Excuse Me Madam 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update: Madam gets embarrassed in front of Sanam

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Scene 1
Sanam is spying on Chatterjee and waits for him to leave his office. He calls Chatterjee and says someone hit your car, Chatterjee runs from there. Sanam tempers with Chatterjee’s hindi presentation.

Madam video calls her father. Chatterjee and Sanam are there. She says let’s begin. Madam says let’s make a firework that we have. Sanam says I have a lot of fire. Madam glares at him and says it’s time to show your talent. Chatterjee says I will start first. Sanam changed his hindi which now means that we should work hard to destroy things. We should bluff people nicely. Madam tries to stop him but Chatterjee doesn’t. He says madam’s father has done a lot of intercourse to reach here. All look on. He says madam has moved ahead in intercourses than her father. He says we should all have intercourse and move ahead in life. All look on. Madam tries to control her anger. Sanam smirks. Madam tells Chatterjee to get lost from there, he leaves. Sanam looks on, she says get out.

Scene 2
Amar is beating a goon. An officer tells her that there is some lady serial killer in the city. He is a man but dresses up like a woman to kill them. Amar says have a trap ready for him, once I get him I will not spare him.

Addu dresses him like a woman and comes to Kranti’s kitchen. Bhaisa barks at him. Kranti screams seeing him and says who are you? What are you doing here? He says I am Addu. Kranti says what are you wearing? Addu says Sanam didn’t tell you anything? Kranti recalls Sanam telling her that he likes to dress up like women. Addu says it’s just my habit, I like things which ladies like. Kranti says if you don’t change your ways then I will tell Amar. He says she will kill me, I will change my ways, I will change in your washroom. He says the perfume on Sanam was mine, he didn’t mean any lady. Bhaisa thinks they are fooling my sister.

Chatterjee calls his friend and says what presentation did you send me? He tells him the words and gets to know the meanings, he says oh my God I used those words in front of madam. He ends the call and says Sanam must have tempered with my presentation.

PRECAP – Chatterjee applies glue on Sanam’s seat. Sanam sits there and gets stuck, madam calls him so he tries to take off his pants but screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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