LOVE? HATE? Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Anika’s Pov :-

Uski akhiyan english bole meri anpad akhiyan re . Baithe baithe laa gayi meri dil ko thakiya re . Hayye ! Mere paas se ho ke fir woh dit suna ke boli ‘ bhaiya tu side kariyo ab beat chalega ko nahi ‘ kyu ki baby ko base pasand hai .

I hear the loud music thump , making my ear burst . ‘Who the hell ?’ is playing this loud music in the early morning making my beautiful sleep disturb .

I groaned and grabed the pillow beside me ; trying to cover my ears so that again I can go to my dream land where everything is perfectly fine .

But still it’s of ‘no use’ so I grab some more pillows and try my best to cover my ears and as last time that too becomes useless .

Finally , becoming super irritated by the loud music I try to shout at the top of my lungs so that whoever is playing this stupid music in the early morning making my love of my life ( my sleep , dumbo’s ) disturb .

” Chutki , Choti , jo bhi ye gaana bajaa raha hai band karo . Mujhe sone do na . ” ( ” Chutki , Choti ,whoever is playing this song please stop it . I wanna sleep . ” )

Useless .

Who plays this loud music on a Saturday morning ? ( Obviously , my sisso’s ) It’s just 9:00 a.m and they are listening to music . I am wondering how did they get up so soon ? It’s just like pigs flying in the air .

I get up from my comfy bed and drag my feets down the stairs .

There , Choti is sitting on the sofa cupping her face with both her hands and probably trying to get some sleep like me . She looked like some chimpanzee who didn’t get sleep for ages .
While , Chutki was there … dancing .  She was there dancing on some salman khan’s song wearing a goggle . She and her salman khan . Huhh.

“Chutki” I yell through the sound of music which has become more loud , now . She doesn’t see me or hear and continue’s dancing . So , I directly go and plug out the switch of the radio .

“Niku di , what’s this ? Why did you turn off the music ?” Said chutki making a cute puppy face .

“Chutki , tu paagal ho gayi hai kya ? Itni subah kon Itna loud music sunta hai woh bhi Saturday morning ko ?” (“Chutki , are you out of your mind ? Who listens this loud music on a Saturday morning ?” ) I say emphasising the word ‘Saturday Morning’ . I mean , obviously just tell me do you get up so early on weekends ? Well , not me , atleast .

” yes di , chutki di is even not allowing me to sleep . And also accroding to the university of california 80 percent of girks in this world likr to skeep late withough any disturbance and if some body doesnt allow them to skeep they get angry which you are dping to me . Huhh” ) said Choti glaring  at chutki while Chutki glared her back . Great .

“Chutki , can I know what’s happening all this in the morning ?” I ask her trying to break the glares between them .

“Aree di , did you forgot ? This Friday we have ‘Summers Festival’ . How can you forget ? I am so exited.” She says exitment beaming in her eyes and jumping like a 5-year old kid .

‘Summers Festival’ is a party kind thing every year our college keeps (which I got to know by other senior students) before the summer vacation starts . Everyone says it’s totally amazing and this thing totally slipped out of my mind . Thanks to my weak memory .

“Ha , Ha . Aap log mast enjoy karo main aap logo ko Bas Dekhti rahungi . Great . Mera toh kisi ko khayal hi nahi aata hai .” (” Yeah . You guys enjoy nicely . No one remembers me .” ) said Choti , frowning .

“Awe , meri Choti .” said chutki pulling her cheeks and giggling .

“Haha . Not funny .” Choti said .

“What are you two doing ? Anyways , Choti don’t worry I am not feeling to go to that ‘Summers Festival’ so we too will enjoy at home .” I said to Choti and we did a hi-fi .

“What , di ? You are mad . You are not willing to come to the great great ‘Summers Festival’ of our college . You have to come and that’s final .” said chutki in a demanding tone .

“Well , am not . You get it or not .” I too tried to say in the same tone she said .

“Ohh. Great then .” She said and smirked . Something’s there in her mind , now . “Aapko meri kasam .”continued chutki with a i-am-a-little-innocent-butterfly face . Huhh .

Though , I don’t believe in all those swearing and all but I’ll go for my sister’s happiness . And also , at some point am exited to go to this festival .

“Yeah . You people go . I have no problem .I am happy .”said Choti an un-known smile on her face .

“Choti , what’s happening ? Now you had problem or say you were jealous that we’re going to a party . How did suddenly your mood change ?”said chutki as if reading my mind .

“Nothing guys . Its just … am happy for you all after all you all are my sister’s .”said Choti , stammering a little .

“Choti , say ? Right now ?” I said making my voice sound strict .

“Uhm..It’s  just …I have date on this Friday . Nothing much .”said Choti a blush making a way on her face .

“Ohmygodohmygodohmygod . Am so happy . Tell me who is that lucky , handsome guy ? ” said chutki jumping in exitment ; looking more exited than Choti as if it’s her date .

“Its a guy from our college . His name is …Rudr . He is really cute , handsome . He messaged me now .”said Choti blushing and showing us her mobile for confirmation .

I guess I have heard this name before . Maybe .

“Wow ! My little sister has become big . By the way , when did all this started ? You never told us .” I say happy about my little baby sister .

“Yeah . Chupi-rustom .”said chutki agreeing with me .

“Di’s , I swear there’s nothing between me and him . We’re just friends . This date too is just like … hangout type .”says choti trying to make us believe .

“Its totally okay Choti , but whenever something like happens you need to tell us . Okay ? ” I say while Chutki nods with me .

“Yes di . Obviously . You both are my life and I love you both .”said Choti while  giving us a big bear hug , almost making us fall .


Helloooooooo everyone 😉

I’m sorry yeah . Sorry . You know I love you all , forgive me for this super late update .
But I was on a trip and the worse part there was no Internet . Am sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy .

But this was a long chapter . You know , 1062 words . First time . Now do forgive me . (Am not bribing , ha ) ;’) I know you all will . Pleaseee .

Love you all . Take care . <3

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