Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-7)

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Heyy guys this is sanskriti back with another update…hope you will like it. Thankyou for all the people who have commented.
And here goes the epi
Shivaay POV:
God is examining me,I thought me and anika will be going to research together to a different city and spend some quality time,but god has some other plans in my account. Anika is going with mallika!!! Heyy what a rhyming Anika!Mallika!, Anika!Mallika!, urghh. I think lifelong I have to do this stupidity itself. What were you doing shivaay you were rhyming there names as a LKG kid. You are getting mad shivaay. Control…..!!! So as anika is not coming along me I will too not go, it should either be anika or no one else…. This thought of mine will be applicable to everything. Pyaar ho ya shaadi…. It should be with anika. Only and only with anika. Soo anika be ready to be mine………
POV ends
Here in hostel anika is lost in thoughts. She couldn’t go with mallika as she wants to go with siddharth.
As I couldn’t go with mallika, now I’m sitting in my hostel room getting totally bored. As mallika denied I thought of going with shivaay but what will he think,he will think I choosed him because someone denied me. I thought it is wrong. And even now shivaay would have left for research with that tia who was after him for hours saying ” ohh shivaay baby I think universe wants us to go together” huh!! But why I’m feeling bad. Shivaay is my friend that’s it. But… … Let it go anika. As no one is here I think this is the best time to go there. Yaa I think I should me leaving now. So that I can reach there on time…….
Thinking so anika leaves to her destination…. An unknown place….
Here even shivaay leaves from house for a long drive in his car, so that he can set right his mood which was off. Though his mother warned him being soo much cared of him, he just said that he is now 20 year old, so that he can drive safe.
Shivaay was driving towards outskirts of city,as he want fresh air and so that he can even take the beautiful view of whole city………
Suddenly when he was driving his anika meter sensed anika,he immediately stopped the car with a jerk… And thought why was he getting anika’s vibes over here. Then he slapped his head saying “beta shivaay you are gone,you are sensing anika that too in this silent area where people don’t even come frequently. You already know anika went to research,then why are you still thinking of her. Stop thinking of her or else you will be soon declared as mad by people.” Saying so he started his car again. He went near the cliff enjoyed the view over there and started to return as it was getting dark.

He started driving and shivaay was having a great difficulty in seeing the way because it was way too dark.
Suddenly a girl came in the way by seeing her shivaay stopped the car in jerk saying ” what the wuckk!!!!”

Who the hell is she and how dare she come in front of shivaay Singh oberoi’s car. I’m not gonna leave her. Saying so her peeped from his window still his hands on steering.
The girl was scared as hell she was scared by the fact that she was about to collide with someone’s car. She was panting and even looking at her back ensuring that no one is following her and now as shivaay has blown the horn she saw towards car and started running away……
Shivaay was hell shocked all he could say is “Anika!!!!” But what is she doing here?. That too this night. And why didn’t she go with mallika? All above why is running?
Were the thoughts of shivaay.
Sorrryyy guysss!!! I’m really very guilty for not posting actually I was very much ill and was undergoing writers block. I’m was stuck with the story,as I was not getting what to write next. And it will never repeat again. I didn’t even comment on other ff’s so sorry writers I was not feeling well. Here onwards the updates will be regular. Sorry once again. And Pleaseeeeeeeeeee do comment guys because I just wrote this epi for you guys,being ill.

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  1. Aryaraju

    Loved it ??.. Waiting for the next one ☺

    1. Sanskriti120

      thank you aryaraju 🙂

  2. Haridhra

    Ohh sans di take care of ur health di …N today epi was nice n v should appreciate the fact that u have written it so well even being ill…

    So take care
    With love
    Hari :yum:

    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou so much haridhra. ya i will take care yaar. and please dont call me di necause you are just 1 year younger to me,and never in my life my bro called me Akka(di) though being 5 year younger than me. actually it makes me feel ddifferent. hope you dont mine. thanks for your support dear

      1. Haridhra

        K fine may I call u sans… I wanna ask where r u from mean ( which state u head frm ) … Hope u don’t mind.

      2. Sanskriti120

        Hari yaar why will I mind when my dearie is asking something huh!!! I’m from Hyderabad city. And Yaa I’m sorry if you felt bad by me saying you not to call me di.?

      3. Sanskriti120

        And you can call me sans. I really love it?

  3. Amazing update dear ?. Don’t be sorry. Take care of yourself. Post soon ?

    1. Sanskriti120

      thank you so much sofiya

  4. Alekhika20

    Loved the updt

    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou alekhika20:-)

  5. Superb epi

    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou lilly 🙂


    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou bhavana

  7. Jerry_36

    Sanskriti this one is amazing dear. Loved it. Was waiting for it eagerly.
    Curiousty is at its peak…cliffhanger de diya. Do post soon yaar. Take care of yourself.
    The update was fabulous and you are doing an amazing job❤

    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou jerry yaar. and haan cliffhanger tho dena hee tha,because i love them 😉
      and again thank you so so so much jerry yaar

  8. Nithu

    sanskriti………apna khayaal rakhna……btw epi is mindblowing……..

    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou so much nithu dear
      ya i vl take care of myselves

  9. Tanz

    Sanskriti please take care of yourself. It is of utmost importance. Don’t feel guilty… was not in your hands…
    Now coming to the episode.. it was amazing….You always surprise me…I loved the POVs of both…..Write further whenever you feel better.
    Take care.

    1. Sanskriti120

      tanz,you are such a cutiepie i love you yaar hahaha,thanks for understanding my situation and even though commenting when i wasnt active for 3 days,it really means alot

  10. Sanskriti dear, this one FANTASTIC epi dear…….. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt….. & get well soon dear……

    1. Sanskriti120

      thannk you banita dear,for such a cute comment 🙂

  11. Ruksy

    Loved it totally great

    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou ruksy 🙂

  12. Amazing update…

    1. Sanskriti120

      thank you ankita 🙂

  13. Amazing part..loved it

    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou niriha 🙂

  14. Lisaaa


    1. Sanskriti120

      tq lisaaa 🙂

  15. I hope u r fine now and was waiting for ur post and what not jus awesome dr……Do take care of ur health and post when u r fine…..

    1. Sanskriti120

      thankyou arthi for understanding.its really feeling greatful to have you all 🙂

  16. It is nice… Take care dear…

    1. Sanskriti120

      thank you nikitajai 🙂

  17. Sanskriti di!!!!!!!!
    U r back!!!!

    Don’t worry dear…..I understand how deadly writer’s blocks is because though I don’t write here, I have been writing for my school magazine and Iknow how bad it is……
    Anyways….This update was awesome…Excited to know Anika’s past…soo much of suspense…why?!
    Hope she starts liking shivaay soon… Aur haan thanks vanks Mat bolna because we r friend k?
    Update ASAP!
    And haan, remember that Anika tia scene wala request!…..,

    1. Sanskriti120

      Vivu yaaar,tumne ittaaa cute comment likha dia. Choooo chweeet of you. And I’m happy that you write school magazine multi talented hain meri vivu??. As you said no thanks,so I will say I love youu meri vivu. And anika liking shivaay,you know it will happen for sure Bt not that early bechare shivaay ko tadapne do,waise hee serial main itna tadi maarta hain??????. And aapka aadesh sar aankon pe,woh tia-anika scene will be for sure,Bt not in next epi,so cholly(sorry??).

  18. Hey Sans I am a silent reader.I am reading Your ff from pArt 1. It’s just great !!! I am v. fond of ff, especially ishqbaaz ffs. I just love ishqbaaz. THAT’S why i have Read many ff. Almost all were good, but I love your ff the most, its jUST great….. I mean all other authors also write v. well but they just change the story line but u have changed the whole format of the show which i liked the most. It needs a lots of creativity to write something like this by mmaintaining their charisma which i rreally appreciate. Your ff is very interesting it is not at all boring. I am enjoying SHIVIKA in this teenage state. So keep it up!! Eagerly waiting for next part

    1. Sanskriti120

      Dimple,dil khush kar diya yaar. Rula diya,???,khushi ke aasu aa rahe hain mere. I’m having happiee tears. I’m really glad to know that I’m having such a cuteee sweet readers. Its making me feel soo special,when a silent reader appreciates you for your work. By your comment I got some motivation and even confidence that I can really write this ff.???????????. And shivika in teenage is my dream????.

  19. Though i have read many ff but i had never commented on that. But your hatke ideas(i call it hatkeness) force me to do this n sorry for such long comment

    1. Sanskriti120

      What why are you saying sorry dimple, I really love reading loooongg comments,and you have fulfilled my wish dimple. And hatke ideas thanks for such a sweet compliment. And we are officially declared as friends by me(only if you agree). But thanks a lot dimple?????????

  20. BTW anika meter was great!!(^_-)

    1. Sanskriti120

      Anika meter???. Even I was liking it while typing,and glad that you liked the thought?????

  21. Of course we are frnds. I love making new frnds. I’m also v. glad to have a frnd with such creative imagination like u

    1. Sanskriti120


  22. BTW Sans there was 1 Request…. I also like Rudy v. much. I am in love with his sense of humor & his killing 1 liners. So o will be v. glad if u bring Rudra in your FF (only if possible). Its a kind request…..

  23. Sanskriti120

    Heyy dimple yaar, even I love Rudy the lady killer. And ya dear Rudy will be entering in my ff but not so soon, sorry for delay in his character, but he is there in this ff??????

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