The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 15

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Hello everyone x

Episode begins.

( Krishna is on the floor crying. Everyone is shocked and also cry. Yuvani makes her stand up. )

Yuvani: Krishna, what do you mean? What are you saying?

Krishna: Yuvani….Yuvani…you never lost hope? Why did you agree for Sayaam to marry someone else? Why?!

Yuvani: Krishna, try to understand. I never wanted to upset you. Sayaam’s happiness is everything to me though…

Kaira: Yuvani its okay. Im leaving. Sayaam is all yours Krishna.

( Kaira starts to leave. )

Sayaam: Stop!

( All are shocked. )

Sayaam: Kaira, Stop!

( Krishna gets upset. )

Krishna: Sayaam, why did you stop her? Do you love her?

( Krishna cries. Sayaam is angry. )

Sayaam: I dont love Kaira. We are friends.

( Kaira cries hearing this. Sayaam goes and gets the sindoor. Everyone watch him. He looks at Krishna and then at Kaira. Kaira watches him with hope. )

Yuvani: Sayaam what are you doing?

Sayaam: What is right Yuvani.

( He applies the sindoor to Krishna’s forehead. Krishna cries. )

Sayaam: Krishna is my wife. I have only ever loved Krishna. And i will continue to only love Krishna.

( Both Krishna and Kaira cry. Sayaam moves towards Krishna who steps back away from him. He is stunned. )

Krishna: This doesnt change anything Sayaam. Today you have hurt me. I trusted you more than myself. Today you broke that trust. Today I am no longer yours.

Sayaam: Krishna….

( Krishna leaves crying. Sayaam is angry and leaves. Kaira breaks down and cries on the floor. )

Kaira: This is all my fault. If I hadnt been here none of this would have happened. I love Sayaam! But I never should have loved him. Today I have separated Sayaam from the thing he loves most!

( She cries and Bhavna and Yuvaan try to console her. )

( Krishna is sitting on the floor in her room. She thinks about her and Sayaam’s good memories. When Sayaam confessed he loved her. When he took care of her when she was hurt. When he broke her fast. All the times he kissed her. Krishna cries thinking about it. )

( Suhani enters and sits with her. )

Suhani: Krishna beta, what has come over you?

Krishna: I thought he loved me. I thought we were one!

Suhani: Sayaam does love you. He has always loved you. Why do you think I married you two together? I know my son. I see the love he has for you. And the pain he has been through all these years, waiting for you.

Krishna: So why was he going to marry Kaira? Why?!

Suhani: He was doing her a favour….

Krishna: And so what if i returned after their marriage? I wouldnt have had the same importance in his life?!

( Krishna cries and Suhani comforts her. Suhani thinks: Please re unite my children soon…. )

( Sayaam is on the terrace. He is angry thinking about Krishna’s words. He recalls her saying today I am no longer yours and throws a vase in anger. Yuvani comes and is shocked. She cleans it. Sayaam sits. Yuvani sits with him. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, getting angry like this will not solve anything, ok?

Sayaam: So what else should I do?!

Yuvani: Speak your heart. Talk to me. Let out everything you are feeling. You cant keep your feelings hidden.

Sayaam: I love Krishna. I dont love Kaira. But i like her. She’s a nice girl. I just…..I just dont know whats going on. Why am I feeling like this? Krishna is back. And i have wished for so long for her to return. And now she finally has!

( He smiles. )

Sayaam: I should be happy. And I am. But why do I feel something. Some connection? Some feeling….for Kaira? Like im letting her down because I love Krishna…. What do I do Yuvani?

Yuvani: Give it time Sayaam. Kaira is still here. But as of now you should be spending time with Krishna. Your wife. Even if she is angry at the moment, she needs your support. She wants to know you still care.

( Yuvani hugs Sayaam. )

( Its night. Krishna looks around the bedroom. Sayaam enters. They both look at eachother. )

Sayaam: Krishna….

( Krishna ignores him. She gets into bed. She puts a pillow on Sayaam’s side of the bed and turns the light off. Sayaam lays down on the floor. )

( Sayaam thinks: How do I get her to listen to me? Krishna thinks: I know he loves me. I just need him to prove it. So I know its all me. Im the only one. )

( Sayaam and Krishna both struggle to sleep. Sayaam looks at his hand and remembers his habit of holding Krishna’s hand. Krishna also recalls this. They both cry and sleep. )

Episode ends.


Kaira: Will you allow me to love your Sayaam?

( Krishna is shocked. )

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  1. So good ?

  2. Please post next episode today please it’s the weekend

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Ill see what I can do x

  3. i have read all the kriyam FF so far.All are good and well written.but your FF is the is very heart touching.After reading one episode i eagerly wait for the next one as if i watch a serial.well the end of each episode you plant curiosity on readers mine.Your FF is like a relief to Kriyam fans as we don’t see any Kriyam scenes theses days.please upload the next one soon.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoy it and i hope i can continue to interest readers and keep you reading ! Xx

  4. That was beautiful dear..pls update asap

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks will do x


    Wow.This is so beautiful. I cant express how sad yet sweet it was, this storyline is perfect and you are such a magical writer… I love the bit where they recalled that they slept holding hands, perfect x

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you so much! It means a lot to know you are enjoying it and my efforts are worth it. xx

  6. Very nice episode dear………plz reunite them(kriyyam)quickly……..waiting for next update……..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you for reading x will upload soon

  7. Woow….good …..shocking precap but as always good episode loved I..keep writing keep updating…god bless u..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks so much x glad you enjoyed it

  8. Hi.i liked ur all ff season 1 season 2 also but i never comment but today yr am soo sad why siyyam fell for kaira its not right i dont like this not at all.seriously yr plzzzzz dont do that only kriyam only plzzzz

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for taking the time out to comment and read it x dont worry, Kaira will be written out soon

  9. Aarti32

    I hv began hating Kaira..y is she doing all dis??

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading and dont worry Kaira will be out of the fanfic soon x

  10. Kaira is nice…but I started to doubt her when I read the precap..nice writing though …keep it up! 😀

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading x

  11. Hiii… I was a silent reader to your FF and it’s going well, I’m loving it… I thought why not comment now? So here I am with my comment.

    Keep the amazing work up and thank you for writing to entertain us… why did Kaira say that in the precap? ?

    Update soon…

    Take care and keep shining xx

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for taking the time to comment x im glad you are enjoying it! Dont worry, you will soon find out! Thanks again

  12. Krishna & Sayyam

    This is so good idk wht 2 say

  13. Today epi upload plz

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Will be uploading soon x

  14. Plz get Kriyam back to their sweet love story. I don’t want anyone between Krishna and saiyam

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