you exist in the secret chamber of my heart-chapter:28 (final episode) (i don’t exist without u)

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Hi r u all???I’m really sry for being so late..I know it has really been 3months..I didn’t post any updates..sry for that.. And i hope u guys remember me and my story..i’m sry for dissapointing my dear frnds..actually i have got struck with my studies xams and all..that’s y i didn’t get time to post I’m in summer luckily I got time to post it.I’m making it my last episode as hereafter I will get busy with my studies as it’s crucial phase of my life..I need to clear my board xams with good marks..I hope u guys will understand..OK let’s get into the story..
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You exist in the secret chamber of my heart:chapter:28(final episode)(I don’t exist without u)

Abhi didn’t give up convincing pragya…abhi asks pragya to stop the scooter..pragya gets irked and stops it with heavy jerk..pragya in a puzzling tone asks wat???abhi shows her panipuri stall..abhi tells let’s go there,.pragya with a stubborn face says I’m not coming…abhi with shrinking eyebrows thinks something.pragya stands turned angrily..abhi goes to the stall..pragya turns slighter looking for abhi..she clears her throat,.she wonders why tis idiot is noir responding??she then turns and got he’s getting panipuri from a girl..she’s feeding abhi,.pragya seeing it fumes like anything..she has become scorchy.she then goes there hurriedly…abhi by noticing it pretends to flirt with the girl…he says oh…you have some magic on ur hands which makes me feel like I’m eating jamun.but if u see some girls even if they give u sweet,it feels like venom..he says it sarcastically targeting pragya..pragya bursts out seeing the girl and says aacha beta..u feel so sweet..wait let me make it more abhi still in the mission of taunting pragya opens his mouth and asks the girl to feed it.abhi half-eyed sees pragya getting angry and giggles…here pragya takes a chilli and keeps it abhi’s mouth..abhi who’s unaware abut it bits…once he senses it,cries loudly…pragya becomes violent grabs knife from the stall manager and points it towards the girl’s neck asks her to get out of there..she runs abhi gets excited by pragya’s behaviour but pretends as of he’s unknown..abhi asks chashmoo..why r u doing all tis??see my gf ran away..pragya suddenly counteracted him by seeing..oho..when did she become ur gf??abhi says from the time u rejected my proposal,..hahaha..u rejected me,so I thought of making Her my gf….pragya suddenly says but I love……she paused when she senses that she was abut to reveal her feeling..she gets irked ,drops her knife and walks angrily..abhi follows her..abhi says oii..selfie..ennaku OK sollu(say OK for me)…pragya smirks and continues to walk..abhi calls her.he then plays guitar following her in a filmy way..,song plays with his guitar score,.

Lolita…hey lolita,..
Eh anjal anjal penne enge selgirai..
Minn anjal pole vandhu sendre kolgirai..
Lolita..hi lolita,.
Pragya then turns and sings..
Ne sollum pazhaa nuril naan illa,.
Un azhagana pala puvil then illa..

Abhi then gives up thinking she’s not getting caught by anything..I shud try something else,..
He then gets gleam minded…pragya thinks bada aaya hero and smirks..abhi calls out pragya..pragya says u better go and play guitar next Tina…abhi then oo..Tina..u r here..I missed u baby..pragya fumes and turns walks suddenly towards abhi and looks for Tina..she asks him where’s Tina??I won’t spare her..she gets mad totally..pragya then finds a girl turned and she bashes the girl hardly..she then turns her girl…it’s rudru,..he’s in the women attire…pragya gets surprised,..u???abhi and rudru laughhs at her..rudru says abhi.thank god u didn’t hire a girl for acting,I feel like it wud have become nightmare if a girl stood in place of me…abhi says ya..literally…pragya says both shut up,.abhi asks her to admit it now at least…pragya says I don’t love you…she then goes…rudru says abhi wathud we do now???abhi looks determinant abut something…

It has become night..pragya lies on here window and thinks abut tantrums happened today…she laughhed at herself for behaving madly there..but then when she thinks abut abhi…she become straight face again once..bulbul comes there…she ‘s panic…pragya got tensed by seeing her..bulbul says tat she saw someone going upstairs… Pragya calms her,..pragya says come let’s go and see…both r walking towards upstairs…bulbul is all a part of this plan..she silently leaves from without leaving any sign..pragya assumes bulbul is following her and she keeps murmuring with her..when pragya reached upstairs it’s full of dark..

Pragya then manages to on the switch over there..someone stops her from back…she tries to get rid of it…but then she starts yelling thief…thief ….then abhi tries to close her mouth..but then she bits him and switches on the light…she got surprised…as it’s created an ambience of love…then abhi comes in front of her..abhi in a husky tone goes to pragya’s ear and asks did you like it???pragya then senses his hot air on her and moves back..she thinks am I dreaming???..I feel like i’m in fairyworld…abhi waves his hands…pragya then comes back to her senses and still shows khadus face at him…

She smirks and says I’m not impressed…u wud have set all this for ur gf.abhi says actually u r ryt..she’s my angry bird whose noses will become red when she sees me some other girl…abhi asks did you know her??I will tell u..pragya gives a pleasant smile and listens abhi turned..abhi says she’s not juz my gf..she’s my best frnd..u know what,when she gets angry..her face …!!paused..pragya asks wat??abhi says it will get blown like balloon…the best part abut it is,she will pretend to get angry at me..but she thinks tat I don’t know her better keep it as secret…pragya gives a blushing smile one can love me as she does…but I was such a fool…I felt her love only when she started getting away from me…abhi goes and faces pragya..I love her a Lott..he then gives a red heart balloon to her,,pragya bursts it…he then gives a rose to her..pragya takes and throws..abhi then gives chocolate..she gets it and kept it on table..abhi then finally shows something to her,,pragya is abut to throw it and then she notices tat it was her secret diary..seeing it she got emotional..she sees abhi..abhi says surprised huh??I know u can’t throw this,cuz this is not juz secret’s secret chamber of ur heart where I exist..

I know u can’t throw ur love for me..slowly tears welled up from her eyes..abhi says I know I’m a flirt..once,there were days when I believed tat true love doesn’t exist..ur love for me has proven it wrong..this diary is evident for our love..he then points towards her heart and says it evidents tat only I live there..abhi also gets emotional tears started flowing from his eyes too..he says u cannot replace someone over me…pragya then hugs abhi tightly…abhi too responds to her hug by arresting her tightly…
Allah wariyan plays ……
Both hugs each other….

Pragya then says yes I c’t even think of replacing someone over you…cuz,…..!!!she paused..she releases her hands from abhi and cups his face and says I love you….she then kisses abhi’s cheeks..hugs him once again tightly..but u idiot now only realized my love…she pats abhi hardly…abhi cries awww!!..abhi says I’m sry,..u r not juz part of my life…u r my whole life…i don’t exist without u,…he wipes pragya’s tears..abhi kneels down..he takes pragya’s hands and then takes a bracelet and chains it over her hand..abhi says I know,I shud have made u wear ring..but then I thought y all men are getting ring for their girls to propose..I thought of being different that’s y I got u a bracelet..pragya smiles,..pragya looks at the written words on bracelet..abhi says no..u shud not read it..I will only read this..he gets pragya’s hands and says “I love…he points towards pragya and says “u”….he kisses her hands…pragya then says”so smart”…she glutens his cheeks….

After sometime:
Pragya and abhi both r sitting…pragya gets buried to abhi’s arms..abhi cuddles her…they r sitting next behind each other…abhi takes his guitar kept it on pragya’s lap for support and starts playing it with pragya….both r having good time…they r enjoying…air breezes..pragya’s hair blows…he corrects it…he slowly assembles her hair aside..pragya feels the warmth of his fingers slowly tracing her neck…pragya feels his warm air on her..her heart beats…she turns facing abhi..she she cups his face,.she’s abut to kiss abhi..her lips slowly reaching abhi with her closed eyes..abhi is all ready to receive kiss from her…suddenly pragya laughs at him and released her hands…she runs..abhi follows her…he tells this is cheating…pragya laughs hahaha..

Abhi then pulls pragya…he cups her face and kisses her…both shared some lip lock moments..after sometime they unlocked their lips..this was all happened in the moonlight..the moonlight has become an evident for their love…pragya then blushes…she didn’t face abhi..abhi says finally I got to know that u will blush…abhi says OK we need a selfie ryt now..abhi clicks selfie..pragya asks why???abhi says I need show it to our children and ask them to see their blushing mom….pragya asks and when they ask when did u click it??u will says after kissing ur mom..abhi says yes…pragya says I will kill u…abhi smiles and says I’m juz kidding..but if we grow old,these rekindling memories will make us live happily…and u know wat pragya,everyone has their end on earth…I will also have it..pragya says stop..abhi says yes..but I shud have you on my eyes before closing my eyes..people usually say we will not have rights on anything after dying…but I’m greedy in it..I will surely our love along with me when I leave this world..I will close my eyes capturing this moments on my eyes…both gets emotional…pragya cries hugging abhi..her tears made his tee wet…pragya says bulbul also came with me..abhi thn takes his mobile and makes a call to bulbul…bulbul,purab ,rudru,alia ,aakash and all came there..pragya asks surprisingly so it was all ur plan…they all said yes..alia says finally pragya is going to become my bhabhi..abhi thanks rudru as he was main reason for abhi to realize his love for pragya…all r partying there..abhi still taunts bulbul says I feel so happy today tat my sister has got her love..purab says yes and holds Bulbul’s hands..both arrests each other’s hands…bulbul rests her head on purab’s shoulder..bulbul says I love u purab…purab says I love you more…abhigya notices purbul…they got happy seeing them together..

The end…..

Thanq so much guys for supporting my ff..I love you all..I didn’t xpect ur unconditional love and response for my ff..muaahhhhh??????…and I promise After completing my 12th..I will start writing a new ff..till tat whenever I get time..I will post some shots…luv u all..???????..once again sry for making u all wait so long…

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  4. Really enjoyed it and superb gonna miss you after this update.

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      I willbe back soon…dear…luv u…thanq u so much..

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    best wish 4 u studies…….

    take care n love u

    1. Solace

      Thanq dear..luv u too..sry for being late..

  6. Prathi

    Superb dear!! All the best be back when you get time!

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      Thanq so much sis…luv u..???

    1. Solace

      Thanq dear

  7. Honey

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      Thanq dear…sure..

  8. Sowji

    Excellent story….neat love story…keep writing…looking forward to see in your next ff…

    1. Solace

      Thanq sis…luv u…

  9. B_Ani

    superb dear…actually missed u so much…but this was a wonderful epi…
    all the best for ur 12th…do well…

    1. Solace

      Thanq so much sis..sry for making u wait…luv u..will miss u and ur comments…??

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