RagSan–cute love story (4th shot) final shot

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Previous shot:
3rd shot

Sanskar’s pov….

“What would have happened to me if she wouldn’t have come into my life..? Like always, i used to go to office, eat outside. Come and sleep. Even if i got fever also, no one are there to say atleast that i got fever. But now, she never leaves me for a second. She has locked me in her eyes. And, I loved that prison. But what she says always is,

“You have given me life time imprisonment of love. I have been made your slave..”

Then I would answer her… “ok, I will give you freedom…”
Then she tightly hugs me. “I will keep on doing any crimes like this and I keep coming into your jail..”

She is too naughty sometimes…she made me also like that. How much naughty means, I have started making jokes in office also, which brought me many friends together. I’m never feeling alone now. I have lot of people to worry about me.

But my small worry, my scientist job…

On that night of champ’s birthday, Swara and Dadi took Raman with them that night.

Me and Ragini are alone now.

I was sadly looking at stars. Ragini hugged me from behind. What magic is there in her embrace..? I have smiled unknowingly… and this happens always. I will forget everything then.

Then I turned slowly to her. We both sat. Her face is shining as moon. Of course, she is the moon on earth. I took her face near, and about to kiss her. She shyly turned her face and kept her head near my neck. My one hand is on her head and other one is playing with her hand.

Then she started telling,

Ragini: Sanskar…don’t worry that you have lost your job. What you deserve will come to you definitely one day. You are worthy to it. Not you, but they are missing you. If I hope, there might be some work going on there in some problem. And, only you can solve it. You are a great scientist. Upto my knowledge. They will take you back… If my words are false…no, they are never going to be false.

Then she moved her head and kissed my forehead. I have become a small kid now. I kept my head on her lap. Now, I started crying. Crying as small baby. I never ever cried in my life like that. If consoling people are not around us..why we will cry? That’s why I never cried. But, now she is with me to talk and share. I can’t control myself when she is with me. I bursted out my feelings. I became very weak in her lap. Is she making me strong or weak..?

Whatever it is.. I wanted to be weak then. I want to get rid of all my sadness. I cried holding her thighs tightly. She was rubbing my head. Every time, i have seen her without making her cry. Now, she took that turn. Her mission is to make me happy now.

I was crying, “I wanted to be a scientist always Ragini.. I struggled a lot for that. It is my dream and everything. And my first love too…”

What..first love? Oh I said it. Is she jealous..? In that sad time too I got that naughty thought. I looked at her in teary eyes. She was smiling.

What a magnificent smile… she is really some powerful magnet. That’s why, she has attracted me like anything. She bent to me and kissed my forehead. I kept looking at her. Her smooth hairs are touching my face.

Then she kept rubbing my head and patting my chest gently with other hand. She sang something. I kept looking at her. As I said before, I listened only to her voice not the song. May be it’s a sleep song. The cool breeze is adding more beauty.

I slowly went into sleep. I don’t know when she slept.

When I woke up next morning, I saw her beside me. She is sleeping still. I slowly said her in ears,
“Everyday you wake the sun with ur prayers. You r late today, see sun has already come.”
But she slowly said..umm…
I kept my hand on her neck. She is suffering with high fever. Yesterday she was ok. But, why suddenly..??
I covered her with bed sheet and held her hand. “Hmm… it’s fine. I will be everything now.”

I was about to get up, she hold my wrist.

She: I’m sorry Sanskar… I’m troubling you today.

Me: you were troubling me since we are married…

She bet me. I laughed and patted her cheek. My family members have saved me that day. Sumi maa took care of Ragini, dadi looked after champ. And we are destined to eat Swara devil’s food that day.

By evening Ragini is alright. Oh my newton, a family is really important. I thought.

Are there are miracles in Ragini’s words..? Or she comes to know everything before..? Or God himself makes her words come true..??

A scientist not supposed to believe miracles. But, a miracle happened that day. The chairman and some co scientists have come. I was shocked. We went to my experiment room and talked. They need me back. They really want a genuine scientist like me. I have to afford my service to them. It is directly the service to nation. Why I will say no..?? I agreed the offer wholeheartedly. We are going to design a new rocket for defense field. I’m back to my organization again. I’m a scientist again. I have gained my first love..!

They went away. I don’t know how many times…but I have kissed my Ragini several times. Her face turned totally red. But still I didn’t stop it. She was completely dipped in my showers of kisses. It’s too less…. hmm..!

I got busy for one month in my work. I’m like that.. if i get into work, i don’t care about other things. Even, she understands me always. It’s true I’m missing my raman and ragini. But, this is also important. And it’s a official secret. Our team struggled day and night. At last, we have completed our work.

I have come back to home happily. She opened the door, with that same majestic smile… which never fades away. The flowers wither someday, the land dry in summer… but her smile, is always like that. But, i saw tears in her eyes. Those are showing how she missed me.

We many times, just talked with eyes. Our lips doesn’t move, but our eyes meet, they drown in each other’s eyes, they check the heart and they talk. No language….only eye language…. the silent language…the language of love…, what a pin drop silence will be then, even we can hear the shutting sound of eye lids too.. the whole universe is null in that silence… I can’t see anything just her eyes…..all around becomes dark… Those eyes slowly move towards me…. then the eye lids sound also stops. We can clearly hear our heart beats… they keep increasing beat by beat for every second….. a passionate atmosphere surrounds us then….now, the eyes also shut down…. everything is dark…..

She hugged me tightly…That hug is showing how badly she missed me. Then she kissed my cheeks and forehead…and hug again….

Me: Ragini…..

She: I missed you a lot….

I know, I’m going to hear that. Then we listened to my one and half year old son’s laugh. I ran to him, raised him to sky and played. He is slowly trying to pronounce.. papa…

That’s the victorious call… I felt as the complete man with that call… she is simply looking at us smiling.

Our lives became a lovely routine again…with additional schedule. Every morning my champ wakes me beating his small hand on my head. Then I wake up and slowly hug my moon from behind who is busy in kitchen. She pinches me. Then I play for an hour with champ. Then she makes me get ready…. both of them say me bye…. I run to office and get busy with work…

Evening, The door gets open with majestic smile of my moon and witty smile of my champ… I take him and I hug her. Then we sit in our favorite balcony. Champ tries to walk…we both help him. At dinner, me or she feeds him.

Then the telescope scene repeats. I will show my chota Raman stars from telescope. I don’t know, what he understands but, he claps his hands and laughs. That laugh gives me many volts of energy. I will be enjoying with Raman like that, Ragini silently lays her head on my shoulder and sleeps.

But that chota champ won’t sleep at all. I tell him many stories…. i have become a story creator for him. I keep telling stories on planets making them some characters… I would make one galaxy as one kingdom and other as other kingdom, then I start creating a war among them…. I know very well, he doesn’t understand a piece. But he keeps laughing when I say that story….

Then he slowly sleeps on my chest. Ragini is still beside me sleeping on my shoulder. She always get tired looking after chotu in morning. Then, I have to give her rest at night.

At our age, generally people get married slowly..but we have become parents already. I feel sometimes sorry, that I have given her burden at very early age… but she says always..

“Sanskar…you have two wishes… to be a scientist and to see if life exists beyond this earth.. And, i have two wishes too… marrying a man who loves me a lot… and 2nd one, hearing a call, ‘mom’…”

I have to say, she is innocent. Very small wish…and she feels it as biggest achievement. And bearing mom responsibility at early age..she is 24….Is she sacrificing..?? But, I always see that complete smile on her face when she looks after Raman. I’m a fool, why a mother will think her kids as burden?? Even, I feel it as most precious time when I’m spending with my son…my newton.

Six months have passed just like that…. Raman turned 2…

This time we went to Ragini’s house. That day was Raman’s 2nd birthday and even Swara’s marriage with a handsome guy Laksh. Raman has become hero in that marriage…he is the VIP.

And my moon Ragini, she is just a goddess then. How could I appreciate her beauty..? People say brahma has created people. I wonder, with what would he have created her..??

May be, he took the moon first, then that moon is dipped in heavenly nectar, then it is coated with sugar, again all the stars shine was filled in her eyes. The infinite darkness in universe is applied to her hair. The bright sun is made as her lips. All the angels have added their beauty into her.
And at last, she might have bathed with the white milky way stars.

I didn’t see anything except her. How could one believe that she is already a mother. She is still like that 16 years old girl…. She always gives such naughty thoughts in my mind.
The marriage is done, swara was sent to sasural. Of course my moon has cried a lot. That night, dadi maa took champ with her. Ragini and me are alone in room.

She came and sat on my lap. Her face is all red. I kept hand on her cheek. She kept hand on my hand. Hmm, this scene happened before…

She: sanskar, what will you give me if i tell u a good news..??

I understood…. I took her near and kissed her passionately….. she then buried her face in my chest. Her face turned red in shy.

Me: what can i give you more than this..?

She: I don’t want other than it….

All the night, she slept on my chest like that. I kept rubbing her head. I still didn’t get my answer why do she love me this much. Maybe, every pair has this question unanswered.

This time, I left her in home. Because champ is also there to look after. I know, she is angry on me. But just 9 months. I know, even I can’t stay without her. What should I do..? I came to her house. These 9 months I stayed there. I’m never a son-in-law there, I’m always their other son. Sometimes, I happened to meet Laksh and his family also..

After few months, this time she gave birth to a pretty baby girl. I took my greatest daughter into my hands, “my baby, you have to become a great mathematician Leelavathi…”

Now, fighting started between me and her. No serious…just silly fight.
Champ has become big brother to her small sister. He started being protective towards her. If she cries, he comes on a fight with me and Ragini. Hmm, he and his sister has become one party just now. Me and Ragini are one team now.

The days are passing so beautifully with my two kids… giving them bath.. going to shopping with them… feeding them… teaching them small small words… in process of looking after children, sometimes me and she fight. We never fought before… but that fighting makes us even more close.

For one fight…there will me millions of sorries. And for million sorries there are trillion of fights…but, every sorry will be in form of kiss… and for that chance, we fight intentionally…
Everyone say, if years passes attraction between couples reduces, but in our case, it keep on increasing… increasing to infinity extent… one day, we might find what are both ends of this universe…. but, there is no end of our love…. it keep on increasing…

Still I can look into her eyes and forget this world, her voice is my breath as always….. and my embrace is her greatest place ever….. she says my heart is her residence…

My leelavathi turned three years….Raman turned six….. but the age of mine and her love is just…. just a baby love…. it never becomes old…. it never fades away…..

She sat in car holding my daughter…our son is sitting in back seat busy in doing some evil thing…. I sat in driving seat…. she is playing with our kid….

I saw her, she saw me…. a silent love language music followed…..

‘Thanks for coming in my life Ragini…..’
she smiled…. I kissed her forehead..she kissed my cheek…. our hands entangled….
they always stay like that as un removable knot……

Sanskar pov over……

He starts the car…. the car keeps going away….. their bright and lovely future ahead……..


The end……….

Yippee…. that’s the end of this TS. friends, I’m really overwhelmed surprised with all your love towards this story… I’m so so sooooo happy….. but, I have to end this because I always believe short and cute love stories are beautiful…. So,….

I will be back with such story again…….. Thank you so much everyone……… love you all my dears……

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