Eternal Love Story (Part-2) #Our Riansh (Chapter-18)


Author’s POV:-

Glancing at the screen, Veer looked at his men angrily.

Veer: How the hell no one is there?

He said and threw the things kept on the table making all things get scattered on the floor.

Man: Sir, when we reached there to see what actually happened? So no one was there. Not even Riddhima ma’am.

Clutching the paper weight in his hand tightly he looked at the door.

Veer: Go and start searching for them. I want there location within 24 hours.

He said glaring at the men who nodded. As soon as he left the room. Veer looked at the paper with a smirk lingering on his lips.


Entering the room, Vansh looked back to see Riddhima entering after a while. Moving to the window, he stood there facing his back to her.

Riddhima: Vansh…

She said and kept her hand on his shoulder.

Vansh: I don’t want to talk to you.

He said angrily and shrugged his shoulders making her take her hands back.

Riddhima: Atleast listen to me.

He heard her saying with tensed voice.

Vansh: I don’t want to.

He said and looked at her face through the window pane.

Riddhima: Are you still angry from me?

Asking she took a step towards him.

Vansh: Of course.

He said and looked at the snowcapped mountains dazzling in the sun. Rolling his eyes around the area he eagerly waited for her to say something but when she didn’t even said a word. Losing his so called patience he turned around. Looking around he didn’t found her in front of him.

Sitting on the couch, he waited for her to do anything to convince him anyhow. Glancing at the door again and again, he waited for her to enter back.


Walking to Arjun’s room, Riddhima saw him still sleeping. Thinking him to be tired, she went to him taking slow steps. Looking at him sleeping peacefully hugging his toy in his hands. A smile automatically came on her lips. Taking the toy back from his hand, Riddhima got in the duvet.

Taking his head under her hand, she wrapped him close to her while giving a peck on his forehead. All this activities woke him up. Looking up, he smiled at her.

Arjun: Good Morning Mumma.

He said and laid down again hugging her tightly.

Riddhima: Good Morning.

He smiled knowing why today she used to come and hug him tightly just like the way she did today.

Arjun: You said, that you’ll give me the surprise gift today. Where is it?

He said and looked up at her.

Riddhima: Surprise gift…Umm…

She said and looked at his eyes on her. Moving out of the duvet, she took him in her arms.

Arjun: Where are we going?

She heard him asking after he wrapped his arms around her neck. Moving to the window, she removed the white curtains from them. Looking down, Arjun saw the view.

Riddhima: We are in Darjeeling and that’s the surprise for you. You wanted me to take you out on a trip right? See

She said and smiled looking at his wide eyes.

Arjun: Thank you Mumma but I want to go out with everyone.

Remembering of Veer, she felt shiver ran down her spine that how can she take him out as anytime Veer can get to know of their location.

Riddhima: But everyone is angry from me. How then? We’ll go alone.

He heard her saying sadly.

Arjun: Everyone? Why?

He asked and got down on the couch.

Riddhima: Don’t worry about that. You go and get ready we are going out but only till evening.

She saw him nodding. Jumping down from the couch, he got in the washroom. While she moved out of the room. Looking down from the staircase, she didn’t found anyone there.

Riddhima: They are behaving as if I had killed anyone. Idiot. Why am I going to convince them? I know I did wrong by hiding the truth but that was for them only and I’m not going to apologize for that.

Mumbling to herself, she moved back to her room. Looking at Vansh sitting on the couch she took a deep breath. Getting in she closed the door behind her.

Vansh: Where were you?

He asked as he felt her coming back in the room. Ignoring his question, she moved to the cupboard.

Vansh: I asked you something, where were you?

He asked again while she turned around with her dress in her hand.

Riddhima: You were angry with me, weren’t you?

Riddhima said and raised her eyebrows looking at him. Getting up, he stood in front of her.

Vansh: I’m.

He said and took the dress from her hand.

Riddhima: Then All the best.

Saying so she took the dress from his hand. Looking at her forced smile, he looked back at her dress.

Vansh: Are you going somewhere?

She heard him and nodded.

Vansh: You are again hiding something from me?

He asked making her anger rose.

Riddhima: NO.

She said and turned around to go to the washroom just when he pulled her hand. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he felt her wriggling to come out of his hold.

Riddhima: Vansh…Leave me.

She said and keeping her hand on his tried to remove his hold.

Vansh: Where are you going?

Slowly whispering in her ears, he moved her hairs to the front.

Riddhima: None of your concern.

Saying so she looked at her waist to see his tight hold which he isn’t going to remove so easily.

Vansh: It is, Riddhima.

He again whispered huskily in her ears.

Riddhima: Vansh, remove your hand. I’m getting late.

Vansh heard her saying and left her suddenly making her shocked. Turning back she looked at him.

Vansh: What? Go.

He said pointing towards washroom. Taking her dress, she moved to the washroom. Closing the door behind, she looked at him standing there still. Confusion arising in her mind, she got in and turning on the lights.

Moving her hand to her back, she was about to unzip her dress. When she felt a warm breath fanning on her neck making her conscious of her environment. Knowing who could be the one, she turned around angrily.

Riddhima: What are you doing here?

Asking she glared at him angrily. He smirked seeing her glaring at him.

Vansh: Something Important.

Taking a step forward he said with a not so smile lingering on his lips giving her a different vibe. Moving back, she stood just behind the shower wall just to make a perfect distance between them. But the attempts in this situation was useless as he came more forehead decreasing even a bit of distance between them. Rotating the tap he opened the shower while looking into her deep hazel eyes.

Looking at his disheveled wet hairs falling on his forehead, his intoxicating eyes, his red lips making him look more hot than ever. That smirk on his lips was making him look like a perfect Greek god. Moving his hands on her bare arm, he looked at her face. Opening and closing her mouth, she tried to take deep breaths to keep her body in her control. While the effect of warm water was not making any effect on their body. Feeling his hand moving close to her shoulder, she looked at him.

While he was busy gawking at her, he saw the water droplet falling from her hair to her body. While looking at a one of the droplet he saw it coming out from the partition on her hair to her forehead leaving water trace behind it. Moving to her button nose, it slowly took a turn coming on her cheeks.

Taking a step forward, he kept his lips exactly near to her lips at her cheeks making her shocked. Rotating his tongue at the corner of her lips, he moved back. Looking at her wide eyes, he smirked.

Snaking his arms across her waist, he pulled her closer to him. Moving his index finger on her cheekbones he looked at her face.

Vansh: Umm…I came here to tell you that I forgave you.

His words made her come back to Earth. Looking at him she recalled what he exactly said to her.

Riddhima: As if I asked you to forgive me.

She said with a wide smile keeping her hand on his shoulder while looking into his black orbs.

Vansh: Anyways, if we are done with fighting then I’m taking you out with me

He said and paused looking at her.

Riddhima: No. I’m not coming with you.

She said and came out of his arms.

Vansh: As if asked your permission.

He said with exact wide smile. Moving back he saw her confused expression.

Vansh: Sharp 7 pm, I’ll be waiting for you at the backyard.

He said with a wink and smile on his lips. Saying so he moved out from the washroom.


Veer looked at his laptop screen. Looking at the CCTV camera of VR Mansion, confusing covered his mind.

Veer: How the hell they were able to escape when I had kept my bodyguards on all the way and where they all are?

He mumbled to himself and rubbed his forehead.

Veer: I don’t even know all the places of VR Mansion perfectly there are only few.

He said and again looked at the screen. Hearing the knock, he took back his composure of strictness.

Veer: Come-in.

Knowing who could be, he said and kept one of his leg on the other. Looking at the door he saw his bodyguard entering. Coming to the table, he stood there still.

Man: Sir as you had said, now there is no bodyguard around the Mansion. So I had sent my bodyguards inside to check everything. While doing that we didn’t found any secret door which is used to bring someone out of the mansion.

He said with braveness and saw Veer’s red bloodshot eyes.

Man: Sir even we are not able to trace Sejal’s phone.

He said and waited for Veer to give him some order.

Veer: Where they can go?

He mumbled to himself.

Man: Sir?

He said and looked at him. Veer looked at him raised eyebrows.

Man: I have a plan sir.

He said and waited for him to say and when he nodded turning his chair, looking at him.


Looking at the Arjun, who was sitting beside her in the car talking to her while gesturing her through his hands. Looking back at the road, she drove slowly through the curves on the mountains.

Arjun: Mumma, you are not listening to me.

He said pouting and looking at Riddhima. Giving him a glance she looked at him.

Riddhima: You know Arjun how difficult it is to drive through these curves for me. Even I don’t have any practice of it. Safety is important.

Knowing her words, Arjun nodded and moved his out of the window.

Arjun: Mumma, if anyone fell from here will they be able to come back?

He asked out of the blue. Looking at him, Riddhima frowned at his words.

Riddhima: Why do you want to know? Get in or you will catch cold.

She said and saw him getting in.

Arjun: Tell…

He said looking at as took another turn.

Riddhima: I don’t think so that anyone will be able to come back.

Pressing her feet on the break, she stopped the car. Looking out Arjun looked at greenery. Moving down wearing his boots, he looked around.

Arjun: Mumma, look how beautiful it is!

He exclaimed happily and excitedly looked at the cliff.Β 

Arjun: Wow!!!

ExclaimingΒ and unknown to the all the fact. He happily enjoyed the view, capturing them in his eyes.

Riddhima: Arjun, smile.

Riddhima smiled, turning back he looked at her standing there with the camera in her hand and a smile on her lips to capture these memories in them.

Memories, sometimes we really don’t realize what they hold in them and what storm they are going to carve in her life leaving just these words behind which is an emotion and sometime the future within us.

Giving her his bright smile, he saw her clicking his pictures with all the different poses.

Arjun: Mumma, we will come back here again with everyone.

He exclaimed happily while running to her.

Riddhima: Soon Arjun.

She said scooping his in her arms while looking at his chirpy smile.

Riddhima: Let’s go back now.

She said and looked at her wrist watch. He pouted sadly.

Arjun: Just for sometime.

He said and she nodded looking at his face.


Vansh looked at his watch again waiting for Riddhima.

Vansh: Where the hell is she? I asked her to come at 7 and it is 7:30 right now…

He mumbled to himself while looking at the door while standing at the garden of his mansion leaning to his car. Looking at his mansion, he reminisced about the time they had spent in this Mansion.Β 

Waiting for her impatiently, he clicked his shoes on the floor and looked at the door.


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