Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 5th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Sham comes in Ram’s body

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Scene 1
Ram says I should talk to Padma ji once.
Kinkshuk comes to Koyal and says Ram waxed me and I got blisters. My wedding is also postponed. Koyal says are you crazy? Wait, it’s just postponed. Both my brothers are such a drama. One is dyign to get married and other is trying to stop it. Menaka says he’s now using his hands to speak. I have to do all this to my husband because of your wedding. Padma knocks. Menaka says silent. Ram coems and says I want to talk to Padma. Koyal says he can’t speak. Ram says he can listen. I will speak. Dulari says and Padma will answer. Koyal stands on the door and says I don’t want you to go inside and harm yourself. He has corona. Ram says am I stupid? Dulari says where is the report? Menaka says go to Jhansi and get it. Koyal says you can’t go in. Ram says I will talk to him. Tao ji says Padma has corona and I will stand on the door, no one will go inside.

Irfan and Patang say wow so many problems with one person. Dulari says why is all this happening with Padma? When he is trying to tell the truth. Ram walks past. Patang stops him. He doesn’t stop. He leaves. Patang says are you two not talking? Irfan says you should go and solve it within yourselves. Dulari says why should I? He should have been with me when Menaka was accusing me. Patang says he wasn’t with Menaka. He was silent. Dulari says silence says a lot of things. Why isn’t Ram doing anything?

Ram thinks about Sushila saying my DIL is Koyal. He recalls and says I have to talk to Padma. Ram goes inside. Padama knocks on the door. Tao ji says no one can go inside. Sushila says it’s your wedding in three days. He has covid. Ram says I have to go in. Ram picks Tao ji. Tao ji holds him. Menaka, Kinkshuk and everyone hold him. Ram runs inside. Patang says but what if he actually has covid? DUlari says they are lying. Koyal says what will happen if he actually has corona? Tao ji will be insulted. Tao ji says Ram open the door. Hoe dare you leave me.

Ram comes to Padma. Dulari prays that Ram is trying to fix everything. She says you created all these circumstances in our lives. Please fix it. Until Ram hug me himself, I will keep ringing the bell. Tao ji says Ram open the door. He sneezes. Babu ji comes. He says my Ram will talk to Padma and bring the secret out.

Ram asks Padma please tell me what happened on that accident day. He mentions he can’t speak. Ram says but you can write. Menaka says let me bring Ram out. Babbu ji says if he has covid you shouldn’t go inside. Koyal says let her go or she will eat posion. Menaka says yes I will. Patang says here’s poison. Drink it. Menaka says I was just saying it. I won’t. Patang says this isnn’t poison either.

Padma writes everything on a paper. Ram reads it. He sneezes and comes out. His other personality comes out as well. Everyone is shocked. Sushila says Sham? Babu ji says bhaisahab’s brother Sham. Sushila says Sham what are you doning Ram’s body? Sham says to Koyal what is wrong with you? And you Menaka name yourself matchstick. You insecure little girl. You will be beaten. I will bring out all your venom. He picks a rod. Sham hits Kinkshuk. Koyal says what happened to him suddenly? Dulari keeps ringing the bell. Ram comes out.

Episode ends.

Precap-Dulari says to Ram, when we are solving it together we don’t need Sham. Ram says we need Sham. Dulari says what would he do? He says I have a plan.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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