Everest 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Everest 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with a fresh morning start in NIM. Anjali packs her bag. Ruth says her good bye and she will never forget her. Anjali says the same. Ruth says best of luck for Everest. Anjali thanks and hugs her asking her to stay in touch. She gives her a warm shawl and Ruth likes it. She thanks her. Akash talks to Shikha Maa. She is in hospital and says she is fine, and Meera is stupid to admit her for Pneumonia. He says you promised me you will not hide anything from me. She says 12 lakhs is a big amount. He says not more than your life, I will arrange money, you will be fine for me. She asks how will he arrange money. He says where will he go if she dies, who will be happy or cry for him. He says don’t worry, money will be arranged. She asks him not to go Everest as he said he will come back from training, he has vertigo.

She says we will sell off my house, we will do anything. He says no need, I saved a guy from falling in the valley, it means my vertigo problem has ended and I can go to any height. She asks if he saying the truth. He says yes, I m not like you to lie. She smiles. He says he will come and meet her soon and ends the call. She thinks about Akash and cries. Akash tells Siraj;s number and they wish all the best for their projects. Siraj says when he met him first, he felt he hides many things, but he is glad knowing him now. Akash says all the best to everyone. He sees Ramesh coming and goes to talk to him.

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Arjun shakes hands with Nirmal and meets Nikita. She asks will he be in contact. He says sure. She asks can she come to meet him. He holds her and says most welcome, so when will we meet. Ramesh sees him flirting and stands near the car. Akash talks to Ramesh and asks him to come to talk. Ramesh says I don’t need to talk, tell me whatever you want to, here. Akash says he has changed his decision, he wants to come on Everest Expedition. Ramesh says how did you think I will take you now. Akash says I felt you will take me. Ramesh asks don’t you see what you are doing. He says you said no, then yes, then took training and then no, and now yes. You are repeating your mistakes, it does not mean I will repeat mistakes.

Akash says you have full right not to trust me, I was helpless and I had no way. Ramesh asks what happened that he changed his decision. Akash says my, my friend’s mum is unwell and she needs money for operation. Ramesh says sad story. Akash requests him to take him back in team. Ramesh says he can’t answer him right now and will talk to his team. He says you have to just wait. Arjun hears them and sees Akash leaving. Arjun asks Ramesh to take Arjun as he had good training in NIM. Ramesh says he can’t trust Akash. Arjun asks him to hire Akash.

Ramesh says he has to teach a lesson to Akash, he can’t backout always. Arjun says he said his friend’s mum in unwell, let him come with us, we need him. Ramesh says he will decide and asks Arjun to focus on his work, and not flirt with foolish girls. Nikita comes and takes Arjun again. Ramesh leaves. Abhiyankar talks to the students. Vicky says he is planning for next year and he got great friends here. Anjali thanks Abhiyankar and says she won’t break his promise. He says he is sure of it, we will meet after one week. She smiles. Everyone take selfies together.

Anjali gives Akash his certificate and he thanks her. Gopal asks them to get ready for a group pic. They all sit for the pic. They pose for the pic. They leave from NIM. Anjali comes back to Jodhpur. She walks to her home and opens the gate smiling. Sarita opens the door before she rings and is surprised seeing Anjali. She hugs her and smiles. She gives her tea and asks her to say what she was not saying on phone. Anjali tells Abhiyankar’s surprise, as he is giving her a chance to go for Everest Expedition, which he is leading. Sarita asks how can she go, and when is it. Anjali says this week, we will leave soon.

Sarita asks who else will be there and worries for her. Anjali says Abhiyankar is like Papa, strict and has morals. She says she will make Papa’s dream true. Sarita says yes, but how, I know it needs money, how will I get it. Anjali says we don’t need money, as Abhiyankar also got sponsorship for me. Sarita says it means you did well there. Anjali says yes, I topped in my batch. Sarita says if we are determined, we can get anything. Anjali asks if Papa refuses to allow me. Sarita says why should we think negative. She says she will talk to her. Akash comes Mumbai and goes to meet Shikha Maa at the hospital.

He sees her in ill state and asks why is she in general ward. Meera saus the rent for private room is more, so Shikha Maa said this is fine. Akash talks to doctor about Shikha Maa’s heart disease and says she is very serious. Akash asks him to tell her state truly. The doctor says they have to do surgery in two days and there is risk in it. He says she will be able to lead a normal life, but there is one problem, she does not have medical insurance. Akash says don’t worry, make her fine, shift her to private room. He thanks her.

Abhiyankar tells someone about her student whose aim is to climb Everest. Sarita talks to Jagat about Anjali. Maithili teases Anjali about Akash. Akash calls Anjali and talks to her. Sarita tells Anjali about her engagement in two days and marriage next week. Anjali is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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