Excuse Me Madam 4th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam hides from Madam’s ex-boyfriend

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Scene 1
Aditya comes to Kranti’s home. Kranti says my cousin is here. Amar introduces Addu to him. Amar says he is our cousin, he used to cry a lot. He has come from London. Addu says London must be fun. Kranti asks Adi why he didn’t come to her wedding? Adi cries and says I need fresh air, he goes to the porch.

Sanam tells Madam that you have fooled Adi nicely. He won’t look at you again. Madam comes closer and others will still look at me. Sanam smiles. Madam says Adi won’t lose easily, he will try to win me over. He will come to my house tonight then you have to be there. You will stay at my house. Sanam says really? Madam says you have to pretend to be my husband, Adi has to see us in the bedroom and see the passion between us. Sanam starts imagining romancing madam in the bedroom but it all turns out to be Sanam’s dream. Jugal asks him to control himself.

Adi is sleeping on the couch. Kranti tells Amar and Addu that I am sad for Adi. Sanam comes home. Kranti says we have a guest. Sanam says who? Addu says their cousin has come from London. Kranti says he came to meet his girlfriend but she married some foolish man. Sanam asks what’s his name? Kranti says Aditya. Sanam sees him sleeping and gets tensed as he is Madam’s ex. Sanam says he is sleeping so I will meet him in the morning. Amar says I can scare his ex-girlfriend’s husband away. Sanam says there is no need Amar, I want to sleep now so I will meet him tomorrow morning. Sanam leaves from there. Amar says he is being fishy.

Scene 2
In the morning, Addu tells Amar that Adi will take time to heal. Adi comes there and says good morning. He asks for food. Addu says you are not even getting drunk when your heart is broken. Amar says no everyone is a drunkard like you. Addu says we can have fun with Adi.
Sanam is hiding in his bedroom and says I can get beaten today. Addu comes there and asks why are you hiding? Sanam asks him to close the door, he tells him that Kranti will kill me. Adi is madam’s ex-boyfriend and she introduced me as her husband to him. Addu says you are dead now. Sanam says I will not meet him, he will leave in a day. Addu says they are asking for you to come and meet him. Sanam says I was just helping Madam but now I am stuck. Addu says I will go out and tell them you are still sleeping, just don’t move from here. Sanam puts a blanket over his head and acts like sleeping.
Addu tells Kranti that he is sleeping, he will come later. Adi says it’s okay, maybe some other time. Addu says he can meet Sanam some other time, Sanam is not feeling well. Kranti says I can take Adi to Sanam. Addu says he has a headache. Kranti says I will just introduce him. She takes Adi with her.

PRECAP – Adi tells Kranti that he will meet Sanam. Sanam comes there with shaving foam all over his face. Adi calls Madam and says I want to have a lunch with you and your husband. Madam agrees. Kranti says I will go with Adi. Sanam is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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