Everything Is Fair In Love And War (Kanchi) Chapter 9

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Sanchi’s Home
Sanchi: Today actually went by great!!! The kids had fun, we had fun, and the adults too!! The food was good as well. But today I feel like I saw a different Kabir. He was quiet and much less Khadoos!! Better not get used to it Sanchi!!
Sanchi goes to get ready for bed so let’s see what Kabir is upto
Kusum: Tum kya 3 bache nahi sambhal sakte, I’m ashamed
Kabir: Maa those were not kids they were little devils… anyway I’m going to the gym I’ll be back soon.

Kusum: Fine
Kabir heads to the gym but while in the car …
Kabir: Yeh Sanchi, she’s actually mature. Don’t know why she’s so annoying at work. Maybe she was being good because everyone was over if it was just friends then she would’ve acted way worse. Probably the reason why she didn’t invite any of the elders to her party. WAIT why am I even thinking about her??? She’s just a colleague and she invited me and my mom to her pooja. Ugh gym is going to clear my mind

Sushant’s Home
Anita: I’m so happy Sanchi finally got her own place. She was looking for such a long time
Sunidhi: Maa we ALL are happy for Sanchi!! But I feel bad for that Dr. Kabir. Aryan what did you do!!
Aryan: We biked… Sanchi massi has our bike and Dr. Kabir rode Massis bike… And Rohit and I may have pushed him in the mud.
Sushant: Alia how did you paint his nails?!?!
Alia: Bua has some of our supplies

Sushant: Sanchi bhi naa, I told her to keep that away
Sunidhi: So how did you paint his nails??
Alia, Rohit, and Aryan tried to make a run for it but Meera, Sushant, and Sunidhi caught them.
Rohit: We tied his hands and feet
Aryan: And blindfolded him
Alia: Then I painted his nails and added a little flower in his hair

All: Sorry Dad Mamu
Sushant: Sorry si kiya hoga woh toh pehle si Khadoos hai ab kya main toh gaya…
Sunidhi: Why don’t you apologize when you go on Monday
Meera: He didn’t seem that bad
Anita: He was a nice boy

Sushant: That’s probably because his mom was there.
Alia, Aryan, and Rohit tried to quietly go into their room but…
Sushant: Roko, if I get in trouble even after apologizing then you won’t be coming to work with me to meet Sanchi and everyone else

Sushant: I said IF, and if I don’t get in trouble then I will get you guys your favorite sweet because THAT WAS SO HILARIOUS, he totally deserved that
Anita: Sushant, dimang tumhara theek hai na, yeh bacho ne hamari besti ki aur tum inhi uksa rahe ho
Meera: Maa it was pretty funny… uss ne Sanchi ko kitna thang kiya
Anita: But still that was rude
Sunidhi: Ok then you three write an apology card or letter and then Sushant can give it to Dr. Kabir
All kids: Okay bua mom

Alia: My card is going to be pink
Rohit: Blue
Aryan: Black
Alia: How will you write on black
Aryan: White color pencil
Rohit: See boys are smarter

Alia: Nah uh
And they run off to write their cards/letters to Kabir… let’s skip to Monday Morning still at Sushant’s house…
Aryan: Mamu here you go
Alia & Rohit: Here Dad
Sushant: Thank you hopefully he isn’t mad at you guys
All kids: BYE
Let’s head to SDCH where Sushant and Sanchi meet in the lobby…
Dr. Sushant: What are you doing here??
Dr. Sanchi: Today is the new intern’s first day or orientation day so just preparing for that, what are you doing here at 6:50 AM
Dr. Sushant: Early appointments and I have to meet Dr. Kabir
Dr. Sanchi: Why

Dr. Sushant: Do you realize what the kids did??
Dr. Sanchi: He was in bad shape, what did they do??
Dr. Sushant tells her everything.
Dr. Sanchi: Well he’s in the office so go ahead
Dr. Sushant goes to Dr. Kabir’s office.
Dr. Kabir: Come in
Dr. Sushant: Good Morning Dr. Kabir
Dr. Kabir: Good Morning, you’re here early
Dr. Sushant: Well I had to talk to you about Saturday and early appointments…
Dr. Kabir: What about Saturday
Dr. Sushant: What the kids did in Saturday was really unacceptable!! And I would like to apologize on their behalf.
Dr. Kabir: Oh they all were your kids!!

Dr. Sushant: No Rohit and Alia are my kids Aryan is my sister Sunidhi’s kid
Dr. Kabir: Ohh, Dr. Sushant it really wasn’t a problem, they were having fun and I must say I did have a little fun before they tied me
Dr. Sushant: The kids also wrote some apology letters. Have A Nice Day
Dr. Sushant left the cards on Kabir’s desk and left for his duties. Dr. Kabir opened the cards and smiled…
Dr. Kabir: Aww so cute and nice of them, What is happening to me?? Get a hold of yourself Kabir!! In and out phew!! It’s 6:55!! I should go to the lobby!! Kabir taped the cards to his desk and left smiling
He reached the main lobby and he saw all the interns there with Sanchi!!!
Dr. Kabir: Good Morning Everyone
Dr. Sanchi: Welcome to Savitri Devi College and Hospital
Dr. Kabir: I am Dr. Kabir

Dr. Sanchi: And I’m Dr. Sanchi, so let’s start with a small presentation
They head to the classroom, while everyone gets situated
Dr. Sanchi: Dr. Kabir I’ll go check on the other arrangements… can you do this presentation??
Dr. Kabir: Ya you go ahead
Dr. Sanchi walks out smiling. Dr. Sanchi bumps into Dr. Veer
Dr. Sanchi: Dr. Kabir is playing the presentation and I don’t want to see him glaring at me
Dr. Veer: So what are you doing here BHANGO
Dr. Sanchi and Dr. Veer ran to the cafeteria…
Dr. Veer: Arre waah kya khana order kiya
Dr. Sanchi: Better than what Kabir had planned

Dr. Sanchi: Acha toh mai ab kya karu
Dr. Veer: Go back in 10 mins because that’s when tours start so just go and walk around to see if the tour stops are ready

Dr. Sanchi: Thanks Dr. Veer
Dr. Veer: No problem Senorita
Dr. Sanchi walks around checking to see if all departments were ready… and when she went back oh ho, Kabir was really mad but the interns had died of laughing
Dr. Sanchi: Dr. Kabir (she gulped) I think you should …. you should go out and …. umm cool down then we can start the tour
Dr. Kabir: TUM (he stepped towards her)

Dr. Sanchi: Pani?? (She had a water bottle with her)
Dr. Kabir took the water bottle and walked out and gulped the water in a second and smushed the bottle
Dr. Sanchi was standing in the room and …
Dr. Sanchi: So let me explain a few things about our beloved hospital. We value our patients and their time, right now it was all hasi mazak but it’s not always like that. I just didn’t want you guys to feel scared on your first day. Remember there is a right time for everything. I was the one who made the presentation. I personally and a lot of my colleagues love joking around and having fun but please don’t let that get in the way of your work. Dr. Kabir on the other hand eh, Handsome Khadoos is what you guys saw but in reality he’s just Khadoos. He’s the workaholic boss that no one likes… so let’s go and start our tours.
Dr. Kabir walked in and …
Dr. Kabir: You will be assigning times and what not while I do the tours LET’S GO EVERYONE
Dr. Sanchi: Bl**dy Fool

Dr. Kabir went and started the tours
Dr. Sanchi went to Pragya…
Dr. Sanchi: Yaar this Khadoos is making me assign shift times, assignments, and hostel rooms
Dr. Pragya: Saza bokto
Dr. Sanchi: Uh rude
Dr. Pragya: Byeee
Dr. Sanchi: Bye
She headed to her office and quickly assigned everyone times, hostel rooms, etc. When she was about to leave to check on the interns when Dr. Kabir came in…
Dr. Kabir: Tum apne aapko samajh thi kya ho!! What were you even thinking?!?! That was way worse than Veer’s prank?!?!

He grabs Sanchi’s arm and pushes her against the wall.
Dr. Sanchi: Choro mujhe
Dr. Kabir: NO abhi meri baat khatam nahi hui
Dr. Sanchi: I don’t care, I’m not your servant or wife. I don’t have any relation with you so YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO EVEN TOUCH ME
Dr. Kabir: CHUP EK DUM CHUP, you humiliated everyone in that presentation, what were you thinking
Dr. Sanchi: I was only telling them the truth!!!
Dr. Kabir: Just SHUT UP and DON’T EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN, you’re such a disgraceful and shameless girl!! And I thought you were mature but I was so wrong!!
Dr. Kabir had left for the cafeteria. Tears were running down Dr. Sanchi’s eyes. She grabbed her car keys and ran out.

Flashback to ???:
Flashes everywhere and Sanchi’s face is covered
Unknown Woman: You are so shameless. How can you even step out your house??
Different Unknown Woman: Disgusting
She is about to slap her when an unknown man comes and stops her hand…
Man: Never judge without knowing the entire truth aur ha tameez se baat kijiye warna mai aapko badtameezi dekaoga
And he takes Sanchi ahead !!
Flashback ends

Dr. Sanchi runs to Dr. Malhotra’s office
Dr. Sanchi: Mr. Malhotra please … aap m-m-m-mujhe Dr. Kabir si door rakho… I can’t handle it anymore. Please I beg of you
Dr. Malhotra: Sanchi beta kya hua…
Dr. Sanchi: You … can ask … your favorite doctor
She leaves crying. She starts to walk back to her office and quickly writes a note…

On Note:
I am going out for the rest of the day… DO NOT TRY TO FIND ME OR FOLLOW ME!!! I want to be alone. I will be back by tomorrow afternoon. Sushant don’t worry I am safe I just have to go somewhere to find peace… If you do know then please I beg of you don’t go there. I need to be alone…

A few tears fell on the note… and she runs out towards her car and drives away.
All the nurses and ward boys were a little shocked… who made the doctor who made everyone else smile and laugh cry??

Ward Boy 1: Kya hua Sanchi madam ko!!
Nurse: Mujhe nahi pata
Ward Boy 2: Hum ne toh unhi aise kabhi bhi nahi dekha
Nurse: Jo ladki dusro ki aanso pojtji hai aaj uski hi aankho mein aanso
Ward Boy 1: Kal ko pata chal hi jayega
Nurse: Chalo hum apni duty par lagte hai

Who should we follow ??? Kabir, Sushant, or Sanchi??? How about Kabir….

Dr. Malhotra had paged Dr. Kabir to come to his office asap!! Dr. Kabir gave the interns their assignments and went to Dr. Malhotra’s office…

Dr. Kabir: Sir you called me, is something wrong??
Dr. Malhotra: Dr. Sanchi had come in CRYING and begging me to keep you away from her. I know you very well and I know you won’t do something wrong. So speak up
Dr. Kabir: I had yelled at her because… (and he told Dr. Malhotra everything)
Dr. Malhotra: Are you out of your mind?? She was having a little fun that’s it and so what she pulled a small prank on the presentation, you didn’t yell at Veer so harshly when he pulled that prank

Dr. Kabir: Just take a look at it Sir
Dr. Malhotra saw the presentation (laughs a little), again I don’t understand why you yelled at her. You should be ashamed… you may go now
Dr. Malhotra: Ballu aise kaam karta tha… yaara I’m sorry for what I did!!…
He wipes his tears and gets back to work
Dr. Kabir: I … I… forget it let me find her and apologize. She’s probably with Sushant
He heads to Sushant’s office.
Dr. Kabir: Did Dr. Sanchi come by??
Dr. Sushant: No, anything wrong??

Dr. Kabir: No had to ask something about the interns
Dr. Sushant: Check in your guy’s office
Dr. Kabir: Bye
He runs to his office.
Dr. Kabir: Dr. Sanchi… she’s not here…. there’s a note !!
Dr. Kabir reads the note !!!
Dr. Kabir: Oh my god!! What do I do?? I know I shouldn’t do this but I have to
He goes to Dr. Sushant
Dr. Kabir: Where is Sanchi!!!

He gives him the letter. Dr. Sushant reads the letter and glares at him…
Dr. Kabir: Listen I know you are mad but we have to find her?!?!
Dr. Sushant: I CAN’T TELL YOU WHERE SHE IS BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW MYSELF !! That’s the only thing I don’t know about her … her special place. WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!?! Main tumhe chodunga nahi Kabir Kapoor !!!

Dr. Sushant grabs him by the collar and drags him to the center of the hospital.
Dr. Isha: SUSHANT!!! Kya hua

He threw Sanchi’s letter at them…
Dr. Isha: Sushant shant ho jao!! Sanchi will come back!!!
He pushes Kabir. Dr. Kabir calls the police.
Dr. Sushant: What are you doing?!?! She is not missing IDIOT!!! She needs peace and quiet. Police won’t do anything
Dr. Kabir: We can’t just sit here… what if something happens to Sanchi
Dr. Isha: Why are you so worried
Dr. Pragya: I bet he was the one who made her cry

Dr. Kabir: … walks away
Dr. Isha: Ya just walk away!!!
Dr. Pragya: Chalo SABHI apne kaam karo, koi Salman Khan ki shooting nahi hai CHALO

Mahakali Idol Is Shown …

Author’s Note:
So… umm … what happened…

Okay so in this fanfic Dr. Malhotra isn’t mean or rude but he still is a little greedy. He really regrets killing his best friend for money and is trying to find Suniel Mishra’s family to apologize. Let’s see what happens.
Also I am currently using different Kanchi pics and will continue to… after I have used up all the pics I found I will ask you guys which one you guys like the most…
So far I have one with Kanchi and Riya looking at them, one with Kanchi and SDCH logo, and today’s pic… I have two more then you guys can tell which one you guys like. Personally I like the SDCH logo one…

But for now WHERE IS SANCHI ?!?!

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