Choti Sardarni 6th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarab to leave for India

Choti Sardarni 6th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The woman asks which is Param’s favorite finger? He says this one. The woman says okay then we will cut it first.

Manav meets the lawyer. He says why would I tell a stranger my client’s location? Manav says Mr. Gill’s son is kidnapped in India. He needs to know this. The lawyer says what proof do you have? He says this is his sister Harleen’s number and you can ask her. If you don’t tell him it would be a problem for you. He says now Sarab will get Param and I will get my Meher.

Manav comes outside Martha’s house. Martha says I am going out, clean the kitchen. Angel is alone go there. Manav says why is my Meher doing all this. Sarab’s lawyer comes there. Martha says what the hell are you doing here? Go from here. Meher attacked my husband. I won’t forgive her. Leave now. Meher says he came here, there must be something important.

Param cries and says Meher mama papa I miss you a lot. Please take me home. Angel shouts where is my doll? Param says mama papa please save me. Param cries. Sarab tries to go out after the lawyer. The watchman says no you can’t go out. That’s Martha’s order. Param says they don’t even give me food and water. I am in so much pain. Meher says I miss my kids a lot these days. The watchman gives Sarab a letter and says a man left it for you. Sarab reads it. He’s shocked. He reads your son Param is kidnapped. Meher drops the bowl in her hand. Sarab falls down. Meher cries. Meher looks for the phone.

Meher says tries to open a door. She says Martha kept my phone here. They open the door and look in for the phone. Sarab sees a laptop. He says we can call from this. Meher says open your account. What’s your password. He says Meher ji I love you.

Scene 2
Robbie tries to arrange money. Sarab video calls Aditi. Harleen cries and says they have kidnapped our Param. Meher says what did they ask? Harleen says 100 crores. Meher says did you talk to Param? Is he okay? Harleen says come back. Angel shouts Seerat come and clean it. Meher runs out. She recalls Harleen saying Param is kidnapped. Meher cleans the floor and cries. Sarab sees that her hand is bleeding. He cleans her wound. Meher cries. She says we have to go back to India. Sarab says you have to stay here. Meher says I have to go back to my Param. Meher cries. He says you can’t come to India. Meher says we are going together. Sarab says try to understand. Meher says our son is in so much trouble. Sarab says you have to stay here and resolve this case. I will go there. I will get back here then. We have to resolve this case as well for Param and Karan. Sarab says promise me you will fight for yourself. Promise me that you will win this case and come back to me, Param and Karan.

Scene 3
Sarab tries to go out. Watchman stops him. Manav sees them. Meher cries. Sarab tries to hug her. Manav says don’t touch my Meher. I will take my Meher from here. I know she isn’t happy with this marriage. Meher says to the watchman I will stay here, he has to go. There’s an emergency. Sarab leaves. Meher looks at him. They’re both in tears. Manav says he’s going, I am coming my Meher.

Precap: Meher is busy on laptop, trying to find clues about kidnappers through help from some people. Angel picks up a scissor and goes to stab Meher with it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Why u people not post precap why?

    Msg from Team: It’s not available early like episode.

  2. Plz post ishq mein marjawa 2 written update of 6 october

  3. Shaheera Khan

    is this manav a sicho case or mantel , he is not an officer who could not solve the case now he is ignoring his wife and dose not care about param and wanted to separate scarab and maher . thank God kk did not let maher wait for this mantel person , but what she did was utterly wrong taking someones life she will be punished for that but she saved maher from him .

    1. yah true. he is acting like a psycho lover knowing that mehar is married and how sarab and she love/respect eachother and happy during his marriage. he is imitating sharuk khan in a juhi chawla film. he has no responsibility towards his wife aditi but as vikky acts towards his mother. really manav’s character is irritating now

  4. Shreya Beemul

    Why is Martha so mean? Does she really have to be so ridiculous. I hope real people in her position or status are not like this towards our people. I feel sorry for all parties, Meher amd Sarab – always something blocking them for professing their love for one another, then Manav who was robbed of his life and love…I hope things can end well somehow for him…it was not his fault after all.

  5. Manav has turned into a stalker with evil intentions. He promised to b a son for his ‘parents’ and he got married to Aditi yet he has forgotten all this to chase meher who is now married , he assumes she is not happy. Meher has grown to love and respect sarab and they have a close relationship now which is getting better and also a family who she loves. Manav should b go away and leave meher to live her life.

    1. Shaheera Khan

      that’s what i want because scarab and meher have already so many problems in their life and this mental person is trying to ruin lives of so many innocent peoples ,he should come out into his senses and have to realise his own resposibilities sooner .

  6. Thanks for your work and willingness to post these updates. They help me enjoy Choti Sardarni and Barrister Babu though I speak a different language.

  7. Shesha485

    Eventhough the present track is interesting, I doubt the makers are justifying what Kulwant did to Manav.

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