Excuse Me Madam 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam romances with Kranti

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Scene 1
Addu tells Sanam that it’s just a night, you can give this cactus to her tomorrow. Sanam says she loves her dadu a lot, you should go and talk to her. Addu says fine.

Chanchal tells Kranti to decorate the bed. Sanam comes there. Chanchal says we are preparing for your marriage night. Sanam says I can’t do it with this cactus. Chanchal says you will have to romance with Kranti in front of this cactus. Sanam says this is too much. Amar says I can’t understand this too. Kranti says it’s about my love. Sanam says this is getting too much.

Madam is angry on Sanam. Chatterjee says Sanam is a robber, he took my flower and then fried it one time. He eats some weird food, I think he might cook Dadu.. Madam says enough. Addu comes there dressed as Kranti. Madam says you here? Addu says I have come here to give your Dadu to you. She gives her the cactus. Madam cries and thanks him. She suddenly feels eye twitching and says Babu Jee. Addu is scared. Chatterjee tries to pinch her but madam acts like Addu is her babu jee. Chatterjee pinches her. Addu says I will leave. Madam says wait a minute. She pokes the plant with a pencil. She says I can’t find my ring in the mud. This is not my dadu. Addu runs away.

Scene 2
Addu tells Sanam that he can’t wear sarees anymore. Sanam says you can start wearing shalwar suit. Kranti comes there and asks him to come inside. He says I am not coming in. Kranti says we will watch a romantic movie. Sanam says no. Kranti says come. She pulls him from there. Amar jokes about them.

Kranti comes in the room with Sanam. It’s decorated. Sanam says I am sleeping. Kranti says we have to romance in front of the cactus. Sanam says it’s a cactus, let me sleep. Kranti says we have to do this to save you. You want to romance with this cactus. Sanam says I can’t do anything about your mind. Kranti pulls him closer and starts romanticizing him. Madam jumps Sanam’s house fence. Sanam and Kranti are moving closer to kiss. Madam is looking around and enters Sanam’s room to see him sleeping a woman. She can’t see her face and thinks it’s Addu (Kranti). She takes the cactus and leaves. Sanam wakes up and sees her.
Sanam comes to Madam and sees her leaving with the cactus. She says what you did was wrong. Sanam says it’s not your Dadu, it’s my second wife. Madam says how dare you? You are doubting my Dadu’s gender? Sanam says we can check him. Madam says I put my ring in the mud. She looks around the cactus pot and says it doesn’t have the ring. Sanam says yes, my wife brought this cactus to get me married to him. Madam says why didn’t you tell me before? I am really sorry. Sanam says it’s okay, I am happy to see you here. Madam says where is my Dadu?

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam and Kranti that I will find out the robber. She says I have asked a dog to snoop around. The police officer brings Bhaisa as his dog. Sanam looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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