Everest 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Anjali asking Chand to not cut the rope, she will do something. She asks Abhiyankar to tell her what to do, and trust her. He asks her to get the rope. Anjali takes the ropes from her bag and fixes the one end on the ice by hammering the big nail. She throws the rope and asks Chand to hold it. Chand holds the rope. Anjali and Abhiyankar pull them up. Chand comes up. He helps Abhiyankar in pulling the others. Anjali makes Arjun come up, and then the rest. Arjun helps Akash. They all come up.

The team is glad to get saved. Anjali hugs Akash and smiles. She says good to see you. They all thank Anjali. Anjali asks Arjun all good. Arjun says yes. Anjali drinks water and hugs Chand, who thanks her for saving his life and everyone. Anjali says if I was a minute late, I would have not forgiven myself, I m sorry about Nima. Chand asks why did she come. She says I thought you all will miss me, so surprise, I have come. Akash says you are mad. Anjali talks to Abhiyankar and he ass did you tell Sam about coming here, or anyone else. She nods no. He says the way you came here, many people died, even Nima.

He says no one would have knew if anything happened, what would we reply to your family. She says I felt you will need any more climber, honestly if I asked anyone, would you permit me to come. He says that’s not an excuse. She says he told her that a climber should hear the heart, I did this. He says he also taught her that climber can touch any height, but being a part of team, not alone. She says she did what she felt is right. He says I know what Everest means to you, but that dream is gone, this is rescue mission, we have come to save lives and not become hero, you are going back to base camp.

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Abhiyankar contacts Sam. He asks about Anjali. Sam says she might be here at the base camp. Abhiyankar says let me talk to her. Sam sees Lisa and says no one saw her since morning, we will find her, maybe she went home. Abhiyankar says Anjali is with us. Sam says with you, how can this happen. Lisa is glad. Sam asks how did she cross Khumbu alone. Abhiyankar says she reached, we were stuck and saved all of us. Sam laughs and says its amazing. Abhiyankar says she is something else, I can’t deny it, we are one climber short and we have seen Anjali’s capability, she will go with us. He asks Sam to inform her family.

Sam says Anjali did great, she crossed Khumbu alone, it was madness, she would have died. Abhiyankar tells Anjali that she did a mistake, but she risked her life and saved their lives, so he will salute her and give a chance making her join in rescue team. Anjali gets glad and agrees to come. Abhiyankar says welcome to the team, lets move now. The team proceeds. Ramesh sees the group and thinks whats cooking now. He goes to Lisa and asks is everything fine. Lisa says yes, and tells about her dad’s heart surgery. She says she is trying to reach to know his reports. Ramesh says he will make her talk, and the doctor of that hospital is my friend. He helps her and calls the doctor.

He asks him to talk to Lisa. Lisa talks to the doctor and asks about her dad’s state. She thanks him. She tells Ramesh that everything is fine, reports are normal. She thanks Ramesh. Ramesh says you would have told me earlier. He talks to Pemba and says he loves the mountains, and does not feel to go back. She smiles. He says he is sad for Nima’s loss. He says he decided to support the Sherpas family, money is not important, they should get support. Lisa is glad and agrees with him. Ramesh says I can’t imagine their kids and I know because I have kids. He shows his daughter’s pic. Lisa says she looks just like you. He says I don’t want anything to happen to her after my death, I m sorry, I talk like this when I get emotional. He asks whats going on and sees Sam. She says you can’t guess where is Anjali now. He asks where.

Lisa tells Ramesh that Anjali reached the glacier alone. Ramesh is surprised. Lisa says Anjali is amazing and laughs. The team proceeds. Jagat and Sarita talk about Vidhaan. She asks why problem he has now, as he knew everything about her climbing passion. Jagat says he has to talk to Anjali, call her. Saita calls the base camp. She says its unreachable. She gets worried. She plays the tv and sees Ramesh telling the good news, that Anjali was missing and we came to know she joined the rescue mission. Sarita and Jagat are shocked.

Sam tells Jagat that Anjali went without telling anyone, it was her decision. Anjali tells Akash that she will get married once she goes back. Ramehs uses Anjali for his company’s publicity. Shikha talks to Akash about Anjali. Akash says he has to talk to Anjali.

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