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Veera 17th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi scolding Baldev for making Veera work. Baldev says she is the sister whom you kicked out, and she stays with me and I can treat her any way I like. Veera cries. Ranvi gets angry and asks is he not ashamed to treat his wife like this. Baldev laughs and says what treatment, this is nothing, and asks Veera to come and tell Ranvi how he has beaten her. He asks did she not tell you anything, how I misbehaved with her. Ranvi shouts Baldev and raises his hand on Baldev and Veera stops him. Ranvi sees Veera. Veera says Baldev is in angry so he is saying this, you are mistaken. She defends Baldev. Rabba ve……….plays………… Baldev laughs and says Jai ho seeing such great woman, she respects me a lot, my wife is great.

He says I can treat her any way, she does not care. He says you also get lost now. Baldev asks Veera to take the items and come. They leave. Ranvi controls his anger. Ratan looks on worried. Baldev calls Veera a drama queen, and he should always treat her like this, he was a fool to love her and bear Ranvi, and she used to blame him taking Ranvi’s side, what happened today that you took my side before Ranvi. She thinks no need to argue, he will get more angry, I have to tell him about Rajveer. He asks her to get the items and goes ahead to trouble her.

She says you won’t get the jeep ride to come home, ask your brother to drop you, else come alone. She asks how will I get this alone. He reminds her that she wants to become a farmer. He says if anything is left out, I won’t leave you. He leaves in the jeep. She cries. Ratan and Ranvi come home. Ratan asks should we do anything after what we saw. Ranvi asks what did we see, I don’t understand why Veera stopped me to support her husband, when her husband was saying nonsense, she heard everything silent, I can’t believe is this the same Veera whose upbringing I did, I feel I don’t know this Veera. He goes to his room. Ratan thinks why did Veera do this, there was something we could not see and understand. Ranvi recalls Baldev’s words and Veera’s tears.

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Ranvi cries worrying about Veera. He says Veera will always support Baldev. Gunjan comes and says Ratan told me everything, I did not know this, I will talk to my mum. Ranvi says I don’t care. Gunjan says this truth can’t change that Veera is your sister, of whom you are a parent. She says I don’t know why is Baldev doing this, I know Veera is not happy, as you have ended relation with her. He says he don’t want to talk about Veera and leaves. Veera comes home and sees Gunjan calling Bansuri. She thinks maybe Ranvi and Ratan told her, and takes her call. Gunjan asks her about her and Baldev, is everything fine. Veera says you know Baldev.

She lies to Gunjan and cries, defending Baldev. Gunjan asks is she sure its just small fight. Veera says its fine. Gunjan says I m feeling bad that you had to leave family, but I m glad that you are with Baldev, who loves you a lot. Veera says yes. Gunjan asks her to take care and ends the call. Bansuri comes and scolds Veera, and takes her phone. Veera apologizes and says it was Gunjan’s call. She sees the items and scolds her. Veera says I m sorry, I will clean the floor. Bansuri says your brother will not pay for this. Veera cleans the floor. Veera says Baldev might have come, I have to talk. Bansuri says no need to talk to him, come with me and work.

Veera says I will do all work, but I have to talk to him about case. Bansuri gets annoyed and asks did she save Baldev, did she tell Ranvi not to give statement. Veera defends Ranvi and says once Baldev is proved innocent, everyone will be fine. Bansuri says you have to work if you have to stay here. Veera cries. Baldev thinks about Ranvi’s words. He recalls Veera’s words of distrust and his jail torture. He takes the belt and removes his shirt. He starts beating himself and recalls his love with Veera. Mahiya………….plays……….. Baldev falls.

Veera comes and asks him how did he get hurt. He gets up and says he is making his body ready, as his case will come in court, and Ranvi will give statement against him, and his friend Rajveer will present evidence against me. She cries.

Veera talks to Ranvi and says I knew you would forgive me. Ranvi says I know Baldev is behaving wrong with you, so I came to take my daughter back home with me. Baldev looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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