Bigg Boss 8 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 72
Diandra ask Prithamm is problem solved? Pritham says everything is clear from my side but Puneet is angry that i didn’t nominate Upen and i was partial with him, he didn’t accept his nomination saying you didn’t give solid reason, Pritham says i have given solid reason that i was influenced by him two time, and my wife also said that it seems like you are getting influenced, if i am getting influenced by someone then i will nominate him, he is wrong and he should accept that.

Song Tees Maar khan starts playing. Gautam comes and Hugs Diandra, all inmates dances on song.
Gautam says to Puneet that Pritham used to doubt on our capability to be captian now see how good captain he comes out to be, he thinks that its easy job to be capaint now handle it.

Karishma reads the announcement, its luxury budget task, task name is “Museum”, the living room of house is changed into museum where things are kept on display, Upen, Puneet, Diandra, Gautam, Dimpy, Sonali are security guards of museum, its their work to protect things in museum, on other hand, Karishma, Ali and Praneet are thieves, they have to steal things as much as they can and have to give it to bigg boss via store room, they have to leave their trademark signature when they steal anything, there is jail in house, if guards get to know that someone stole thing then on doubt basis he can put stealer in jail, all claps, Ali says no this is wrong, Karishma reads that if thief thinks that he is right and he didn’t steal anything then he or she can complain to Pritham, he can take decision, there is monitor in garden where two guards will keep an eye on house by seeing in monitor, the diamond in house is very important but thieves can steal it only after stealing everything of house.

Ali sys to Karishma and Praneet that don’t let get in jail, Karishma you get arrested but i an Praneet will play real game.
Puneet says to Gautam that we should stay around store room door as they will come to put things in there so we can catch them from there.
Karishma says to Ali and Praneet that we have to hold door of store room, Ali says we will not hold it as Puneet will get physical, you hold it, Karishma says what if he hurts me, Ali says he will not hurt you.

Paraneet as Dimpy and Gautam to let him go in store, room, Puneet says allow him, he goes in and then comes out, Puneet says to Praneet that you cant go in store room like that, Gautam says you cant roam around in house like that, Praneet says you cant stop me like that, there is no rule that i cant go in store room.
Ali says to Pritham that i have thought to make Karishma play on front foot while i will play on back foot, Praneet comes to Pritham and says that Puneet is saying that i cant go in store room? why? Pritham says there is no rule like this, Praneet says to Puneet that you cant stop me from going everywhere, Puneet says ok then we will search you.
Upen and sonali are monitoring inmates. dimpy steal one thing from museum, she comes to Upen and says that put blame on one thief that he has stolen it, Upen sys i will allege Ali and he will be put behind bars.
Upen comes in lounge and says I saw Ali stealing things, i have seen it on monitor, Pritham says Ali was with me, how can he steal, Ali says i have not stolen it, Pritham says its captain’s appeal to not arrest him, Puneet says if you didn’t Pritham that doesn’t mean he didnt steal things, Praneet says this can happen that guards themselves have stolen things and are alleging us.

Dimpy says to Pritham that you are unfair, Pritham says i am, what will you do? Dimpu says i will keep cribbing about it, Pritham says i will not bicker with you in anything now, you keep saying things, i am telling you will lose this game, Puneet says to Pritham that you are captain not bigg boss, Pritham says i am not talking to you. Pritham says Dimpy is saying anything, if she is a girl then she can say anything, Dimpy says ofcourse i will say, Pritham says you know very well how to play the game, Dimpy says you cant become like me, Pritham says i don’t want to be either, Dimpy says if you want to become like me then you have learn respect, Ali starts ankhiyon se goli mare.
Ali tries to steal thing but Puneet attacks him, Ali get afraid, all laughs, Sonali comes to Puneet and says that we are getting entertained seeing you. Puneet says nobody come near me, i will not tolerate it.
Ali says to Upen that Puneet is getting too much aggressive, he has gone mad in old age, it will be good game with Puneet today.

Puneet is talking to Praneet, Karishma comes there and steal one thing, she puts n store room but Puneet catches her stops her by pulling her out of store room, Puneet brings thing out of store room, Karishma says my God, Puneet you are pushing me, you cant touch like this, Karishma says you have hurt me, she calls Pritham, she says to Pritham that Puneet have pushed me, he has hurt me, Puneet says i just stop her from stealing, pushing will happen a little, Pritham says Puneet you have to be careful, Karishma says to Praneet that you have no idea how much impact he had, he is such strong man, Puneet says push will happen, Karishma says so accept it that you have pushed me, Gautam says she makes issue when anyone touch her even, Gautam comes to Karishma and ask her to come in jail, Karishma says no i will not come, Pritham says i will solve it, Karishma stole the thing, she was pushed by guard, if she is saying she got hurt then matter ends here, the arrest thing is dissolved, she will not be jailed, Upen says fair decision.

Pritham says to Upen that allow them to steal something, it will be fun, Upen calls Karishma, Sonali says to Karishma that i will change my duty from on monitoring to store room door then i will allow you to go in store room, they find Diandra standing infront of door, Sonali says i will change my duty after sometime, Sonali says i will allow you to hide 2 3 things Karishma.
Karishma comes in lounge and steal one thing, she tries to put in store room but Dimpy, Upen and Sonali catches her and take thing from her, Sonali says you were stealing infront of us, Karishma laughs.

Karishma is being jailed for stealing thing, Sonali says can we bail her out, Pritham says yes, Sonali brings her out of jail, Sonali says we will dance, Sonali and Karishma dance. Diandra comes and says i have to deal with arrested people, Sonali how can you bring her out, you are our team player then which game are you playing? Sonali says i can bring her out, Karishma gets hurt by door while walking, all rushes to her.

Pritham is called in confession room, bigg boss says its time to bring twist in task, he ask to read the letter, Pritham reads the letter which says Gautam will be part of secret task, he will keep wearing guard’s dress but he will be in team of thieves, he will act like a guard but will help thieves and will help them to steal things and take it to store room, this is secret task so nobody should know about it, bigg boss ask Pritham to give this letter to Gautam and except Praneet, Ali and Karishma nobody should know about it.

Karishma is wearing bandage on her head, Prtiham tells Praneet and Karishma that Gautam in in their team now, he is thief now, i have given him letter, he will support you in stealing, Gautam comes there, all others guards are seeing him so he doesn’t talk to them.
Puneet says to Diandra that give medicine to Karishma and make her sleep, she will not be able to do the task.

dimpy tells Diandra that Upen was telling that Pritham went to confession room and then he took Gautam to washroom so there can be secret task, so we have to be careful, Diandra says i don’t think that it can be this, i will ask Gautam, lets try.

Karishma steals two things and takes it in washroom, she hides it there, Upen and Sonali watches her but doesn’t stop her, Sonali says she hide it there, Upen says let it be.
diandra tell Puneet that Karishma have stolen things, Puneet says we can put her in jail.
Gautam comes to sonali and Upen and says that Karishma was running from here after stealing, you both didn’t see it? Upen says no, Gautam says you both are so much diverted that you don’t even know, are you both in their team? Sonali says i saw her going from here but i didn’t find anything in her hands. Gautam says to Karishma that are Upen and sonali with you too? Karishma says they told me to steal and they will not tell anyone, but don’t trust them much, Gautam says this is wrong, Gautam says to Sonali and Upen that you both should be careful, because of you both there is misunderstanding inside, Karishma says i didn’t hide anything, Gautam ask Upen you swear that you are not lying? Upen says yes i am not lying, i am sure.
Puneet shoutws what this Sonali is doing on monitor, Gautam says to Karishma that you hide the thing and because of you fight is going on in house, this is wrong, Karishma says i have not hidden it, Diandra says to Praneet that if you all three were here then who hide the thing.
Dimpy finds the hidden things by Karishma from smoking room and brings back in house.
Diandra says i have doubt on Praneet so i will arrest him. Puneet ask Sonali what were you doing in garden? she stole the thing and hide it in smoking room, Sonali says we didn’t find anything in her hands, gautam says Sonali and Upen are in their team.
Karishma says to Praneet that some have doubt that Gautam is with us.
Gautam says to Puneet that Sonali and Upen are betraying us, they are in their team, Puneet says to Gautam that why are you saying all this, we need them, Sonali who is making roties says if you have so much doubt on me then i will leave everything, task and making roties, then you make roteis, gauam says no you make good roties, sonali says shut up else it will come on your face, Gautam says you cant talk to me like this, i am not Ali that i will take your.. i am away from you because you don’t know how to talk, Gautam says i ignore you, i like you but you have problem with taunts, i am saying i like roties but you are saying you will throw on my face, Sonali says i am sorry, she leaves.

Gautam says to Pritham and Praneet that Puneet will keep standing on door so we have to wait till night, when everybody will sleep then i will put things in store room, he ask signs from PRaneet, Praneet give him all and says take all, Gautam says why you are getting aggressive, this task can be done by me in 10mins but why you are not co-operating.

diandra and Gautam are monitoring, Diandra says someone is saying that you are in thieves team, Gautam ask who said this? Upen? he has problem with everything, he was saying that i am romancing, ok i am romancing so what is his problem, Diandra says you were talking to Pritham secretly so he got suspicious, why you are getting angry, Gautam says why is he doubting me? Diandra says you were suspicious on Upen and Sonali too, Gautam says i have seen them both, Karishma was stealing thing, she brought in garden but Upen and Sonali didn’t see in her hands, what was that? they are in their team and alleging me.

Karishma and Upen are clinging to store room door, there is one museum thing near door, Dimpy takes that thing from there ad changes its place, Pritham says you cant do this, you cant change place of thing, Sonali says i will put it back on its place, she puts back on its place, in all this, Praneet comes and runs in store room, he puts one thing in store room, Gautam says to diandra that Upen is in their team, i told you. Dimpy is holding one thing in her hand to save it, Pritham and Sonali ask her to put thing on its place, Karishma holds other thing and says then i will also take things in my hand, Pritham says to Dimpy that you are changing rules of game, this si wrong, in all this Ali comes and puts one more thing in store room, Upen gets frustrated with this, UPen and Karishma moves away from door and one object falls (most probably by Upen’s movement), it breaks, Diandra watches this on tv and says oh shit, he cannot break it, its against rules. Karishma have broken it.
Pritham says to Dimpy that you are playing game wrongly, Karishma puts one more thing in room.
Puneet says to Gautam that Pritham is favoring theieves.
Diandra comes in lounge, she says that Karishma have broken thing, ALi and Pritham says no it was upen who broke it, Sonali says yes it was Upen, Pritham and Dimpy starts shouting on each other, he says to Dimpy that you are doing wrong game, Puneet comes there and says why are you shouting on Dimpy, she is a girl, Pritham says she is fighting on wrong thing, Puneet comes forward to Pritham, they comes closer to attack on each other but Upen and ali comes inbetween, Ali holds Puneet back while Upen takes Pritham back, Puneet says who dare he shout on girl, Gautam shows Pritham a stick/rod and ask him to not talk to Puneet like this, Pritham makes him move away from him, Gautam says Pritham have pushed me, now Pritham and Gauam comes to attack each other, others hold him, Puneet ask Pritham to calm down.
Gautam comes in lounge, Karishma and Sonali says that Pritham is not wrong in this, Dimpy was wrong, Gautam says shouting on girl is wrong. dimpy ask Karishma what did i do wrong?
Puneet says to Pritham that why were you shouting on girl? Pritham says she was shouting on my face so i had reply, Puneet says she will do that, Praneet ask Puneet why did you come there in anger and cornered Pritham, Puneet says its not about me but about a girl, Praneet says Pritham didn’t say anything to dimpy, he was just saying that DImpy is wrong.
Dimpy is shouting on Karishma that why you are sayin i am wrong, they both start to fight, Ali takes Dimpy away and Upen takes Karishma away, Karishma says when Upen and sonali are saying tht vase was broken by them then why people are alleging me. Dimpy says i am talking to Pritham then why she is coming inbetween, who is she to use slang, Karishma says i didn’t use slang.
Praneet and Pritham say to Puneet that what was Gautam doing by showing rod to Pritham, Puneet says i will make Gautam understand, Praneet ask Puneet to drink water.

PRECAP- Praneet and Ali passes object to ach other, inbetween object falls from their hands, Diandra shouts that this is ridiculous, what if object hits anyone, they are passing it to each other, just for a game, i wont do this task, you all are retarded. later in night, Gautam turns off Tv, he starts taking things in store room when Puneet comes and ask him what are you doing, Gautam is speechless. later Praneet says to Pritham that why Puneet get hyper in everything, Puneet says get lost from here, Praneet says this is not the way to talk sir. Sonali comments that i think this house will go mad.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. I want tht puneet to b evicted this week he z realy annoying.. bigboss plz kick him off frm the house..n dimpy when u raise ur voice itz realy irritating man cant bear it.. gud precap waiting to watch today’s episode..gautam dng a gud job.

  3. Yes poorvi u r right evn i hate tht budda puneet…this time voting lines are also closed dnw whose gonna get evicted..bigboss pls evict puneet

  4. Big boss plzzz plzzz evict puneet dn nxt week evict dimpy

  5. Agree guys Puneet must be out of the bb house. He is so negative & annoying person in bb house.

  6. Actually Sonali ko baat nhi krni aati, jhi pr vo maar khati hai…
    Pritam g ko pta kya chla k he was influced by Puneet g in past.. now he is taking stand in every convo against it seems he is influced by his wife..ridiculous.

  7. Acha kiya GAUTAM ko b thief bna diya..

  8. Guys agr voting lines close hai then it means no eviction this week ??

  9. Actual m bb house m jo b hota hai..mostly P3G s hi related hota hai.. so winner b P3G m s hi hoga…I guess.

  10. Ohgod eviction should b there somehow n it mus b puneet bigboss i request u plzzzzz n nxt week hopefully dimpy

  11. Please evict puneet !!! He’s really influencing others , cooks up stories, creates misunderstandings between inmates and he’s over acting look at his face he looks wicked

  12. Plzzzz update 2day’s episode asap

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