Two Shades (Tashan e ishq) Chapter 12

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“Twinkle ….hold on” I immediately stopped on my tracks outside the apartment along with Dhruv hearing Kunj’s voice. I could hear his foot steps approaching towards us.

My heart throbbed wildly inside my ribcage with each step he took closer us. I turned around in one swift motion and Kunj stopped a few inches away from me.

I locked my gaze with Dhruv who was looking quizzically at me. I sighed and tore my gaze away from him to find Kunj panting from the run he made now.

A low chuckle involuntarily left my mouth and they both looked surprised at me. “You should workout more” I mockingly tell Kunj and he rolled his eyes smiling .

One word for him – BIPOLAR

A minute he would be kissing me. The other making me blush. Instantly, he would be mad at me for like an unknown reason. The other he would be smiling stopping me and Dhruv when we were supposed to be going on our date.

“Guess what?” Kunj asked and I furrowed my eyebrows in awe. “What?!” I ask with a faint laugh and he beamed at us.

“I finally got to know the answer of what I had been looking for” He runs a hand smoothly through his messed up hair and I frowned, “And what is that?”

“You asked why I claim you to be mine right?” I nodded at his question and he gulped visibly. He breathed out looking here and there and suddenly took my hand placing it on his chest.

I could feel the throbbing of his heart increased at a very high level. I looked at him worriedly and asked, “Are you okay?”

“NO..” He breathlessly replied moving closer to me and I tried to take a step back but he pulled me closer to his body. He gently placed a hand behind my back and caressed my cheek with his thumb.

“I have no regrets to say this..” He begins and I nodded in response gesturing him to go on. “I know the reason Twinkle. I know”

“And?” I pushed further and he sighed , “I love you” I searched his eyes for the truth and I knew that…

“Stop day dreaming!” Dhruv laughed shaking me a bit and I instantly found myself surrounded by car horns. “I was?” I asked dumbly and he nodded laughing.

“Deeply” He approves and I sighed audibly before sinking back into the seat. That was all a lie. He’s driving me nuts about all these feelings things.

“We’ll be there in about 5 minutes” Dhruv states happily taking a turn and I smiled at him. Don’t think about Kunj , I just have to enjoy Dhruv’s company and give him a chance.


“OH MY GOODNESS! A CARNIVAL” I cheered closing the car door and Dhruv nodded. “Yup! A carnival” He agreed and I beamed at him like a 5 year old on Christmas.

“I have never ever been to one since I was like 6” I commented as he laced our fingers together and we both moved inside together.

Firstly , I’m surrounded by gleaming faces of children giggling and laughing , racing along the way. I grinned from ear to ear and pulled Dhruv along as we raced over.

The cotton candy stall!

“let’s go” Dhruv and just walked towards the cotton candy stall and he bought some for us. We walked around a bit going on different rides.

“That freaking thing is awesome” Dhruv pointed towards something and I turned back as my jaw hits the floor.

“Bad joke” I mumbled and he gave me an unbelievable look before nodding enthusiastically. “No!No!No” I cried out and he laughed pulling me so I don’t know run away.

“This is supposed to be a date not my death date” I whined and he pouted in the most endearing way ever and I groaned. “Fine..” I gave up and he smiled broadly.

“Oh God! The name itself is so weird. Who won earth keeps a roller-coaster’s name Spider Web Crash” I mumbled and Dhruv did nothing expect laughing.

Before we could proceed towards the line a random guy popped up and I let out a huge scream. His laughter was ear-splitting and I cringed at it.

He was dressed in a bright pink neon shirt with blue neon polka dots. He had neon green pants with rainbow colored shoes on.

His hair was combed in between with one side in the colour green and the other pink. I shuddered looking at him. He had obviously , medium sized stupid face pimples on his face.

That was too much colour!

Dhruv had a shocked look on his face and I joined along. “Hey! Am I weird?” The awfully dressed teenager asked and I nodded.

“Hell yeah , you are weird” I replied back and he frowned deeply as I was taken aback by his gesture. “No no! Am I weird?”

He asked again and I nodded once more. “Hell yes!” I screamed a bit , maybe he wasn’t able to hear due to the large crowd. He growled out loud and I pursed my lips in a thin line.


“No! I mean am I weird ?” That’s it. I am loosing my patience and I fisted my hands and spoke between clamped teeth , “HELL YES!”

He dropped his head down to his hands and sighed. “You are calling Hell weird since beginning” He whined and I gave him an awkward look.

“What?…” I added faintly and he spoke ,”I was asking you about myself not about hell” I finally got his words and laughed out loud as he frowned deeper this time.

He was probably nuts. “You know you are mad right ?! I mean , the whole time I was talking about you and you thought I was talking about hell…Oh God!”

I clenched my stomach as pure bubbles of laughter surrounded me until I couldn’t breathe and had to stop. I looked at Dhruv who had his eyes fixed on the weird guy and I shook him by his shoulder.

“Earth to” I called out and he moved blinking a few times. “Yeah..” He murmured and grabbed my hand as we ran off towards the roller-coaster.

Once again , we are stopped by the scenario of something unbelievable. There he was , right in front of my eyes doing something I never expected him to.

Kunj kissed the life out of a brunette as they both were standing in the line for the roller-coaster. I grimaced at their make out in public and moreover the sound of my heartbreaking was loud enough to be heard.


Because they stopped and turned to look at us. Kunj had pink lipstick smudged all over his mouth area as he wiped it away with the back of his hand and grabbed the brunette’s hand pacing towards us.


“Hey Kunj!” Dhruv cheered as they both gave each other a quick hug and I smiled at girl , “Hello” She just smirked in return and nodded amused. Okay….what’s so amusing?

“You are on a date?” Kunj nods at Dhruv’s question and I sighed audibly. “Great! It should be a double date then” My eyes went wide at Dhruv’s words and looked at the other two.

“Ahan! Sure” Kunj agreed and I clenched my fists tightly. He’s getting on my nerves. “Let’s go then” Kunj looped his arm around her back and we proceeded towards the roller coaster.


Feeling slightly dizzy , I sat back on the bench and Dhruv offered me water. “I didn’t knew you would get sick” He mumbled pouting a bit and I gave him a small smile to which he replied back with one.

“That thing was horrific” I cried out dramatically and he laughed. “Well as long as you agree to go on the cranium shaker with me” I chocked on my water and Dhruv laughed.


“NEVER” my voice went out loud but I stopped laughing as I saw Kunj and the girl coming towards us. “Soooo….I guess we should have some something” Dhruv points out and we all agreed.

I’m starving anyways. “Kunj you didn’t tell us her name” Dhruv chuckles at the girl and she raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“Ohh! She’s Katherine” Katherine smiles nodding and so did we. “Glad to me you Katherine”

“Same here Twinkle” She responds back and oh boy how does she knew my name? NEVER MIND.

“Umm…OH! There” Katherine points towards a small food stall and we proceeded there. As long as I’m concerned is about Kunj being so much BIPOLAR.


“How was it?”

“Did you enjoy?”

“Had fun?”

“Are you his girlfriend?”

“Did he say he loves you?”

“Did you had any food?”

“Did he kiss you?”

“Did you kiss him?”

“Was he polite?”

“Was the kiss magical?”

“UGHHHHH! SHUT UP!” I yelled and the zipped up at once. I eyed these crazy people and sighed frustrated at them.

“Guys , it was a normal date. I really had so much fun. I’m not his girlfriend because we are just friends and then we didn’t kiss. Okay?”

They nodded and sat back in their places in my room. “Well , so when’s the ceremony?” Rey asks and I replied , “Tomorrow”

“Great! Then we all can go out together” I nodded as they all dispersed and went back. I sighed letting out a deep breath as I my phone beeped.

‘THANK YOU! For going on a date with me. I had the best day of my life Twinkle. Hope you had fun too.
And you looked breathtaking’

I smiled at his text. Typical Dhruv!

“Breathtaking ha?” Someone whispered in my ear and I shrieked out loud turning to see Kunj leaving me amazed.

“You scared me” I breathed out and he laughed faintly. “Now I scare you…” He trailed and I rolled my eyes at him. “You know I didn’t meant that”

“Why would you go on a date?” Again that question session of Kunj. “I could ask you the same” I retorted and he scoffed at me.

“That still doesn’t changes my question” He took a step forward and I took one backward. “You don’t have any right to ask this” I shot back and he laughed coldly.

“You are my PA” this time I scoffed. “But that doesn’t make you ask about my personal life” I replied.

“Don’” He hissed gripping on my shoulder as I stepped forward. “Don’” I hissed back and he tightened his grip pulling me closer to his b

“You are mine” He states and I shook my head. “No” He nodded pulling me more closer and I pulled back in anger.

“You are” his tone went out loud and I fumed. “I’m not Kunj” my eyes welded up and I replied in the same pitch. I could feel the anger rising up in him.

“You just wanna play with me” I cried out and he growled. “I don’t. You make me go weak” He yelled as he fisted his hands and I stepped back.

“I don’t like you being so close to him” He fisted his hair in his hands and I cried. “You don’t love me then why?” I trembled and he groaned stepping towards me.

For a second I thought he was gonna yell again but he did something unexpected. He grabbed my face and kissed me harshly.

“I need you right now” He murmured and I pushed him away. Not this time Kunj. Not this time. I won’t let you do this again.

“That’s not correct. You can’t just keep claiming me to be yours and keep on kissing me Kunj just because you would need me. I do need you. Every second by my side or with me. But you are never there , never. I don’t wanna be this close to you.

I don’t. I’m trying to get over these feelings that I have for you. But…but you don’t let me…I agreed to go with Dhruv because I don’t want to remember that I still love you.

Why don’t you stay away Kunj? It hurts me so much to see your arms wrapped around a different girl every time. Do you even know how much that hurts… actually annoys me.

Specially, those killer smiles you send those girls…my mind just goes ughh! And today I felt like dumping Katherine’s head into roller coaster ride.

You kissed her…Ahh! And and you had her lipstick all over you…she kept on kissing you whilst at the restaurant.

And I felt like throwing up right there on your head. You annoy the hell out of me. You are so weird and..and yes weird.

Actually you know what , you are WEIRD! Why am I even talking to you now when I know you won’t understand a bit of what I said and then you would just kiss me and walk away.

And I would basically kiss you back because you know I can’t resist you. And then the other day you would basically go weird a again and find another girl……”

I was stopped by Kunj’s laughter and eyed him laughing madly at me. I looked on quizzically and he was basically chocking due to all the laughter.

I just gave him a long speech and here he is…






Without any further blabbering let’s get to the story….

Did you liked the chapter?

And how was Dhruv’s and Twinkle’s date?

And and and my favorite the weird guy…what about you?

And Kunj’s bipolar side?

Are you guys excited to read further on why was Kunj laughing?


Do you guys think that I’m dragging the story by not bringing them together or by not making them way I love you to each other?

I really want to know your guys thoughts. Because I hope it’s satisfying and if not I would work harder.

So back to the One shots I had mentioned in the preceding chapter .

Paavu told me that she would be giving me that later. And adya too.

I got two suggestions in the comments.

First by ritzi , about creating a shot relating 50 shades of grey . And this is selected Ritzi. Trust me , I’m so excited for writing this. And this was an amazing idea ritzi.

Second by Monica , who gave the idea of a honeymoon One shot. Which I have like never ever written or anything but this is a very unique one which I loved. Totally gonna go for this. And this selected too.

And the others I received through personal messages and I’m looking for the last one but if I get any other good one too I would make it four.

So make sure you guys tell me.


HEY CHIKU! Thank you so much. Well , really happy that you liked it. And thanks for the wishes too. Loads of love dear.

HEY SUSHMITHA : Thanks a lot. Hahaha , this is simply a fan fiction but I’m really glad I got such a good comment that can consider my story a novel too. ????

HEY PAAVU! Thank you. Yes , that’s what this story is . Kunj’s bipolar attitude did gave her a whiplash. Kunj’s possessive about her but in a good way. He’s fighting his feelings because he’s scared of messing up. You would further know . There are a lot of things coming ahead dear. And don’t worry about the points. Take your time. ????

HEY RAMYA! Much obliged by your comment dear. Happy that you really liked it.????

HEY ADYA! Thank you so much. I’m so happy you enjoyed it. And it’s totally okay. You can tell me today or anytime. And and and Get well soon. I hope you are feeling better now. Take care ????

HEY PURNIMA! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. Glad you enjoyed. ????

HEY AAYUSHI! Thank you so so so much. ?????

HEY SIDVEE! Thank you. That means a lot. And sorry for being late Hehe. Glad you loved Twinkle’s and Kunj’s scenes. ❤❤❤❤❤

HEY ANAYAALI! Thank you dear. So happy you liked it. Sorry for being late. ????

HEY RITZI! Yes , thank you so much for the idea. ❤❤

HEY SAIRA! Thanks a ton. And thank you for telling me it wasn’t boring. Loads of love to you too ????

HEY MONICA! That’s totally okay if you were late commenting. Thank you so much. I’m glad you enjoyed and your idea , I have already agreed to it. And it’s not a shitty one because it’s really amazing and as I have said before I’m sooooo excited to write yours and Ritzi’s. ?????

HEY ARUNDHATI! Thank you so much. Glad you liked it???


I’ll see you in the next chapter and be ready for some fun.


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