goosebumps hayee.

Twinkle : come to reality and tell me his name.

Girl: Kunj the Great Kunj Sarna and he is a one and only son of Monohar Sarna a very famous businessman son he is.

Twinkle thanks girl and thought I should take help from him to make uv jealous so that he will come to me. Good idea twinkle saying this she movie toward Kunj.

Twinkle help Kunj to get up and said hi Iam twinkle taneja

Kunj : hi twinki nice meeting u and thanks for helping me tog get up.

Twinkle : no problem and I need a favor from u Mr Sarna

Kunj : FAVOR tell me what can I help u.

Twinkle : I want to make u my fake boyfriend to make my real boyfriend jealous because he always busy in flirt with other girl.

Kunj : why he already have hot/Beautiful girlfriend. Is he mad that he is flirt with other girl. ???

Twinkle : Kunj stop just say me your helping me or not.

Kunj : ummm let me guess that u never allowed him to kissed u or touch u right.
Twinkle : how do u know this
Kunj : see this is why he is getting away from u twinki.

Twinkle : stop call me twinki my name is twinkle and before marriage not going to happen this all okay.

Kunj : then why u make bf u should direct marriage and let him make u his. Poor uv.

Twinkle: I think your right let do one things I will come close to u and he think that Iam cheating on him so that he will stop flirting with other girl and come to me plz help me Kunj

Kunj : Okay but one condition if I kissed u or touch u. U should not say anything okay if u want to make him jealous and I have to come really close to u is it okay with u.

Twinkle: ummm okay but if u kissed me or touched me it will end in less then a minute saying this she shakes hand with Kunj and tell him to meet her in cafeteria. Where uv also present their.

Kunj ; okay I will see u their.

Kunj pov why Iam ready to help her in second I know that I love her even tho I know that she have boyfriend with her but I can’t change my feeling for her. But Iam sure in those I will make u mine twinki. Saying this he left from their.
Yes Kunj also love twinkle but he hide his feelings for her and he was waiting for the day he will tell her he love her more then she love uv.

Next day in cafeteria
Everyone was their in cafeteria and yes uv also their with his friend and twinkle enter the cafeteria and saw Kunj Coming from another door of cafeteria and she passed him cute smile and uv was waiting for her to come to him.

Twinkle : hi baby saying this she hug Kunj.

Kunj: hi how are u my love u know I missed u so much in night u know I have to sleep alone in my room wish we should married And u will be mine and I will always find U in my arms and of course romance with u baby saying this he hold twinkle tight.

Twinkle : said something to Kunj how dare u hug me tight in front of my boyfriend remember ur only fake boyfriend. So stay in your limit. Kunj Sarna

Kunj : Smile and said relax see uv face he feel something when ur so close to u so bear with me okay baby.

Twinkle : okay as u said Mr. Sarna

Uv : Jaan what is this why ur with unknown person he u stay away from her okay she is my girlfriend.

Kunj : Bro when u give her time when it in relationship she need someone to love her and so some concern to her. But now it too late she is my mine your busy flirt with random girl go with them.

Saying this he grabbed twinkle hand and leave from their making uv confused and uv thought from when twinkle is with him and I even don’t know. Saying this uv leave from their.

Kunj see uv coming toward them and he said to twinkle baby u look super hot today and I love the smile of your perfume saying this he smile her.

Uv fumed see them close and he is try to call twinkle name when he saw Kunj is kissing her cheeks and uv left from their.

Twinkle: how dare u kissed me

Kunj : he was here and putting eye on us so make him jealous I have to kissed u sorry if I did mistake by kissing u. Saying this he left from their.

At night at twinkle room.

Twinkle pic I never let uv come close to me or even kissed me but today he kissed me and I even don’t bother to stop him actually I was also enjoying but wait twinkle u can’t Cheat on uv. Saying this she said to her selves twinkle sleep now no need to take stress.

Day passes twinj became very close and even if Kunj come close her she said nothing to him overall she allowed kunj.

When she was walking someone grabbed her in Conner of room and say how dare u twinkle why u left me just because I flirt with other girls. And u know why because u never let me come close to u Iam also a human being I can also love my girlfriend like other do but u always deny making some wired excuses and run from me. That why I have to flirt with another girls. Twinkle

Twinkle : uv leave my hand saying this uv leave her hand an d twinkle said to him u know what ever u said is write and and now Iam clear and thanks to u if u have don’t give me time I never talk to Kunj and never love him a lots and uv Iam breaking up with u and plz understand I love Kunj not u and thanks for making me realize that.

Uv : what seriously twinkle u love

Kunj that why ur allowing him to touch u or kissed and where did he touch u or kissed u. Saying this uv start pointing toward her body.

Twinkle : uv leave me it hurting me.
From back some voice come saying this uv leave twinki had other U will see my real face.

Uv : oh so now twinkle became twinki for u wow so u guy are more forward in this boyfriend girlfriend relationship. Wow how fast Kunj let me guess U guys should have done ✅ s*x also right twinkle.

Suddenly a sound come and yes twinkle slap uv and said how dare u said Kunj never take my advantage and u know what I am the one person to tell him be my fake boyfriend so that we can teach some lessons to u. But actually thanks u uv for making me realize that I don’t love u and I love Kunj yes I love him

Kunj : Twinke u always love uv not me think before u speak. Saying this he start to leave but twinkle stop by by capturing his lip on her and yeah making uv shock.

I guess I should leave u guys some Alone time and yeah twinkle last hug plz
Kunj give him one hug after all he is your ex boyfriend and Iam your future boyfriend and for life long husband saying this he smile at uv and twinkle

Twinkle hug uv and thanks him for understanding her feeling and it over now uv from today Iam only Kunj and he is only mine. Thanks u for making to meet Kunj uv bye. Saying this they broke the hug and uv let them spend their sweet time.

Kunj so now

Twinkle now what

Kunj mine half kissed which left or should I go like uv go
Saying this he pretended to walk a side.

Twinkle smile at him and give him long kisses to him and after breaking the kiss she said u love me before I meet u right Mr Sarna

Kunj how do u know that
Twinkle okay flashback moment.
Uv twinkle Iam sorry for not giving u time and I want to say one thing which make u hate me.

Twinkle what is it tell me

Uv twinkle Kunj really love u and he love u more than I love u jaan Iam sorry twinkle. And Iam sure he will make u happy happy with him and u know why he is beating that guy because he is passing bad comments on u and he can’t beard all this thing so he beat him up and that girl who is explaining to u is my girlfriend. I know from beginning we never had connection but I saw that true love in Kunj eye and yes don’t have time in your and Kunj life plz.
End of the flashback
Kunj wow so I should thanks uv because of him I got u in my life and I love u twinki and will be plz be Mrs. TwinkleKunjSarna plz
Twinkle: said yes and hug and but Kunj hug only no more action
Twinkle laughed and give him kisses ?



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  8. SidMin

    Loved it the OS was so cute 🙂 Loved it 🙂 Keep writing 🙂 Love you 🙂

  9. SidMin23

    Thank U for you’re sweet feedback

  10. Kritika14

    This was amazing! It was a really cute os 🙂

  11. Hey sidmin,
    luved it…cute fab awesome OS.Pls continue writing.

    Lots of luv,

    1. SidMin23

      Thanks u so much twinj and I will make sure in my free time I will keep posting twinj os for ff now I don’t have time but promise will try to post os.

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Lovely it was…..awesome….

    1. SidMin23

      Thanks u rashiverma glade you like it.

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