Every end has a new beginning By Aditi episode 18

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part 18:
Sorry guys I know I promised I will upload next part soon but I was too bzy with the sports tournament in my college so I could not write and maybe​ will upload next part a little late (not sure as I will try to make it as early as possible).
Hope you are not getting bored by the story.lets start with today’s part but first for those who missed any part:

The episode starts at OM:
Dadi: are prinku my child
They all go and hug her and kiss her. Then take her to inside and have a seat.
Pinki:(to the servants) what are you doing here go prepare fora grand feast our prinku has come home after so many months.
Prinku: no no Choti ma
Pinki: what no no ? Shut up this is your home only na . So no formalities..
Prinku:(biting her lips she replied nervously) no actually I have come back to Mumbai after so long so I wanted to have food made by Shivaye Bhaiya. So I was planning to go over there.afterall its been 5 years since I saw any of them but since soumya told everything I want to meet him I want to meet them all please .
Pinki: ( first got sad but seeing nervousness on prinku’s face she thought to cheer up) Are wah nice thought shivaye would be so happy to see you and you go to his home today only or he would get angry that you came to Mumbai and didn’t meet him at once.
Dadi:(thought to change the subject) are beta you didn’t even inform us earlier that you were coming?
Jahnvi: yes and where is RV?

Rudy: yes and for how many days you will nag us this time?
Om soumya and dadi hit him from back and jahnvi and Pinki also gave him a glare: shut up duffer..
Rudy: ouch ! See prinku they are all beating me because of you.
Prinku laughs.
Prinku: Bhaiya this time you will get this beating for a long time as we are shifting back to Mumbai?
Jahnvi: what? Really?
Prinku:yes mom actually RV got increment and was transferred here so moved here RV had joined duty 2 days ago and me and shikha just reached here.
Pinki: he was here 2days ago and didn’t even come here?
Dadi: yes and where are they now?
Prinku: oh ho I wanted to give you all surprise so I warned him not to contact anyone here. And one more advantage and most important one ha he have set the house properly so I can move in comfortably.
Rudy: I got it now (holding soumya’s hand and speaking with extreme seriousness Everyone looked at him confused) sumo not only you all the wives turn into devils after marriage see our innocent prinku has also got infected.
Soumya glared at him and muttered softly you are gone now.
Rudy got scared and wispered to om: can I sleep in your room tonight please o otherwise your sweet little rudra singh oberoi will turn into Shahid rudra singh oberoi.
Om laughed: boy you have to handle your problem now I am with my sisters.
Rudra:(fake crying) I understood o let your wife come then we will see.
Everyone laughed seeing the drama.

Jahnvi: but prinku where are RV and shikha now?
Prinku: RV is on duty and shikha had to go to meet some friends who picked her up at airport only.
Pinki: so prinku what about your and shikha’ s boutique business?
Prinku: oh RV had planned that we will keep that as Delhi branch and expand our business in Mumbai as well.
Om: oh great so RV is supporting you so much now.
Prinku understood a tinge of sarcasm in his tone but kept quiet as no one except her,om and shivika knew about the tension between RV and om.
Rudy: hey I have an idea why don’t we invite shivaye Bhaiya with family here so we can all have dinner together..
Om: wow soumya atleast marrying you have had some impact on him he is talking like Normal people.(Everyone laughed while Rudy made puppy face then he went to call shivaye)
After sometime he returned there looking sad:Bhaiya said he had some work so he can’t come.
Dadi: ok prinku you’ll be having dinner at shivaye’s but atleast have something na .
Soumya: yes wait I’ll arrange something
Prinku : no please na let’s just all sit and talk. And where is my sweet niece and dhruv?
Pinki: Shivani has gone to her Friend’s house and dhruv and Tia have shifted to dushyant’s house.
Prinku : oh yes Soumya told me what happened? How is Dad?(smile vanished from most of the family member’s faces)
Pinki: he…

Dadi: don’t worry he’s fine he just needs some time. Why didn’t you go to meet him he is in his room only.
Prinku: oh fish I forgot(and started to Leave)
(Shakti finished his Pooja and comes prinku hugs him and greet him and have a small chat)
Prinku: I will just meet dad and come he is in his room?
Jahnvi: yes.
Prinku excitedly​ ran to her dad’s room.
Dadi: daughters always bring a new cheer to the house.
Jahnvi: yes mummy ji you are right but they have to go too
Pinki: so what jethaniji if our one daughter has gone we have gat two new ones as our bahus.
Dadi: yes pinki both our DILs are new light to this family.
Soumya blushes.
Tej’s room:
Prinku nervously peeks inside and knocks.
Tej:(sitting on his desk and his eyes on his file) I told no one to disturb me tell everyone to have dinner I will eat later.
Prinku: dad..

(Suddenly tej recognize the voice and turns to see a long lost smile is back on his face)
Tej: prinku!!!! Why are you knocking come inside beta.
Prinku moves inside and tej also moves forward and gives her a long hearty hug.
Then he said cupping her face: how are you beta?(prinku was on seventh heaven as it was absolutely rare for her father to show any such emotions)
Prinku smiled: I am great see healthy and happy. And you?
Tej: now great. I told you na why can’t you visit here more often and call ?
Prinku: wo… Sorry but no worries now we are shifting back to Mumbai so I am just a call away (she said innocently).
Tej: seriously?(she nodded and told him full story) wow I am so happy now we can meet each other whenever we want.(suddenly remembers​) why are we standing come let’s sit(they both settle down comfortably on the couch) yes now tell me what’s new (initially prinku talked formally as she was shocked by her father’s unusual behavior they nI never never shared such a bond so she such conversation with her dad before but as the time passed she got carried away soon she was narrating him incidents and stories while tej just smiled looking at his daughter he hardly heard​ anything she said but he was just too happy that this conversation was taking place he was thinking why didn’t he happened to experience any of this before today before his daughter was married he never knew his innocent and hesitant daughter could talk so much he was shaken out of his thought process by prinku)
Prinku: dad where are you lost?

Tej: nothing (he stood up and turned as he realized a thin layer of tears was forming in his eyes he immediately wiped it and turned with a smile) I didn’t know my prinku is such a good speaker.
Prinku blushed: wo..wo..I …I..Only talk to some people and…
Tej: and I was always so busy…It’s ok I Know that. So tell me when I am not around whom do you talk to…(smiled) let me see my competition.
Prinku looked down tensed
Tej:(laughed softly) come on beta it’s ok if you don’t want I was only joking.(Smile returned on her face as she was realized it was her same dad she had been talking moments ago and not mr Tej Singh Oberoi) come let’s go down and have dinner.
Tej: huhh.. what is it beta?
Prinku:I..i.. was going to shivaye Bhaiya’s house to have dinner.
Tej’s smile vanished but he composed himself: ohh it’s…It’s okay so let me come and see you off.(she smiled and nodded)
They came down and tej called driver that he himself would drop prinku(Omru were going to say that they were going with prinku but dadi signalled them not to.) They were about to leave but RV came and greeted Everyone . Everyone asked him to come and talk etc but both priveer denied as it might was getting late they both were about to leave and everyone was bidding then goodbyes and inviting them for next time at last tej came and kissed his daughter’s forehead

Tej:ok so tomorrow all three of you will have dinner with us and prinku beta I will come and pick you up tomorrow okay? (She nodded) good…..(then shaking hand RV) good night.
They left but tej just stood there and looked intently till the car left the premises .
Everyone was just standing there fixed looked surprised at change in tej’s behavior,his attitude, his expression. When suddenly he turned and his expressions​ back to usual Stern and devoid of any emotions
Tej: what?? Urghhh!!(he grumbled) I have so much work I am going don’t wait up for me.
Everyone’s eyes followed him as he went to the room and locked it behind him.
Shivaye’s room:
Anu: why shivaye?

Precap: priveer’s past

I know I always leave at cliffhangers but seriously I love it?? hehe.
So please give your feedback positive or negative I will be waiting…

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  1. Awsum update☺☺☺☺☺please update soon???????

    1. Aditi9

      Thanks dear

  2. Amazing epi

    1. Aditi9

      Thanks Lilly

  3. Nita D

    Awesome episode and even more exciting precap….daughter’s are indeed father’s princess….loved the tej prinku scene….But why is tej rude to others? N why has Shivaay not come back to the OM. Just because he is not a oberoi?

    1. Aditi9

      Thanks dear…And The reasons of why tej is rude or why shivaye’s not back in OM will be there in coming parts Nita….Till then keep guessing ??

  4. Amayaa

    Aditi dr
    Prinku is so sweet in ur ff
    I like this side of her

    Waiting for de next part
    Post de next 1 soon

    I read ur ff earlier also but I think I missed some of de parts
    Y Shivay nd Anika live somewhere else
    Heyyyyy dr I like this new track
    But dr he is great wall of Shivay Singh oberoi nd Anika is his support
    So please bring them in Oberoin soon

    I hope u don’t mind giving u suggestions

    1. Aditi9

      Thanks amaaya…. I like prinku even in the show she only needs to be a little more chirpy and lively so I made her like that in my FF…..And dear I too think you missed some episodes you can read it through the link above and some of the secrets are yet to unfold so sit tight…..And don’t worry shivaye can’t be away from OM forever he will be back

  5. Aryaraju


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  7. Awesome

  8. awesome episode. update soon.

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  9. Ruksy

    Amazing update loved it totally

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      Thanks dear

  10. It is awesome dear… Eagerly waiting for the next update please post ASAP..

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      Thanks dear

  11. Superbb!!!!!! luv it…. Tej prinku sence was just awesome….!!!!

    1. Aditi9

      Thanks banita

  12. Hey …..I am a silent reader …..and I read a few ff of urs…..they r gr8…pls continue

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