Weekend Shots by Verna- Journey of Omkara’s life (Part 7)

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Hi my drs.. toady I have given my.best to give u a long episode.. here is my next Part 7

Shivika and Rumya were shocked to hear when Om said it was him who did mistake. They went through many different thoughts in their minds. Shivay ask him to talk clearly. Om explains, that day I reached Pune.. Mr. Mehta was out of town for some emergency issues. So I wanted to stay there till he comes.. I also had an idea of opening my new art gallery there. So I took local real estate agent’s help in finding place. When I was travelling to see place, I met her again..

Flashback… (now I’m Verna is telling u story)

Om’s car halts in front of a building. He went inside and checked. After coming out he starts car by talking to real estate agent and move from there. When he was driving his car in crowded road, suddenly a kid runs into road and Om about to hit. He applied break but was not sure that he won’t hit the kid, as he too was running. When he opened his eyes.. he saw a girl holding the kid on side of the road. He was tensed and face palms. He saw that kid was ok and relaxed. He got down the car and ran to them. He ask if the kid is fine.. he apologize. Some ppl bad mouth him and curse him. But the girl support Om and say, What is the fault in him? Who let the kid to run in roads? Did he do? U should be careful while handling kids on road. At least thank him, he applied break on right time.. else.. she turns to Om. Om was surprised to see Gauri there. Gauri also surprised and ask, Omkara.. U? They sort out problem and have a talk. Gauri ask, Omkara.. are u from Pune? He replied, NO.. I’m from Mumbai.. actually I’m here for some work. By the way, do u live here? Gauri nods. She tell, Sorry Omkara.. I thought to meet u before leaving resort yesterday but we had no time.. actually our family friend had cardiac arrest and she was serious in condition so we left from there as soon as we got news.

Om understood her situation and nods its ok.. how is she now? Gauri say, much better.. now I’m going to hospital to meet her. Om say, ok then I’ll drop u in hospital. Gauri say, its ok.. I can go by Train.. u r here for ur work and u pls continue, I’ll manage. Om insist and Gauri nods to go with him. On their way, Om thinks to use this golden opportunity to express his feelings to her and ask about coffee in evening. She thinks and nods. Om dropped her and went to his hotel room to make preparations. He collected those photographs which he clicked her in Wayanad and gave it to Karan (his PA) and gave instructions to make as a gift. He himself went to the bouquet shop and choose each and every flowers he want to present his princess. He can’t resist himself till evening. He practice how to start a conversation with her, how to propose her in front of mirror. Between all this he got doubt whether she loves someone else. He think about all those times he met her and her behavior. He consoles himself saying, NO.. she is not like that.. if she had any boy friend she would have come on trip with him.. else she would be engaged in phone always.. she didn’t.. Even today.. she came alone.. more than all this, she have the freedom of being single.. her face show this and no Om don’t think anything that burns ur mood.. just focus.. focus. He prepares himself and ready to meet her.

It was sharp 4.30. He was tensed and about to leave his suite, but his phone rings.. he excitedly answer.. What? Now? Is it really very important? He is sad and say ok I’ll go there.. take care Shivay.. bye. He call Gauri and she doesn’t respond. He leaves. He tried again and again while going in car but can’t reach her. After few minutes he received a txt msg from her, “Sorry Omkara.. I can’t come to meet you now.. I’m struck with my family function.. pls don’t mistake.. will call u tomorrow”. He was relieved and txt her back, “its ok Gauri.. even I’m struck with work.. enjoy and take care”. He looked at his spcl bouquet and gets sad. He think to present it in function.

Om reached Mr. Mehta’s farm house. He was welcomed with all respect. He was given seat in VVIP lounge. He ask, Mr. Mehta.. I was informed that there was some emergency situation in ur family but now u r conducting ur son’s engagement. Mr. Mehta says, this is also for emergency purpose Mr. Oberoi. Actually my wife had cardiac arrest before 2 days.. its her second time.. doctor said she is too weak and can’t bear any surgery. My wife is tensed about our son’s life.. she wish to see his marriage at least before her last breath. So we r doing this engagement all of sudden. Om say, oh.. I feel sorry for it.. by the way when is wedding? Mr.Mehta say, By next week.. we can’t postpone more days. Om say its gud decision and nods. Mr. Mehta ask him to enjoy the evening and leaves to receive other guests. Om served with refreshments and talking to other guests.

Host announces about Bride Groom entry. Everyone look at them. First spotlight flashed on groom and he comes to the stage. Next spotlight is focused on bride and she is taken to stage. Bride was surrounded by her bridesmaids and face not seen clearly. Om waiting to see bride. Bride turned her face and smile at all when one face turned pale seeing her. Yes it was Gauri who was standing on stage as bride and Om didn’t expect this. Gauri was happy at one side and Om was dying in pain on other side. He can’t even breath.. he felt like he’s dead for that moment. His pain even swallowed his tears, which gave him more pain. Bride and groom were asked to exchange ring. His body burned to ashes when he saw groom put ring on her finger. When he saw Gauri holding groom’s hand to put ring he felt like his heart and hope breaking into pieces. When she slipped ring on groom’s finger he shattered into pieces. He can’t bear such big shock of his life and decided to go away from there. When he was about to leave, Mr. Mehta stopped him and ask to meet bride groom. He refused, but in vain. When he stepped forward to walk to go to stage his legs shivered and his eyes started showering imaginary blood tears.

Gauri saw Omkara and got surprised and bid happy smile to him, which stitched into his heart like an arrow, but his lips gave fake smile while his eyes showed all those pains he is going through. Om went and stood near Gauri, he forwarded his shivering hands and slipped his special bouquet on her hands. He never thought that he’ll present his special bouquet in such situation. Gauri introduced her fiancee Sanjay Mehta to Om, who formally shake hands. Gauri talking about him to sanjay and tell sanjay about Om. His mind was totally dumbstruck and didn’t listen any of her words. He suddenly felt something and moved from there without even greeting them. (Flashback ends).
Shivika and Rumya was very much affected by listening this.

Om was still in that dead state and tears rolled down his eyes. Shivay and Rudra can’t see their Om in such state and hugged him. Om can no more hide his feelings and tears.. he cries aloud talking about his pain after so many years.. This made ShivRu feel bad and they too cry for his state. Annika and Saumya also gets emotional and cry. Shivay promise him that he’ll make everything fine in his brother’s life.

Next day Rudra come to Shivay and say, Bhaiya.. Our plan flopped.. I sent call letter to Gauri Sharma but she denied. Now what to do? Shivay gets call and say, r u sure? Is this confirmed information? Okay then do as I said. He tells, Rudra.. If one plan flopped then execute next plan.. my detective said that Gauri is attending an interview in Gaurav’s office. Rudra thinks and excitedly ask, Oh wow bhaiya.. Its our franchise company.. so u mean Gauri is joining our company. Shivay does Rudy’s Logic sign and called Mishra and said its time to make deal with Gaurav.. so do as I said. Rudra jokes and tell, U have become more smarter like me bhaiya. Shivay look at him, he makes puppy face thenand smile and hug him.

Gauri was happy that she got a job finally. She and her friend Meenakshi went to celebrate this and seated in coffee day. They ordered their drinks and have talk. Meenakshi ask, So my friend got job in such a big company as senior designer where I work as a designing manager and I’m here to celebrate it with her. She congratulates her with excitement and happiness filled face. Gauri smiles and say, Meenu.. U r over excited more than me.. what happened? Meenu say, leave it.. first tell me y u rejected call from Oberoi Office.. It’ll be such a good job and great opportunity to work there.. but u idiot, just tore that offer. U know how difficult it is to get a job call from them? Why did u do that? Gauri thinks about Om and his behavior towards her. She replied, I’m not interested to talk about it.. leave it now.. I got a job and don’t spoil that mood now. Their order arrived. After sipping some coffee Gauri noticed a couple, pampering and feeding chocolate to each other.

She just smile at them, but her eyes showed some disappointment then turned red and she turns getting irritated. Meenu noticed and ask her to be calm. Gauri remained silent but millions of thoughts running in her mind, She can’t control her tears and breakdown. She ask, Why Meenu.. y did my life go into darkness? My mom left me when I’m born.. My dad.. he left me for my step mother.. Uncle was my only hope and guardian.. he grown me up like his own daughter.. but, I never thought that he too will betray me.. All those persons who I believed the most have back stabbed me. I don’t know for what reason I’m still alive.. I’m scared that what else I’m going to see in future. She breaks down badly and hug Meenu. Meenu console her. This information is given to Shivay by his detective. He wonders what is the flashback for Gauri.. if I find out that then it’ll be easy to handle this. He tell his detective to collect information about her past. But he could not collect clear information. So, Shivika and Rumya decide to keep in touch with Gauri and know about her past.

After a month, Gauri and Meenu go to a roof top restaurant to celebrate her first salary. They sit at corner to enjoy view. Rumya intentionally take Om to same restaurant. Om and Gauri come face to face at buffet table. They see and turn faces. Rudra keep teasing Om. Om was irritated and about to leave, but Saumya apologies to him. Saumya innocently talk to Rudra, Rudra.. did u notice her.. she came with.her friend.. I think she is not married. Ru ask, don’t be silly Sumo.. O said its her marriage in one week after engagement.. now its more than 6months. Om remember that and sit upset. Saumya say, he just went to engagement.. we don’t know whether marriage happened or not.. yes.. if she is married where is sindoor in her maang? Or mangalsutra in her neck.. more than all this, we know about Mr. Mehta group. Why would his bahu come and search for job in Mumbai? I think marriage didn’t happen. After listening to this, Om’s face got lit up and rays of hope falled on his face. He became restless to check those things what Saumya said. He gets excuse and go to restroom.. before entering restroom he hide and check on Gauri and found there was no mangalsutra and sindoor on her. His happiness have no limits and inside restroom he stood in front of mirror. He was smiling like a mad and can’t control his feelings, he walks here and there. He called Karan and ask him to collect information about Gauri. After sometimes he tried to control and went to Rumya.

Next morning, Karan called him and said that Sanjay and Gauri’s wedding did not happen.. but he didn’t get any other information about the reason. Om’s happiness have no limits and went down his knees in happiness. But he have no idea how to talk and convince Gauri, he was confused. Rudra saw this from outside his room and said this to shivika and Saumya. Shivay say, its time to take our deal with Gaurav to next level.. From this moment, its only happy story in my brother’s life.. And he smiles and make call. Everyone look at each other and smile.

Oberoi’s in breakfast table, Shivay say, Om.. u know that we made deal with Gaurav last month.. now its time to confirm it. There is good rise in their company for past two yrs and I feel its ok to sign with them. They r already our franchise company and I have heard that Gaurav’s employees are talented and effective in working. So I want u to talk with him abt few of their staffs working for us in our company and few of our staffs will work there. It’ll be effective for both the companies.. what do u say? Om thinks and say.. u r right Shivay.. I’ll talk with him about this. Om leaves to Gaurav’s office and sing deal for same. When he was checking for employees details, he was stunned to see name Gauri Sharma and her photo. He enquired about her and got to know she is the senior designer there. And yes, as u ppl think, Gauri Sharma was the first one he selected to work in his company. His happiness have no limits and excited to meet her in his office.

Gaurav announced names of those employees who r going to work on their new partnership concern.. He said very good and big about their new office. Gauri and her colleagues were excited for their new office. Gaurav specially congratulates Gauri for her hard word and getting into list within 2months of her joining. Next morning when Gauri got down cab and stepped into Om’s office she was amazed by the grand interior and such peaceful working environment. Why can’t it be.. After all its our Artist Omkara’s office.. its just like his beautiful imagination. It was a huge building with glass, big spacious lawn with Beautiful fountain. There was beautiful paintings hanging on the walls all over their office. Gauri was mesmerized with the beauty of her office and went to join. They all were seated in conference room and waiting for their new boss. Gauri was sitting at last chair from projector screen. They were informed that new boss will be reaching in short. When Om open the door and entered the conference room everyone stood up to wish him in excitement, but Gauri stood up in shock and can’t able to believe her eyes. Everyone one sat down but Gauri was still in shock. Om saw her and slightly smile, he ask her to sit. She come to conscious and sit.

Om introduced himself and welcome them, he talk about their work in office. He tell Karan to play presentation and he go opposite side of projector screen.. where Gauri was sitting. He sat opposite to her. Gauri can’t concentrate on screen and stare Om partially. Om observes her and look at screen. Gauri look at Om.. When he turned his eyes to her she turns. After sometimes Gauri turns to Om and Om turned his look. There was a race going on between their eyes. Gauri was tensed but Om was enjoying this with cute smile. She stare him tensed but Om was enjoying her eyes, lips, and her earing.. he suddenly felt like he is there in same Wayanad resort and those golden days came back to him.

Precap: Gauri and Meenu discussing about their new designs and Om joins them. Meenu explained designs to Om. He think why Gauri is not even speaking a word other than work. Gauri and Meenu go for art exhibition. Gauri bumps with Om and they have Eye lock.

Thank u guys.. but pls open up and talk my drs.. I’m feeling like I’m boring u ppl with my stupid stories.. yes of course I have few of my regular readers and they do comments but what about silent readers. Pls guys ur comments r only reward I get for my work.. why don’t u write few words about this FF.. Take care my drs.. Love u all 🙂

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  1. B.k.maha

    Its really really superrrrrrrrrrr….. I see my another Omkara…. How cute he is…. Thank u so much dr for giving such a wonderful story…. But now I am sad because we will miss this story till next weekend… For this story I want all the days are weekend…. Egarly waiting for next episode….. I love u dr…. Keep going…. Take care…?????

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much maha.. don’t be sad.. I have decided to write this on weekdays too.. Because I myself can’t resist to write this story 🙂 🙂

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Rasika.. keep reading


    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Uf keep reading

  3. Deepika Edward

    ?Awwweesome??!! I’m sooooo excited fo next episode ?❤

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Deepika Edward keep reading dr

  4. Kiya

    Its amazing and awesome Verna…… I really missed ur WS…. Story for some network prblms I didn’t comment yesterday… But its also awesome…. U know what I am sitting alone and read ur ffs.. And I smiled do much that my thinks that I am going mad day by day…. Its funny… But really I just lv yr ffs……

    1. Verna

      Wow.. such wonderful words Kiya.. I don’t know what to say.. but I’m so happy that u really love this much.. keep reading dr

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear… And DP is nice…

    1. Verna

      Thank you so much keep reading.. 🙂 🙂

  6. Awesome update……
    Pata hai aapko I got addicted to this weekend shots…
    Loved it….nice story line…
    Par yeh weekend tak ka intezar hi problem hai..
    Really excited for the next part….
    All the best……

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Meera.. don’t worry dr.. even I can’t resist myself from writing this.. so I have decided to write this story in weekdays too.. so just enjoy

  7. Really verna…u r gonna write it on weekdays tooo…omg!!!!…i m on cloud 9 ?????????????thanku thanku sooooooooo muchhhhhhh???????….

    Coming to episode it fantabulous…..i love this omkara…waiting for next update.. .plzzz post soon..

    1. Verna

      Ye my dr.. Because after seeing ur response I can’t make u guys wait till weekend.. so only this decision.. and thank u so much dr.. keep reading

  8. Awesome.

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Nikita.. keep reading dr

  9. I like this serial very much and i like ur hairstyle very much

  10. Superb

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