Jee Le Zaraa…Live A Little…RoshAn SS Part 5

Jee le zaraa…Live a little…Part 5
Vanita went to Roshni’s room.
Vanita:I just came to ask you something.
Roshni:Say aunty.
Vanita:Did you like my son Kabir?
Roshni:Ya..he is a nice.
Vanita:Thank God you liked him.I was tensed whether you will like him and decision to get you married to him will be wrong.
Roshni was stunned.
Roshni:What did you say aunty?
Vanita:I always told you that I wanted you to marry my son.Right?
Vanita:I always wanted you to marry Kabir.I knew that he would like you as he loves my choice.I was not sure about you.But now I am happy that you also like Kabir.

Roshni was shattered.
She thought:Oh my God!Vanita aunty was talking about Kabir and I thought that she wanted me to marry Aman.
Roshni:Kabir really liked me?
Vanita:Yes,he loves you.
Roshni became very upset.
She thought:Now what will I do?I need to talk to Aman.

Roshni went near Aman.
Roshni:Aman..I want to tell you something.
Aman:Even I want to tell you something.You have a huge misunderstanding Roshni.Mom was not talking about me and you,but you and Kabir bhai.She chose Kabir bhai for you and not me.
Roshni:So you came to know that?Vanita aunty told me about Kabir.I am also shocked Aman.I never expected it. I am really upset Aman.What will we do?
Aman cupped her face in his palms.
Aman:We will tell the truth to everyone.They will understand us.

Roshni looked at him painfully.

Roshni was in a dilemma.She remembered how Vanita saved her from goons and gave her shelter.
Roshni shed tears:Vanita aunty did so much for me.How can I break her hurt by going against her wish?
Roshni could not take this stress anymore.She was walking here and there restlessly.Her head started spinning and she fainted.But she was caught by Kabir on the right time.
Kabir:Roshni..what happened?Open your eyes.
Aman who came that way saw Roshni and got shocked.
Aman ran towards them.
Aman:What happened to Roshni?

Kabir:I don’t know.She just fainted.Luckily before she fell down I saw her and caught her.
Kabir placed her on the sofa.
Kabir who was tensed seeing Roshni unconscious screamed:Mom…please come.
Aman who was worried for Roshni sat near her. your eyes.What happened to you?

Vanita came.
Kabir:Mom..Roshni fainted.
Vanita:Oh no..Roshni…Kabir..bring water.
Kabir brought water.Vanita sprinkled it on her face.Roshni opened her eyes.
Kabir,Aman and Vanita were relieved.
Kabir:Thank God you are alright Roshni.I really got scared.I thought that I lost my life.
Aman was hurt to see Kabir’s love for Roshni.
Vanita:You are really fine.Right?
Roshni nodded and looked at Aman.They shared an emotional eye lock.

Aman said in his mind:I wish I could hug you and comfort you.But now I am forced to be away from you.
Vanita:We will call the doctor.
Roshni:No need.Actually I was so engrossed in the work that I forgot to eat food.
Vanita:Oh can you be so careless?Aman..Kabir…don’t make Roshni work too much.She gets stressed fast.

Aman:Sure mom.
Roshni:Nothing like that.I will manage it.
Vanita:We will discuss it later.First you have food.
Vanita brought food and started feeding her with her hand.
Roshni became emotional.
She thought:Vanita aunty loves me like my own mother.I can’t hurt her.

Roshni went near Aman.
Aman:Roshni,you are alright?
Roshni nodded silently.
Aman:I am sorry that I could’nt be with you that time.Before mom and Kabir bhai..I could’nt…bhai cares for you.I saw how upset he was when you fainted.I fear whether he has started loving you.So I did’nt have the courage to be with you.I know that you fainted because of the stress given by the marriage alliance and not because of work tensions.But…
Aman tried to caress her face.But she moved backward.Aman was stunned.
Roshni:I think I should not hurt Vanita aunty who saved me from darkness.If she was not there my life would have been spoiled.She gave me a mother’s love.These days who else loves a friend’s daughter as own daughter?I can’t hurt her Aman.
Aman:What do you mean Roshni?
Roshni shed tears:Let us split Aman.

Aman was shocked.
Roshni:Aman..I know you are hurt.But please don’t hate me.

Aman looked at her tearfully:No Roshni.I can understand.Even I felt that we should end our relationship seeing how much bhai cares and loves you.He will be shattered if his own brother snatches his love.
They both cried and parted their ways tearfully.

Kabir and Sitara were walking towards each other.Suddenly Sitara slipped and fell over Kabir.Both of them fell down rolling over each other.They were embracing each other and rolling.Kabir had closed his eyes in fear.

Sitara felt nice to be embraced by him.Coming back to senses,both moved away from each other shyly. are great in business.But you were so scared when you fell down.
Kabir:How did you understand that I was scared?
Sitara:Because you had closed your eyes.

Kabir was embarrassed as Sitara teased him.
Kabir:It’s your fault.What was the need of wear high heels?That also pointed heals?Because of your shoes only you fell down and made me also fall down.
Sitara:What to do Kabir?I want to look tall.You won’t understand my feelings as you are tall.
Kabir started giggling.Sitara pouted cutely.
Kabir:You are so cute Sitara.
She smiled.

At home Sitara was thinking of rolling over Kabir and blushing.Sitara’s mother Vrinda noticed it.She came near her.
Vrinda:What are you thinking Sitara?
Sitara came out of her sweet thoughts.
Sitara:Nothing mom.
Vrinda:Why don’t you admit that you were thinking of Kabir?

Sitara was silent.
Vrinda:Did you confess your love to Kabir?
Sitara:Yes.But now it’s too late mom.Kabir’s marriage is fixed.
Vrinda was shocked:What?Whom does he love?
Sitara:He is doing arranged marriage.
Vrinda:Oh..that means Kabir does not love anyone.
Sitara:He seems to be in love with the girl chosen by his mom.Roshni.
Vrinda:He thinks that he loves her as she is chosen by his beloved mother.But what if he actually loves you and does’nt realize it?
Sitara was stunned:Do you think that Kabir loves me?
Vrinda:I did’nt say like that.But it is possible that unknowingly he loves you.So you try to make him realize that he loves you.
Sitara:But mom..his marriage is fixed.
Vrinda:But he is not married yet.I guess he is not even engaged.So in the mean time you try.
Sitara:But what if he does’nt love me at all even after my efforts?

Vrinda:Then forget him and move on.Let him live happily with the girl he loves.But if he loves you,he deserves to be with you.
Sitara was in a dilemma.

  1. Shesha485

    Kabir and Sitara’s scene is romantic when they roll and Kabir giggling and and Sitara’s pouting are so cute. So sad that Roshni decided to part ways as she wished to respect Vanita’s decision. Poor Sitara don’t know what to do. Will Vrinda help Vanita to arrange the Juliets to their respective Romeos?

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much

  2. Really amazing 😍 please daily updates.please my kind request update daily

  3. Adhu

    Nice episode and end of this episode gives a hope for RoshAn and Kabir and Sitara . Kabir and Sitara’s scene was cute. It was sad that Aman and Roshni decided to part away to keep to respect Vanita’s decision. I hope Sitara try to evoke love for her in Kabir.

    1. Jasminerahul

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