Are you excited for Krishna Chali London?

Star Plus’ new show Krishna Chali London has got its airing date and slot. The show will premiere on 21st May at the 9pm slot. This will be replacing the hit show Naamkaran. Megha Chakraborty and Gaurav Sareen play the leads. The story revolves around two young lovers Krishna and Radhe. The names have a twist here. The female lead is named Krishna, while Radhe is the male lead. Krishna is highly ambitious and wants to achieve a lot in life so that she can give a better living to her family.

On the other hand, Radhe is a simple and sweet guy, who doesn’t have any ambitions in life. He is ought to just win true love. He lives a carefree life unlike Krishna. Radhe wants someone to just love him for what he is. Krishna is career-oriented. Radhe and Krishna are poles apart in their life’s goals. The love story developing between the leads will be facing the high point when Radhe comes in the way of Krishna’s dreams and success. The show brings lovely and cheerful characters. Actors seen in the promo bring a fresh feel. It seems to be a good offering from the channel. Are you excited for Krishna Chali London? Let us know your opinion.

  1. NK used to be good the cvs literally ruined the storyline and characters ,the topic was on naming about a topic that didn’t come up ,then one day it went to fake ID ,passports and kk saisha thingy blah blah it was obviously going downhill and why NK is going of is bcuz it has the best timing and those show should be in top 10 and instead of talking shit on other shows ,why don’t you I don’t know shut up and save sinking show .krishna Chali London has hood topic can’t wait for to get ruined like NK .

    1. actually i don’t think the cvs are at fault here, the thing is we Indian audience don’t want serials that are experimental, the show intended to show an illegitimate child fighting for her ”Naamkaran” but that became a disaster as everyone wants to watch a show with a love story where either the girls is either fighting with another girl to claim her right on the boy or has to deal with the boy’s family in order to create her place in their house

  2. Is #Naamkaran ends than we will not only boycott star plus but boycott all star channels….

    1. If****

    2. Then you should start the ”boycott” movement now because you might never get the chance to do it after Friday the 18th of May 2018

  3. Why is it called Krishina chali London if its not set in london

  4. OMG! why they want to replace KCL From ikkwayan. NK is top on hotstar and IT is in top 15

    1. sorry not ikkwayan From Nk

  5. Nooo not because I’m fan of NK after watching the promo I think the story is related to film Badrinath ki dulhania nd I’m almost sure they don’t go to London for shoot or else they goto London max to max 2 week nd continue the story in family drama as we have been seeing in ITV

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