Eternal Love Story (Part-2) #Our Riansh (Chapter-19)

Date Night 

Author’s POV:-

Waiting for her impatiently, he clicked his shoes on the floor and looked at the door. Standing there, she stood their enchanted in her red saree looking ethereal in it.  

Walking through the path, she roamed her eyes around the garden area in search of him. On not finding him anywhere around, she thought to call him. Looking at her phone screen she was about to dial him when she saw everything getting dark around her. Realizing it to be a blindfold, she was about to turn around when she felt his cold hands on her bare arm.

Riddhima: Vansh..

She mumbled in a low voice and relaxed on hearing his hmm. Holding her arm, he directed her towards the car.

Riddhima: What are you doing?

She said when she felt him lifting her up in his arm.

Vansh: Shut up.

He said in her ears and placed her on the side of the car. Locking the seat belt, he sat on the other side of the car. 

Feeling of the car getting stop, she pulled her hand to her back to remove the blindfold just when he held her hand in his. She looked at him of course not able to see him.

Riddhima: Where are we?

She said as he opened the door of other’s side.

Vansh: Just a surprise for you.

Saying so he holding her hand brought her out of the car. Walking through the soft rose petals, she felt his hold on her arm getting tight. Keeping her hand on back of his hand, she carefully walked through the path.

As soon as he removed the blindfold, she looked around through black dots forming in front of her vision. Blinking her eyes for a while when she was able to see everything clear. She looked at him standing in front of her.

Vansh: How is it?

She heard him and smiled looking at him. Moving close to him she engulfed him in a tight hug. Feeling of his hands encircling around her waist, she looked up at his face.

Vansh: Happy Birthday.

Whispering he lifted her up through her waist in his arms. Keeping her hand on his shoulder, she frowned looking at him.

Riddhima: You remember.

Blinking he placed her on the chair. Getting on his knees he sat in front of her holding her hand. Encircling her arms around his neck she looked at him. Kissing on her forehead, he joined their forehead.

Riddhima: Thank you.

Smiling she looked into him deep black orbs.

Riddhima: Every year, I used to miss you. Although, Arjun and Kabir never let me stay alone and sad yet you were not there with me. I love you.

She said and looked at his face. Looking at his face, she didn’t found any expression.

Riddhima: What happened?

She asked and saw him looking at her smiling back.

Vansh: Nothing. Come let’s cut the cake.

She frowned and saw him getting up.

Riddhima: You didn’t say I love you.

She asked holding his hand. Looking at her he smiled.

Vansh: I love you. 

He said and saw that same smile again on her lips. Getting up she looked at the big cake in her hand and smiled at it. Placing his one hand on her waist, he held her other hand with the knife. Slicing the cake into a piece, she turning around to fed him. 

Smiling he took it in his hand and looked at her. Eating half of the cake, he fed her the other half.


After 2 weeks:-

Looking at the CCTV cameras of the room, a smirk came on his lips. Nodding he looked at his men.

Veer: We will leave tomorrow only. Further plans will be informed to you all.

He said and saw them leaving. Looking back at the CCTV camera, he smiled to see through a window where he saw Riddhima standing in the corridor talking to herself with a big smile on her face while she looked at the papers. Zooming in he was about to see her position just when she left from there.

Shutting down his laptop, he got up from the chair. Walking back to the huge window of the room, he looked at the big mansion in front of his eyes. A smirk came on his lips. The same Mansion, where they were living since a few days. 

Veer: Just tonight and they will again be in front of me.

Picking up the binoculars, he placed them in front of his eyes and looked through it. Getting the location where they were he saw Riddhima hugging Vansh tightly while saying few words. Coming out of the hug, she looked at Vansh and showed him the papers. The smile was not leaving her face even for a second. Keeping back the binoculars, he picked up the phone and dialed to someone.

Veer: Hello.


Looking at the papers, she finally got relief from the tension.

Riddhima: Thank God that I got Arjun’s custody.

 A smile came on her lips on her own seeing the papers. Getting down, from the bed she came out of the room. 

Riddhima: Vansh…

Her chirpy voice echoing in the whole mansion. She smiled and looked around the whole corridor. Descending down the stairs, she looked around the hall but he was nowhere to be seen.

Riddhima: Vansh…where are you?

She said and looked from him but he was nowhere. Walking through the corridor, she was about to turn when her petite figure bumped with his. Holding her carefully by her waist, he made her stand properly.

Vansh: What are you doing Riddhima?

He said angrily and saw her smiling. Pulling him in a tight hug, placing a kiss on his cheeks. She looked at him while being close in his arms.

Riddhima: Vansh…Thank you so much for giving it.

She said and again hugged him tightly. Keeping her close to his heart, his expression changed into tensed.

Vansh: Sorry, I was not able to give it to you since long.

She heard his sad voice and looked at his face with a smile, she signed him to smile through her fingers. He smiled looking at her.

Vansh: Are you happy now?

She nodded excitedly.

Vansh: Come. Let’s give rest to my baby too.

He said and lifted her up in his arms. Encircling her arms around his neck, she looked at him.

Riddhima: Vansh…I have a question.

While walking through the hall he heard her question. Nodding he asked her to continue.

Riddhima: Where were you for those five years?

His steps halting on hearing her question.

Riddhima: I’m sure not in jail.

She said with a smile adorned on her lips. Looking at her he gave her a wide smile.

Vansh: Stop using your brain because you really don’t have.

She heard him say and angrily glared at him. Digging her nails at the back of his neck she saw him looking at her.

Vansh: You don’t have nails sweetheart. So nothing is going to happen. Keep trying!!

He said and saw her looking at her fingers.

Riddhima: My nails…

She exclaimed sadly and glared at him.

Vansh: They were unhygienic for my baby so I had to cut your nails.

He said and saw her looking at him sadly. Opening the door of his room with his leg, he came inside. Looking around he saw the room in a messy state.

Vansh: Now what you did?

She heard him say while looking at their clothes scattered across the whole room. Feeling him looking at her she smiled.

Riddhima: I was not my dress but then I remember we are not in Mumbai. So all this happened while I was searching for it but see I got this letter.

She exclaimed happily again. Placing her on the couch, he moved to arrange the room properly.

Vansh: Look at the time and you are making me do all this.

He said and looked at the whole room. Rolling up his shirts sleeves, he started doing the work.

Riddhima: Wow! My husband is so hot.

He heard her say. Turning back looked at her sitting on the bed and gladly gawking at him.

Vansh: What should I take it as?

He asked and arranged his shirts in a line.

Riddhima: Absolutely nothing. I was just complimenting my husband.

She said and saw him. Coming back to the bed he arranged their pillows and the duvet properly. 

Vansh: Come.

He said and kept the pillow at a side for her. Looking at her he saw her sleeping on the couch with her one hand under her chin and in a sitting position. He smiled and moved to her.

Lifting her up again he moved to the bed. Her sleep broke when he lifted her, looking at him she smiled.

Riddhima: Vansh…

He heard her and looked at her. Sitting on the bed with her in his arms, he smiled at her.

Riddhima: You are the best husband anyone would have ever got.

She said and snuggled her face close to his chest. A smile came on her lips.

On hearing the news of her pregnancy, the first thing came in his mind was the fear for him. But the fear was soon overcome by the love he had for his family. He loved her and being this news as the sign of that how can he let anything happen to him. Embracing her in his arms protectively. He closed his eyes, promising to himself for always protecting them. 


Aryan: Ishani, what are you thinking now?

He asked and looked at her.

Ishani: Aryan, I have to tell you something.

He nodded and held her hand.

Ishani: No…I have to tell this first to Riddhima and Vansh.

She said and got up from the bed.

Aryan: Ishani…

He said and before he could stop, she had already left the room. Rushing after her he saw her walking through the corridor.

Aryan: Ishani, you can tell that tomorrow also.

He said and held her hand stopping her from moving.

Ishani: No Aryan, I’m already hiding this from so long if anything goes wrong. No…No…I have to tell this to them.

He was about to refuse again when she looked at him and removed his hold.

Aryan: Fine. Even I’m coming with you.

He said and saw her moving. Following her he roamed his eyes out of the window. Looking out he frowned on seeing the mansion in front of him.

Aryan: Ishani…

She turned around on hearing her name and looked at him.

Ishani: What??

She asked and looked at him. Coming she stood in front of her.

Aryan: Look at the time, its 2 am and they are still awake. What they must be doing at this time?

He asked and pointed at the Mansion in front of him. 

Ishani: Come let’s go and ask them.

She said and held his hand. 

Aryan: Yeah…

He said and was about to follow her. 

Ishani: You can’t be serious, Aryan. 

She said and turned around to see his innocent look.

Aryan: You were serious so I thought to change your mood.

She heard him say and smiled looking at him.

Ishani: Let’s go now.

She said and moved back to the way. 

Looking at the door she was about to knock on the door when she felt someone hand holding her hand. They looked at the person, Sejal held her hand and pulled her with him.

Coming to their room, she looked at them.

Ishani: What are you doing Sejal?

She said irritated and looked at her.

Sejal: What were you going to do?

She asked and looked at them.

Aryan: Ishani wanted to tell them something. So we were going to tell that only.

He said and looked at her.

Ishani: Yeah and why you brought us here?

She asked and looked at them.

Sejal: Ishani, what you want to tell them at this time? You know Riddhima is pregnant and already Arjun is in Paris, if it’s something sad then tell them later.

She said and eyed her.

Ishani: I know but it’s important to tell them now.

She said and looked at them.

Sejal: You can tell them tomorrow also. No one is going anywhere.

She said and was about to leave when she heard her.

Ishani: Sejal, you are not doing anything this time.

She heard her and left without giving her a reply.

Aryan: Ishani, she is your friend atleast you can have that much trust on her.

Hearing him she nodded.


Feeling of something hitting her head, she opened her eyes and looked at the side to find herself in Vansh’s embrace. His head joined to hers she smiled and turned to look at him.

Riddhima: Good Morning Vansh.

She said thinking him to wake up like other days but as if he was in deep slumber his voice didn’t had any effect on her. She closed her eyes and held his hand which was on her waist. Bringing it to her lips, she kissed on the back of his hand.

Riddhima: Last time, you gave me the surprise and this time I’ll. I’m sure you’ll like it.

She said and got down from the bed. Moving to the other side of the cupboard, she opened the glass door and took out the bundle of notes kept there in a line. On seeing his sleeping peacefully she moved to the table. Keeping the notes there, she sat on the couch and started writing.

Making herself completely indulge in writing she forgot about the whole plan and him sleeping there on the bed. Coming out of her thoughts, she kept it there and roamed around the whole room in search of something but getting disappointed she came out of the room.

 Looking around she didn’t found anyone as it was the time of early morning. Coming down from the stairs, she looked at the tables.

Riddhima: There are no roses here.

She mumbled to herself and walked out of the Mansion. Coming out of the Mansion, she looked around the garden. 


Feeling of her not being in his embrace, he roamed his hands around the bed to find her somewhere. On not getting her anywhere, he got up and sat on the bed.

Vansh: Riddhima…

He called her name in a gentle voice. Getting down from the bed, he looked around. Moving to the washroom he knocked there but on not getting any sign of her. He grew tensed and looked at the door.

Vansh: Riddhima…..

He yelled her name and waited for her to come but when she neither came nor even said a word. He grew tensed, moving to the door, he was about to move out of the room when his eyes fell on the letter kept on the table under the glass. Picking it up, he looked at it.


Opening her eyes she looked around, feeling of blood rushing through her heads. She closed her eyes tightly again.

Riddhima: Ahh…Vansh…

Calling his name, she prayed for the safety of the baby. Opening her eyes again she looked around to find herself in a dump room. Feeling of something soft moving on her hand, she tried to look at the thing but it was only sending pain through her nerves.

Riddhima: Who is there?

She asked and looked straight as even moving a part was just making her feel numb. Realization hit her when she got to know what has happened to her body.


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