you exist in the secret chamber of my heart – chapter:19

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Hi are you all??sry for late a days i’m being busy with my studies and all I ‘m toughly getting tym to update the story..sorry for that..i’m feeling so bad frnds..missed you all very badly…?????plzz apologize me for that…I created a lot of expectations on you and i’m not fulfilling it I feel lyk crying..i’m sorry darlings..????..plzz keep supporting me guys…


Our episode starts with pragya getting ready to college in an disinterested mood by thinking abut how she will confront abhi??..bulbul comes there and touches pragya..pragya is lost with the thoughts,.bulbul says diii..what are you thinking??pragya says woh..i don’t know how I am going to face abhi??how i’m going to bear his hatred??I ‘m disgusted of myself that why I did that silly thing..bulbul asks what??..pragya says love..I tried to convince my heart a lot not to love him..but even though it doesn’t hear I lost his frndship too..bulbul says di..what are you saying??you didn’t do a sin..infact he’s unlucky..abhi lost one can love abhi as much as you atleast confessed ur love to you know??coward are those who don’t confess their love did nothing wrong..di,they both hugged each other..tanu comes there and says bahut ..ho I can’t see your sisters melo-drama more..let’s rush to in railway station rudru is calling purab…this purab also not picking up the mobile…he talks to himself..kya yaar..i’m new to Delhi..I shud have heard my papa and gone with him during his transfer and continued my studies there..but I thought to come here and join my cousin in his college..see he’s not picking up the mobile…purab..pick up …..someone pats rudru ..he turns and it’s purab..purab comes to hug him..he punches in his stomach,,purab with shrinked eyebrows asks yeh..kya kar raha hain??..rudru says what am I doing??why are you so late??i’m ur biggy(elder) bro…can’t you respond to my call..purab says dry yaar..kya karoon..actually my mobile is in silent mode..rudru asks I called abhi too..but he also didn’t pick up the phone…what’s going on??purab face turns sad..he says I wud be busy..ok let’s go..we are getting late to college..

After a while at college:

Abhi and all are sitting..abhi sighted on the way and looks for pragya.. thinks abut pragya..why did you do this chashmoo??aakash says can think abut pragya’s proposal once..she’s perfect for you…no one can’t love you like her..abhi asks aakash to shut up.stop talking abut pragya.i never thought abut that…i thought her as my good frnd and now that frndship is also done…aakash says if it is done then why are you looking for pragya still???abhi says i’m not..aakash says you are lieing ..abhi leaves from there angrily…Pragya and all arrives clg..pragya parks the scooty..she locks it..when locking she sees bracelet in her hand..she looks at it..she is lost with the was gifted by abhi on her bday..she reminiscences how abhi made her wear it??how they enjoyed their rudru and purab also arrives clg…purab says tu isse park karke aa..i’m going to meet dean…you also come with after doing it..rudru is whistling and parking the bike..he thinks kya yaar..i’m not getting to see any beauties here..pragya is standing there..rudru sees it,,why is she standing numb??he calls madam…Suniye..move slightly..ajeeb ladki hain…he keeps calling pragya..she didn’t respond..

rudru thinks is she deaf??he thinks something..he takes the whistle from his pocket and blows it near pragya…pragya gets irked and turns..he sees pragya…he gets attracted by her…air breezes on him…pragya asks him are you mad??why did you do this???she keeps asking her..rudru feels lyk she’s singing song..pragya calls excuse me…rudru comes to his senses…rudru says you were not getting out of my only I did it.,pragya says can’t you call me??why the hell you blew whistle??.idiottt.rudru says ohho..madam…I called you many times,,BT you didn’t hear me..just move..pragya moves and says see..don’t you mess with me…rudru says what will you do???pragya says badtameez,irritating idiot…

pragya says vaise bhi,,i’m having a lot of issues to solve in my time..I can’t waste time with you.,she leaves from there…rudru thinks koun hain.??..looking interesting…he thinks abut pragya’s fight with him…he thinks pragya calling him idiot..he chuckles thinking abut it..pragya says pata nahi..koun sa idiot hain..she bumps up with abhi..both sees each other..pragya is abut to talk to him..but he tries to leave from there…pragya calls abhiii..ruko..abhi stops..pragya goes to him..she’s abut to slip but abhi holds her..both looked at each other…abhi laughs and says u r having four eyes but even though always falling down..pragya looks at surprisingly..then abhi comes to his senses and abut to leave pragya..but rudru comes there and holds her…the screen freezes…

Precap:rudru admires abut pragya’s beauty and praises abut her to abhi,.abhi gets jealous…

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  1. oh diii it was excelent i cant wait plz update soonn

  2. Prabhi

    Nice one loved the character of Rudra it’s interesting waiting for the next one

  3. It is rocking… Really missed it very much… Plz update it regularly…. Love it yaar…..

  4. Nithyashreeraman

    Pls update it regularly di it was really interesting!!

  5. Prathi

    Hey dear give long updates na.. I know you are just but try to give ok?

  6. Missed you so much solace….missed ur ff too….my fav one….give short updates also…..if you have enough time give longer update….pls be regular dear….can’t wait for your ff…. todays uldate is really awesome….precap is also very nice….let abhi boil in jealous seeing rudra and pragya’s closeness…. he deserve that….y can’t he understand pragya’s love….eagerly waiting for the next one…. pls post it soon….take care dear….

  7. Reshma_Pradeep


  8. wow, interesting n enjoying abhi jeas give more sce dear that u’s punishment

    miss u badly yaaaaaaaaa

  9. B_Ani

    he he…precap was awesome. even last part was good. and why are u feeling bad dear? its so good. i said u many tyms…dont talk like that. ok?
    its such a good plot and try longer ones dear, if u can.
    love u…

  10. Aditiroy

    Super yaar

  11. Superb episode solace semma twist very interesting missed you so much waiting for next episode
    What is this ma feeling like crying and telling sorry no problem I can wait for your ff you study we’ll upload whenever you have time take care

  12. Superb dear…all scene are awesome dear..
    Please long update dear…

  13. waaaw the intro of rudru is going to make the story interesting making abhi jealous is an excellent mark love uuuuu but plzz try to update faster

  14. Super dear…

  15. Im his chasmish

    Lovely dr super solace… Just npw i read all the episodes written till now u r just amazing

  16. superb dear!!! rudru scenes are cute!!! loved it solace!!:)

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