Excuse Me Madam 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam becomes Madam’s pretend boyfriend


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Scene 1
Sanam and Chatterjee are in Madam’s office. Sanam says tomorrow is something special. Madam says I like your thinking, you get one point. Madam says I had a boyfriend but we broke up. Tomorrow is our anniversary, I wanted to share my heart things with him. One of you will become my pretend boyfriend tomorrow so I can share my heart things and feel light. They all raise their hand to become her pretend boyfriend. She glares at Jugal so he leaves. Madam tells Sanam and Chatterjee that you just have to pretend to be my boyfriend. She says I will start a competition between you both. She asks them to stand in circles. She says you both have to slap each other, whoever leaves the circle first will lose. Chatterjee starts first and slaps Sanam hard. Sanam keeps his balance and remains in the circle. Madam tries to control her laughter. Sanam gets ready and slaps Chatterjee. Chatterjee composes himself and slaps Sanam again. Sanam slaps him and Chatterjee falls away from the circle. Sanam wins and will become madam’s pretend boyfriend. Sanam takes Madam’s handkerchief from there.

Scene 2
Sanam tells Addu that he will become madam’s pretend boyfriend.

In the morning, Kranti asks Sanam what clothes should she wash? Sanam tries to get the handkerchief from his pant but Kranti is going to wash it. Sanam says I will wash the clothes today for you.

Kranti brings more clothes for Sanam to wash. He thinks I just wanted to get the handkerchief. Madam calls Sanam and asks what he is doing? Sanam says I am sitting in grass. She says are you ready? What are you wearing? Sanam says I will wear my kurta. Madam says you should wear something elegant. Be stylish and sporty, she ends the call. Addu comes there and asks Sanam what he is doing? Sanam says I am stuck here, what to do? Addu says you can give her a sleeping pill. Sanam says I won’t hurt my wife. I have an idea, I will talk to Bhaisa and blackmail him.

PRECAP – Chatterjee throws oil on the floor to make Sanam fall down but Madam comes there and slips.
Sanam is on a date with Madam and gives her a flowers but she throws it away.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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