FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 15)

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Chapter 15 – LOSS

Precap: Nandu surprised+shocked.
(Present Same Night)
Nandu was shocked to see the room decorated full with her favourite flowers, the balcony was decorated by candles n she noticed a small table on which she guessed her favourite food was placed, she was having a never ending smile when she felt familiar touch on her waist, Manik hugged her from back, placing his chin on her shoulder said

Manik: liked it?
Nandini: liked it, I loved it my dear boyfriend.
Manik: oho, someone is in loving mood.
Nandini(turning back): Manikkk
Manik: k my dear girlfriend, I vil not tease u, come let’s have dinner.
Nandini: k

Both sat near the small table n had dinner wid some talks, pecks n God knows what. After this both went to the balcony, Nandini saw a jar hanging on the wall, she took steps closer to find her most favourite thing in this world “Fireflies”. She immediately removed the jar n looked at the fireflies n Manik was admiring her, his trance broke when Nandini said

Nandini(still looking at the jar): Manik how did u know about these, I never told u about them.
Manik: I have my resources.
Nandini: acha, please batao na
Manik: k, k I got to know from Aryaman
Nandini: acha, u know my mother used to say that fireflies shine when there is true love.
Manik(surprised): seriously, is it true?
Nandini: yess, she made Manik touch the jar, now both were holding the jar n fireflies started shining. Manik was again surprised but was happy at the same time knowing their love is true (he knew that before too hehe ?), after awhile they lied on the mat which was placed there, Manik was sharing the love he had for stars n both drifted to sleep in each other’s arms.

It was morning, all woke up except our lovebirds Manan, Cavya went to check on them, while Mukti was preparing breakfast(actually learning), Cavya reached Manan’s room, they didn’t find them on bed, then they looked in the balcony, they both were sleeping peacefully, their faces were glowing, they were juz made for each other, they both were adoring them when Navya said

Navya: kitne glow kar rahe hai ye
Cabir: thik kaha madhubala ji
Navya(glaring at Cabir): Cabirr
Cabir(folding his hands): maaf karde meri maa
Navya: kardiya, but look at them, mai Mata Rani se yahi kehna chahti hoo ki wo indono ko humesha ek saath rakhe
Cabir: Navya ki Mata Rani iski yeh wish puri kardo

Manan got disturbed by their voice n woke up n looked at each other with a smile, Manik noticed Cavya n said
Manik: tum dono yaha kya kar rahe ho?
Nandini: Manik, it’s morning, ye hume jagane aye hai, right?
Cabir: right, chal behna tu toh apne bhai ko samajti hai warna ye toh
Manik: chup kar saale, jaa we will come, they were talking when Navya was feeling something n then she got to know that something is burning, they all ran to the kitchen to c, the omelet prepared by Mukti was burned, they all were laughing but then they composed themselves n all went out except Navni.

After 15mins, all got signal that breakfast is ready n they all left to have breakfast, Nandini went to freshen up as u all know in which state she came out, Manik was waiting for her when Alya saw he is not eating n said

Alya: Manik what happen? Y aren’t u eating?
Dhruv: haa buddy, kya hua?
Mukti: yaar tum dono, chup baitho, can’t u see he is waiting for Angel
Dhrulya: ohh, sorry, juz then Nandu came n both started having breakfast.

As it was their last day in Shimla they planned to do some shopping, they returned home after meeting Chacha, Chachi, Amms n Rishu of course, they started packing n again they left at 4pm back to Mumbai n again they camped for the night. Next day they were back n all went to their beloved homes. It was evening when Fab4 n Navni recieved a message from Manik to meet at his place, all reached there n entered. Manik was seated at couch with Nana, Nani n Twinkle whose faces were having glimpse of sadness, for cheering them Cabir said

Cabir: kya hua? Sablog aise kyu baitho ho ja he got cut by Nandini
Nandini: bhai not now, please
Cabir: k
Manik: so guys, I wanted to inform that I am leaving for London.
All: what???
Manik: what? Didn’t u all hear me?
Cabir: par kab?
Mukti: kyu?
Dhruv: buddy, say
Alya: Manik
Manik: tonight, it’s imp deal
Fab4: what?
Manik: Nandini, say something
Nandini: what should I, u didn’t ask anyone of us, y?
Manik: I am sorry but it’s urgent
Nandini: fine, go
Manik(coming towards Nandu): please yaar, don’t be angry, I don’t wanna fight wid u all
Nandini: how r we not suppose to get angry?
Manik(with puppy eyes): please
Nandini: fine
Fab4: Nandini, how can u forgive him easily?
Nandini: guyz, he is leaving tonight n we can’t be angry, he won’t be able to concentrate on his work
Fab4: fine, but when r u gonna return?
Manik: after 2 days
Nandini: packed ur luggage?
Manik: yah

It was time to leave, they all went to airport, all were bidding bye, now it was time for Manan’s bye so all left them alone, Nandini hugged him tightly, which he needed the most, after awhile they broke the hug n he pecked her forehead n the same thing happened which happens wid all couples, the lecture about have food on time n u all know. After that, they all bidded bye to him n returned to their homes.

Next day, Manik was sleeping in his hotel room when his phone rang n he picked the call n said

Manik: good morning baby
Nandini: good morning, n wake up
Manik: I am, that’s y I am talking
Nandini: u woke up, bcoz of my call
Manik: u know me better than me, haa
Nandini: now get up from the bed n have breakfast.
Manik: did u had ur brea-
Nandini: yess I had, u freshen up, we both will have food together
Manik(shocked n sat): what? R u in lon-
Nandini: no I meant we both vil talk on skype by looking at each other n have breakfast
Manik: ohk, I vil get freshen up

After 5mins they were on Skype talking with each other, u all know London n Mumbai have 4hours n 30mins difference, so that means Nandini is having her lunch n Manik breakfast, right? After that they had lovey-dovey talks n atlast they finished the call n Manik left for the office of the dealer(u all maybe thinking that Nandu is his PA but she didn’t came that’s bcoz Manik didn’t wanted her to come as they all were tired). After a busy day, Manik returned to his room n was resting when he recieved a call from his shining star

Nandini: so how was the day?
Manik: busy n madam y r u awake, it’s midnight there, isn’t it?
Nandini: it is, but I wanted to talk to u, I have got bad habit, till I don’t listen ur voice I am not able to sleep
Manik: acha
Nandini: hmmm, I love u
Manik: I luv u too

They both talked n talked n atlast both drifted to sleep, next day Nandini saw a bad dream about Manik’s accident to which she got tensed, she tried to call him but he wasn’t picking her calls, Fab4 were trying to calm her but she wasn’t. Meanwhile Manik left for the same office, his phone was on silent, but today he couldn’t reach the office as he met with an accident.

Next day Fab4 n Nandini were waiting for Manik at the airport, after awhile he came out, Nandini ran n hugged him tightly saying
Nandini: I missed u so much!!!
Manik(breaking the hug): xcuse me
Fab4 were shocked on his behaviour but they chuck it all n hugged him one by one, when Cabir said
Cabir: jaa Manik meet her, she was very tensed for u
Manik: y should I meet her n y was she tensed?
Mukti: tu pagal ho gaya hai kya, jaa mil usse.
Manik: r u all nuts, mai kyu milo usse?
Dhruv: buddy kya mazakh hai, bhut hgya mazakh, jaa mil usse
Manik: mai kyu milo isse, jab I don’t know her
Fab4: what??? N Nandu was totally shocked, n then they heard a voice,
Voice: he is right, they looked at the voice direction n Fab4 said
Fab4: Mr David
Mr David: guyz first let’s leave, I vil explain everything to u all.

They all nodded n left for Malhotra Mansion, Twinkle, Nana n Nani returned to Mangalore as the owner of Malhotra Industries was now Nanu(Dev Malhotra), so he had to take care of it. Manik went to his room n Fab4 were near the bar of Malhotra Mansion, Cabir started

Cabir: so, what is it?
Mr David: Manik met wid an accident
Nandini: I said u all but u all
Mukti: we r sorry choti
Cabir: he juz met wid an accident or something else is there
Mr David: he is in partial amnesia, he thinks that this accident is the accident which u all met 3 months ago
All: what???
Mr David: he don’t remember the past three months
Cabir: y didn’t u informed us about the accident?
Mr David: as I was his doc, before the surgery we asked him should we inform u all but he didn’t wanted u all to worry so
Mukti: is he ok? Was that surgery difficult?
Dr David: no it wasn’t
Dhruv: btw docs need consent before the surgery, someone’s sign u know.
Dr David: yess, the person who brought him to hospital, signed the papers, he said that he was his relative
Cabir: there are no relatives of Manik in London, do u have the papers of surgery?
Dr David: yes, I brought copies of the papers, he took some papers out of his handbag n gave to Cabir, Fab4 together saw the papers n were shocked to see the person’s sign.

So it wasn’t a prank, Manik forgot Nandini, how could he ?
So koi guesses, whose sign it is??
Well Fab4 know the person as they were shocked, so think….
Will Manik’s memory vil b back or not??
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