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Hi friends thank you all for ur comments and support and bearing this boring plot….. i wanna tell you all something that am a bit bad in expressing things in a way too romantic so pl do bear in this our lovable shivika part…..and do comment both positive and negative and one kind request to other writers of tu pl do read and give you suggestions so that it will be helpful for budding writers to improve and silent readers do comment…….with no further delay here comes the next plot..

Kindly ignore typo and grammatical errors….


Precap- flashback of shivika, shivay, anika, saumya, sahil and sita(sumo’s mom) moved to lucknow and shivay proposed anika and she asked for sometime…
Still in flashback…

Sita: beta what is all this?? And y everyone are here and y decorations suddenly….(questioned anika with confusion and along with sita remaining three joined)

Saumya: didi what is happening any celebration or any function going to be held in our house???

Shivay: anika wud u mind us telling what is going on here and for what this decorations??

Anika: u r right saumya there is a function in our house along with celebration…

Sita: but beta what function?? Why function?? Whose function??

Anika: marriage!!!!

All together( shouted being shocked): marriage??? Whose marriage???

When anika was aabout to answer she was cut off by Sita..

Sita: anu are u alright or have u gone mad coz now whose marriage is gonna happen in our house???

Saumya: didi u r alright na??? coz am not ready to marry again so pl stop this drama..

Sahil: didi u know right child marriage is offensive and why u planned my marriage???? I already have a crush( said winking his eyes)

Anika(irritated an shouted at top of her voice) IT’S MY MARRIAGE AND AM GONNA GET MARRIED!!!

Everyone was hell shocked and shivay was very much hurt and his face displayed mixed emotions and was stood rooted to hi place….

Sita(who lost all control went and slapped anika) are you in ur senses you know the meaning of what u r telling?? Marriage and marrying someone else leaving the one who loves you the most…..am feeling disgusted anika and y the hell u asked time from shivay to hurt him to break his heart???

Anika ( smiling looking at her mother) maa…I accept that I asked time and that doesn’t mean that it is a yes to shivay…….i love someone else maa…..i wish to marry him…

Shivay who listened to all this felt something is torn inside and someone stabbed him deep inside his heart and what not he felt like a lifeless body being rejected by the person whom he valued most love most trusted most other than his brothers…..

Anika: yea maa I love someone….who made me realize that am worth of loving and am worth living and moreover who accept me the way I am without surname, and without any objection of myself becoming his child’s mother…. I just love him and wanna live the rest of the life with him holding his hands…..

Saumay: (holding her brothers hand feeling the pain which he is undergoing) didi where u met him and what is he doing and what is his name???

Anika: (took a long breathe) his is a simple business man staying in lucknow and I met him one and a half years back to be exact the next day shivay proposed me and I liked him his way of perspective about ppl, life, money made me fall for him and I was in my own taadi of analyzing him whether he is correct partner for me and took me one and a half years to overcome my fear and to accept him and today i decided to propose him for that this decoration and after he says yes then marriage…..

Saumya : propose him now?? Here???? (shocked and confused)

Anika: yes right now here any problem( saying so she went and stood in front of shivay)

Anika: So Mr.Shivay sorry let me say Mr.Shiv I know I hurt u today and made u wait for more than one year and today u are very much hurt and am really sorry for that.. what shd I do then I jus loved him and he washed all my fears reg his perspective and he passed all the tests which I kept and moreover he stole my heart and he won in all those tests and my trust, my love, my care and above all he took over me…..so I shd propose him right and I wanna spend each and every sec, min, hour, day, week, month and whole life with him….. so what say shivay??? Shall i???

Shivay (was now fully shattered and his face with mixed emotions which clearly displays his failure to win back his anika composed himself and spoke finally) ye..yea…yeah…….u shd propose him and I know u take decisions clearly and not in haste so go for it all the best(finally wished his lady love for her new life with a smile)

Sita: shivay what are you telling she’s mad and you are allowing her she is telling that she loves someone and u letting her go……

Anika: (now kneeling down in front of his love holding a ring finally spoke) so will you accept me MR. TADIBAAZ KANJI ANKHOWALA BAGAD BILLA and pl do say fast my legs are aching…….

All were shocked and sita and saumya hugged each other in happiness and sahil started dancing in happiness and shivay of course was now speechless and shocked by his lady loves confession..

Anika: (holding shivay’s hand and started to pull it to bring back to the real world) shivay pl I can’t be like this for long I will count till three if u not saying anything then u have to forget me forever…..saying so she started to count ONE…….TWO…….THR before completing she was pulled towards the safest place ever……..(yup shivay pulled his lady towards his chest with a thud…..)

Shivay: (hugging anika as tight as he can which express his fear of losing her and spoke hugging her) Don’t you dare to say that again I will not leave you that easily and can’t imagine a world or life without you….

Both were lost in each others arm and hug forgot the whole world around them and the ppl watching them and to bring them back to reality the remaining family members came into action

All the three together AHEM…AHEM…… soon both broke their hug and saw both of them with tears….

Saumya: didi sorry sorry bhabi……waise y u gave so much suspense and what all u said that u love someone and fell for him and what not?? Why u gave us a big shock and to bade bhaiya y u gave him such a shock……..???????

Anika: (smiling and in a mocking tone) what to do my dear your bade bhaiya is so unromantic and dint knw to propose that’s y I wanted to give this surprise…

Shivay: (wiping his happy tears and back to his own taadibaaz mode) what am I unromantic???? Wanna prove that Panika…..

Anika: shivay show your taadi later now answer me will u marry me and accept me and give me the privilege to be the mother of your child??(with a thin layer of tears forming)

Shivay: (holding her one hand and pulling her toward him and holing her waist by another hand) yes I do accept and will you do the honor by making me wear this ring….and showed his hands…

Anika made him wear the ring and hugged him tight and others clapped hands in happiness……

Later the marriage date was fixed and all the rituals were happily celebrated and finally the day of their marriage arrived ……

Shivay was sitting in the mandap restless and this was noticed by saumya and sahil and they left no chance teasing him and this irritated shivay to the core and soon the bride was asked to come down and shivay eagerly looking the way and there he saw the most beautiful and breath taking scene in his whole life…. His lady love was beautifully drapped in red color lehenga with minimal make up and smiple yet elegant jewelry and with her most precious charm bracelet adding her charm more……. He opened his mouth and this was opened my sahil and soon he went near his jiju and closed his mouth saying mosquito will go in and come out of you ears….this made shivay realize what he was doing and soon closed his mouth and glared sahil and soon she was sitting next to him and the wedding rituals started both took vows holding each others hand and their heart promising each other and he filled her hairline with sindoor and made her wear mangalsutra and he finally made her his own……….

Later that night they had the most memorable night and that night she became his and he became her’s……..both njoyed the whole night in each others arms and eyes……….. after few months shivay was in his office where he received a dreadful phone call..soon he rushed to the hospital…when he reached the hospital he saw all the three ladies sitting happily and talking to each other….

Shivay: What the wuck!!!!! I almost became a mad after the phone call and rushed here and u ppl are happily chatting……

Sita: beta come here and sit near anu and there is no need to panic shes fine and we will leave for now….

Anika: maa please you be here na I feel very afraid so pl you both be here na….

Shivay: (with anger) anika what happened and what is the need to be afraid tell me….

Anika( taking a deep breath broke the news) Shivay….woh..woh…… y..you..you….gonna become a father…am pregnant(saying so she closed her eyes with her hands in shy)

There was a pin drop silence and no one spoke a word and soon anika slightly opened he fingers to see the reaction of her husband soon she removed her hands and opened her eyes and saw shivay who was sitting in shock no reaction seeing him like that she shook him hardly to bring back him to reality…..

Anika: shivay what happened are you not happy??? Please don’t be silent pl…..she saw sita who was equally shocked to see him like this and so sumo…..

Sita: beta what happened is everything fine??(shook him lightly)

Shivay(coming into sense) haan haan….. maa….. am fine was just thinking abt what anika said….. maa…I wanna ask you something shall i???

Sita: sure beta you can..

Shivay: what if our child too use weird words like his mother and what will happen to me and I will be alone because of this mother son combo so will you please become my partner???(told so making puppy faces)

This statement made everyone to laugh and anika was hell shocked by his silence and warned him

Anika: shivay you are number one taadibaaz and don’t ever try this prank ever……

Soon both hugged each other and he placed a kissed on her forehead and they had a family hug and a beautiful family pic…….

Then each and everyday of their life after her pregnancy news went happily with her mood swings which gave shivay a major head ache and all her tauntrums and her mid night ice creams, chat, and what not his days were complete oly when all these happened……

That’s all for today guys and with this their flashback ends…..and I know even this is also long but shd finish it with one plot that’s y……..

Sorry for long update friends and hope it will not be bad and boring so pl do comment and support me with both negative and positive comments…. See you soon with next plot….untill then…

Take care..


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