FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter 14)

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Chapter 14 – Shimla

Precap: Manik to know truth about his parents.
Manan were sleeping peacefully but sunrays as usual disturbed our princess, she woke up n saw Manik who was looking like a cute baby while sleeping, she was so lost in him that she didn’t knew her cell was ringing when Manik said

Manik(sleepy): agar mujhe check-out karna khatam hgya to kripya karke apna cell uthayo
Nandini: haww Manik ur awake?
Manik: yess, ab uthayo.

Nandini recieved the call it was Navya’s call, she said
Nandini: haa Navya bol
Navya: good morning Nandu, tumhe yaad hai na aaj hamare ghar pe breakfast hai
Nandini: haa yaad hai
Navya: waise Manik thik hai na?
Nandini(pushing Manik who is nuzzling in her hairs): haa thik hai, bhut hi thik hai
Navya: tum aisa kyu kehrahi hoo?
Nandini(still trying to push him): Manik leave, sorry acha sabko inform kiya breakfast ke liye?
Navya: yeh Manik kaha se agya aur haa I have informed every1
Nandini(angry with Manik): leave that, v vil b there by 9, k bye
Navya(thinking ise kya hua): k bye.
Nandini finished the call n was going to shout on him when his cell started ringing, n he showed his tongue, Nandini was very angry but now it was her turn so she started kissing his shoulder, followed by his neck, then his cheeks, his eyes, he just wanted to kiss her but the call was imp. Now he couldn’t control himself as Nandu kissed the mole above his lips, he juz cancelled the call n held her waist tightly n brushed his lips on her to which she too responded, they were still kissing but it didn’t lasted long as someone knocked on the door n Nandini straighten herself n went to open, it was Twinkle she informed about Fab5’s arrival, she said they vil be down n Twinkle left.

Nandini got freshen up n went down n Cabir said
Cabir: is he ok?
Nandini: yah he is fine
Mukti(angry): I vil not leave Kapoor uncle, dono baap-bete ek jaise
Cabir: oye lady bheem, zyada uchak mat, jo bhi karega Manik karega, n actually I wanted to inform u all something
Nandini: what is it bhai? U look tensed
Cabir: wo pata nahi Kapoor uncle kaha chipkar bhaitgya
Nandini: what??
Dhruv: hum buddy ko kya kahenge?
Nandini: sach
Mukti: kya keh rahi hai choti?
Nandini: I am saying correct.
Manik(coming down): yah v promised that v vil never hide anything, so
Cabir: tujhe sab pata tha toh niche kyu nhi aya?
Manik: aise hi, so tum sab yaha kaise?
Nandini: I forgot v are going to Navya’s place for breakfast
Manik: ohk, first u get changed, Twinkle se share karlo
Nandini: k
Nandini left n came after 10mins, they all left for Navya’s place.

They all reached at exact 9, they rang the bell n at second bell, she opened the door, they all entered n sat at couches, Navya looked like bhenji but she was also rich, Nandini said
Nandini: agaye hum ab batao where is ur brother n his wife?
Navya: they r getting fresh
Manik(whispering to Nandu): dono ek saath fresh ho rahe hai?
Nandini(same tone): chup karo Manik
Cabir(seeing them): kya khusur-pusur kar rahe ho tum dono?
Manik: tujhe kya, hum dono kuch bhi kare.
Navya(pointing towards a couple): ye lo agaye, meet my cousin brother Raj Sinha n his wife Simran Sinha(guys Navya is not Sinha bcoz she is cousin not real sis) n this is Fab5 n my bff Nandini
They all meet one by one, then Simran recognises Manan n says
Simran: tum dono wahi ho na jo flight mein the, I mean Mangalore wali flight
Nandini: yah, tumlog bhi the uss flight mein?
Simran: haa aur maine dekha tumlog kitne cutely sorahe the
Manik: matlab
Simran(showing a pic on her cell): c this
They all was the pic n was going awww while Manan were blushing, later they had breakfast n all bonded very well with Siraj.

Nandini sensed that Manik’s mood is off bcoz of the truth so she said
Nandini: guyz guyz, I have a plan
Cabir: what is it?
Nandini: we all r going Shimla for next four days
Everyone: yayy
Manik: wait, what? Y?
Nandini(happily): to enjoy ourselves n ur not saying no
Manik: k
Nandini: guyz start packing as v vil b leaving at 4pm today
Alya: what? How vil I pack? I need atleast one day to choose my dresses
Nandini: cmon Alya, u don’t need to pack whole wardrobe n don’t u dare to bring short dresses as v r going to Shimla not Goa, did u got wat I said
Alya(nodded): yes
All were giggling but as Nandini glared all started returning to their homes, at 4pm all met at Malhotra Mansion, Nandu forcefully cancelled Abhi’s appointment n took holidays for him. Aryaman was going wid them too except Nana Nani.

They all went outside n they all were leaving in 2 jeeps, 3 couples in one.

Manan, Cavya n Siraj were in one n others were in another, Cabir said that he vil drive bcoz what if Manik juz concentrates on Nandu n he didn’t wanted to die so soon but Manik is Manik he didn’t let him drive, now it was night so all thought to camp in jungle. They all camped n were sitting around a bonfire n all had dinner which they brought, after dinner Manik sang a song n after lil teasing all drifted to sleep.

Next morning, they again started their journey n their stomachs were growling bcoz of hunger, they all were passing by a dhaba when Nandini shouted
Nandini: stop
Manik(stopped the car wid a jerk): kya hua? R u ok?
Nandini: haa I am fine, mujhe kya hoga?
Manik: toh phir tumne stop kyu kaha?
Nandini: Manik c dhaba, yaha sabko bhook lagi hai, right guyz?
Everyone: yess
Manik: no ur not gonna eat this food, it can be unhealthy
Nandini: Manik I said I vil eat here means I vil
Manik: no u vil not
Nandini: yess I vil n she got out of car n others too, Dhruv asked
Dhruv: buddy y r v here?
Manik: madam se pucho
Dhruv: bolo na Nandini
Nandini: aren’t u hungry?
Dhruv: of course, v all r hungry
Nandini: so v all r here to have food
Alya: what? No Nandu I can’t mera figure kharab hojayega
Mukti: Alya yaar hum roz thodi khate hai, sirf aaj ke liye v vil have, what’s say?
Alya: k
They all entered the dhaba n all were shocked seeing Fab5 in front of them, they couldn’t leave such a golden chance n started asking autographs to which they happily agreed n later they had breakfast. After lil time Nandini said
Nandini(pointing towards a man): Manik see there
Manik(turned n saw the man): haa dekha kya hua?
Nandini: arrey didn’t u c, uske haath mein kya hai?
Manik: haa dekha balloons hai, toh?
Nandini(angry): toh, I want them
Manik: kyaa, tum choti bacchi ho, pehle iss dhabe par rukaya aur ab balloons chye madam ko
Nandini(crossing her arms n making baby face): I want it now. Now
Manik: k, abhi lata hoo.
They went to the man, while everyone were having the lassi, Simran said
Simran: dekha Raj tumne, kese Manik ne Nandu ki baat manli
Raj: haa, toh?
Simran: kuch sikho unn dono se, hum toh married hokar bhi kuch nhi krte, aur ye sab kitne happy hai apni life mein
Raj: acha toh ur jealous, haa
Simran: yess, I am

They both returned back, Cabir said
Cabir: waah mere bhai tune use pure balloons diladiye?
Manik: haa toh meri Angel hai, jitne chahu utne dilaao tujhe kya?
Cabir: dost dost naa raha
Manik: chupkar nautanki waise ye Simran ko kya hua?
Navya: hum batate hai
Manik: nhi madhubala, tum rehne do.
Navya(angry): Cabir dekha tumne, how is he talking?
Cabir: Manik, jaa yaha se
Manik: haa haa, jaraha hoo

Manik went n sat beside Simran n said
Manik: kya hua simi?
Simran: kuch nhi
Manik: pakka kuch hua hai?
Simran: meri aur Raj ki fight hui
Manik: hmmm toh u won’t tell me?
Simran: wo hamesha business mein busy rehta hai, he don’t have time for me
Manik: acha, I vil help u
Simran: nhi Manik, it’s our personal matter, v vil solve it
Manik: noo I vil help u n then they shared a plan totally whispering.

After having food at dhaba all left n at 1pm they reached at Fab5’s Mansion

Everyone entered n freshen up n settled in living room, all were still tired so they took a nap in lounge itself, all were sleeping like kids, an old man came n wrapped blankets on them while he was placing blanket on Manik he said in his sleep thank u kaka to which he smiled.

At 4pm, Nandu woke up n saw everyone sleeping n a wicked idea came in her mind, she saw the same kaka n shared the plan, as per the plan kaka brought water-pipe inside n kaka switched on the water n Nandini showered everyone to which all woke up wid a jerk, Manik saw her n started running behind her, all were following them n in 15 mins all were drenched in water to which kaka was laughing like anything when Manik said
Manik: kaka, aap bhi iske saath mil gaye
Kaka: sorry beta, itni pyaari bacchi ko na nhi keh paya
Manik: kis angle se ye apko pyaari lagi, potato hai ye potato
Nandini(angry): kya kaha tumne Monster Manik, I vil not leave u
Cabir: oye teri himmat kese hui meri behen ko ye kehne ki lekin ab jab keh hi diya hai to jaae bacha ke bhaag
Nandini: bhai ap bhi
Cabir: tera bhai hone se pehle I am his friend
Nandini: acha, jao I vil not talk to anyone.
Abhi(side hugging Nandu): tum dono jao yaha se, meri behen tum logo se baat nhi krna chahti
Nandini: bhai mujhe Chacha Chachi ke paas jana hai
Abhi: acha chalo they started going when Mukti said
Mukti: wait, me too.
Others: hum bhi n they all left but this time Nandu was sitting wid Abhi, after 1 hour they reached a place

All were amazed by seeing the place except Nanbhi, Nanbhi rang the bell n to their surprise Rishab opened the door, the duo got happy seeing each other n hugged each other while others were admiring their bond when they heard a lady’s voice
Lady: kon hai Rishu?
Rishab: aap khud hi aake dekhiye
The lady came to the door n jumped in happiness seeing Nandu, she tightly hugged her n said
Lady: pata hai, humlog abhi tujhe yaad kar rahe the aur
Nandini(breaking the hug): aur mai agayi Chachi
Chachi: haa mera bacha agya then she noticed Fab5 n was on cloud 9 as she is a big fan of Fab5, especially Manik everytime they watch Fab5’s concert on tv she says her sona munda is looking like this n that. Chachi said
Chachi: Nandu ye sach mein Fab5 hai ya phir ko sapna
Nandini: no Chachi ye sach hai
Chachi: sacchi, aayiye andar aayiye, they all entered, Nandu met Amms then Chacha, they all settled down n were talking when Chachi came n said
Chachi: baccho dinner is ready
Manik(who was very hungry): haa Chachi chliye, I am very hungry
Chachi: aao, meanwhile Abhi wanted to stop Manik from having the dinner but she didn’t stop him as she was still angry n wanted to c his face when he eats Chachi’s food.
Manik started eating food n juz wanted to puke but for Chachi’s happiness he finished it but didn’t wanted his friends to eat so he ate everything n was continuously praising her to which Nandu was shocked. All were angry at him but Chachi was very happy n had tears that someone has praised her first, Manik seeing tears in her eyes, wiped them n said
Manik: kya hua Chachi, y r u crying?
Chachi(still crying): no one has praised me this much so got emotional
Manik: oh cmon Chachi, don’t cry
She stopped crying n everyone seeing them, their anger flew somewhere but someone too had tears in her eyes n that was our Monster’s Angel.

After this lil session, Manik ordered food from outside n all had dinner, Nandu returned wid dem as she came wid them, all couples were in single rooms except Twiman (Twinkle n Aryaman). Manan entered their room when Nandini suddenly hugged Manik, Manik at first was taken aback but the responded n said
Manik: Nandu tumhari family mein sab choti choti baaton par rote hai?
Nandini(sobbing): kyu….tumhe….aisa….kyu lagta hai?
Manik: tumhari Chachi bhi aise hi ro rahi thi
Nandini(breaking the hug): haa toh wo jab bhut khush hoti hai aise hi karti hai
Manik: aur tum kyu ro rahi thi?
Nandini: I know tumne deliberately wo khana khaya na.
Manik: haa I couldn’t let my friends puke in front of ur Chachi naa
Nandini: Manikkk
Manik: waise mujhe laga ki it will take long tumhe manane ke liye par tum toh pehle hi maangyi
Nandini: Manik leave it na, I don’t wanna fight
Manik: k then let’s sleep n he picked her in bridal style n made her lie on the bed n he on the other side, they slept after lil pecks n kisses.

Next day Nandu woke up but to her surprise Manik wasn’t beside her, she freshen up n came out to c Raj in anger was reading newspaper which was ulta n Nandu chucked at it. Raj saw her n said
Raj: tum has kyu rahi ho?
Nandini: tumne dekha hai apna newspaper, how ur holding it? Tumhe ulta padna aata hai kya?
Raj(realising the newspapers position): sorry actually mera mood off hai
Nandini: kyu?
Raj: Simran, kal raat se she is ignoring me
Nandini: kyu, tum dono ke beech kuch hua?
Raj: nothing happened
Nandini: ldkiya bina baat ke ignore nhi karti kisi ko, try to remember
Raj(reminiscing their fight): ab yaad aya n he says her the matter
Nandini(too angry): tumse acha mera Manik hai, he cares for me so much chahe use kitna bhi kaam kyu na ho he vil never ignore me
Raj: ab tum bhi shura hgyi

Nandini already left from their n came out, she was Manik n Simran together near pool n went to them n sat beside Simran n said
Nandini: Simi tum bilkul correct kar rahi ho Raj ko ignore karke
Manik: Nandu tumhara mood kyu off hai?
Nandini: Raj ki wajah se, how can he ignore his own wife, tum aisa nhi karoge na
Manik: I vil never do like this, Simran plan ka next step, go
Simran: k bye, c u love birds later.
Manan: bye, now Manan were sitting beside each other n Manik said
Manik: waise tum meri wife ho?
Nandini: noo, y did u ask?
Manik: I mean tum abhi kehrahi thi na kya mai bhi tumhare saath Raj jaisa behave krunga toh but I am not ur husband naa
Nandini(blushing): haa toh ur my bf naa
Manik: acha, Manik moved lil closer n pecked her forehead, then eyes, then cheeks n atlast was going to kiss her lips but there is always a haddi in kabab who is called Cabir, he came n said
Cabir: agar tum dono ka morning dose khtm hua toh chale breakfast krne
Manik(whispering to himself): kabab mein haddi
Nandu giggled n Cabir said
Cabir: did u say something?
Manik: nothing n three left for breakfast, they all had breakfast n decided where to visit

(First Rashtrapati Niwas)

(Second Christ Church)

(At last The Ridge)

They all returned after visiting these places, Raj was now restless he wanted to talk to her n she too wanted the same but Manik didn’t let them meet, as per the plan Raj couldn’t stop himself n went to Manik for help n Manik was happy that his plan worked, he then informed he vil do the arrangements. Raj was now happy n after that they both left for the date where they promised so much things. Manik was now satisfied n was sitting near the pool when Nandu came as all couples were cuddling in front of her n she was missing him. Nandini said
Nandini: tum yaha akele kya kar rahe ho?
Manik(giving his hand): baitha hu, tum bhi aao
Nandini(sitting beside Manik): ur missing uncle aunty na
Manik: yah
Nandini: u know sablog andar romance kar rahe the isiliye I came here
Manik(naughtily): so u also wanted to do romance
Nandini: yes
Manik(shocked on her bold behaviour): what happen to u?
Nandini: nothing now please proceed
Manik: hmmm, he started moving closer to her to which she closed her eyes, he started kissing her eyes, then cheeks but didn’t kiss her lips to which she got irritated n opened her eyes to c Manik going while saying
Manik: tum jab chahogi I should give n jab nhi chahogi to I shouldn’t aisa nhi ho sakta,

Nandini was angry while Manik smiled n left from there, Nandini too came in living room while Cabir sensed her anger
Cabir: kya hua tujhe, itna gussa kyu hai?
Nandini: ask ur best friend
Cabir: lekin hai kaha wo?
Nandinin: mujhe kya pata?
Navya(whispering to Cabir): lagta hai bhut gussa hai yeh, kuch karna chye
Cabir(same tone): sochna bhi mat, Manik zrur kuch karlega
Navya: hmmm
Nandini: tum dono kya khusur-pusur kar rahe ho?
Cavya: kuch nhi
Nandini was sitting there n looking at everyone, after 1 1/2 hour she felt sleepy n went to her room n it was all dark, she switched on the light n was surprised+shocked.

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