swasan… dont hate me season 2… chapter 27

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Swara out of danger…

Sanskar felt a numbing sensation in his heart. His heart was sinking. With every step he was heading to icu his beats increased. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was laksh..
Laksh: keep your pain aside sanskar. She needs u.
Sanskar looked at laksh. Tears were twinkling in his eyes..
Sanskar ; bhai..
Laksh: don’t say anything.. just go to her.. Before she decides to leave u..
Sanskar took step forward.. He finally opened the icu door.. He stepped inside.. the scenario there was painful for sanskar..
His swara was lying unconscious on the bed.. Many small tubes were piercing his body from here n there.. There were big dark circles covering most of the part of her cheek.. They were earlier there too but sanskar was too blind in his hatred to see that.. He felt warm tears streaming down his cheek… He came close to her.. He sat on a stool nearby..
He wanted to say many things to her.. But what an irony.. When she needed him he gave her pain.. And now when he wanted to support her she is not in a condition to accept his support… When she wanted to talk to him he was not ready and now when he wanted to say she is not able to reply…
Sanskar touched her hands with Utmost care… her fingers responded a little.. Sanskar looked at her.. She was still unconscious.. Sanskar looked at the pile of bandages covering her chest.. The scene of swara falling down after being shot…his heart again sank…he was about to go when an unbelievable thing happened.. Swara… His swara was standing in front of him… He touched her cheek…. Swara held his hand and kissed his hand… She smiled..
Sanskar: swara.. Plz…plz talk to me…
Swara: don’t worry.. I ll come back to u..u need rest…
Swara sat on the sofa nearby.. Sanskar placed his head on her lap..
Swara: i love you

Sanskar looked at her face.. She placed akiss on his forehead


Sanskar sat near her.. He cupped her face..
Sanskar: swara.. Plz.. Don’t do it ever again…
Swara placed her hand near his heart… Sanskar hugged her tightly… Suddenly he felt swara gone.. He came back to reality.. He looked at swara unconscious lying on bed.. He rushed to her.. His tears were wetting her hand.. All he wanted to cry her heart out.. He held his palm in between his…
SSanskar: plz swara.. I need u… Nhi hu mai tumhare jitna acha… Plz swara.. M incomplete without you… Your silence is killing me… Plz… I know i ve done wrong but plz give me any punishment… But not this… Plz….
His tears were wetting her palm… Sanskar felt swara’s grip tighten.. He looked at swara… She was slowly trying to open her eyes… she again dozed off…
Sanskar kissed her fingers… He wiped his tears….
Sanskar: take your time… I ll wait for you.. And i am really ready for any punishment which you ewant to give me…
He placed a feathery kiss on her forehead…

@ ragini’s room..
Laksh entered the room.. He saw ragini in a subconscious state lying on bed.. Laksh sat near her…
Ragini was subconsciously hitting her head due to pain.. Laksh was feeling a sense of immense guilt in his heart.. He placed her head on his lap.. He tried to comfort her…
Pain was intolerable for laksh… He was remembering each n every moment when he harassed ragini.. how she used to care for him.. How she used to do everything for him and how he used to scold her every single time…
A flashback appeared in front of him
It was karwa chouth… Ragini kept fast.. She always believed that his love can be regained by her…
Sanskar : Bhabhi… Bhai doesn’t even talks to u properly and still you ve krpt fast…
Ragini: are… He loves me a lot.. Just because of tension he is doing this…
Suddenly laksh came from behind…
Laksh: ragini… Come to room…
Fear was visible In her eyes…
Ragini came to the room…laksh bolted the door…
Laksh: why have you kept fast for me…
His bloodshot eyes were enough to traumatise her…
Laksh: do what you want… I m going… I ll come back day after tomorrow…
Ragini: but.. Can u please go after breaking my fast…
Laksh did not listen… He went away without even uttering a word…. Ragini sat on bed… Her cries were echoing within the walls of the room…
Laksh looked at ragini who was holding his hand tightly… He wiped his tears..

Swara gains consciousness..

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