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Hello friends, How are you all ? Happy new year to all RUMYA LOVERS Related imageRelated image Links for previous one https://www.tellyupdates.com/equation-for-simple-and-sweet-life-five-shots-for-rumya-part-2/

So here comes the third Equation, guys….Hope you will like this and by new year I will give the climax shot of this one……So guys , pls read and drop your views.. Thanks a lot for all your love……

Continuation from last part….

Rumya was lost themselves in eyelock…..Mean while dadi came there and looks them…..

Dadi : Rudra, accha hua puthar tu ne sowmya ko rok liya……

Hearing dadi’s words rumya soon released their hands and take back their positions….. Dadi walked close to them and smiles….Image result for rumya ishqbaaz

Dadi : Rudra, why you left sowmya’s hand ??

Rumya : Dadi !!!! [shocked]

Dadi : Puthar, I don’t know whether you are friends or  whether you are Ishqbaaz ? What I knows is though you both argues with each other also you both are so sweet from heart and whenever you are together, it makes me to feel so good……And rudra seeing dadi how can you left your sumo’s hand ? Hold her hand…….

Sowmya : But dadi….

Dadi : Shut up!!! I am not your dadi, if you think so how can you think about leaving me ??

Rudra : Dadi pls, somwya’s mom has said me to drop her at college hostel and we need to leave…..

Dadi : Is it ?? And duffer, you heard it without saying anything …….. Sowmya is not going anywhere and it’s my order…..

Sowmya : But dadi , it’s not possible….

Dadi : Arrey, puthar this is like your home , remember what your dadi said about me…..

Sowmya : I do remember all these things and trust me I am not intentionally leaving this house….But dadi, how long I can stay here….. I am on final year and after semester I will be finishing degree and I need to go back naa….

Dadi : That I can understand puthar….But Dolly your dadi has asked me to take care of her grand daughter till her studies get complete…..And I promised for it, if she will ask me kalyani, is this the way you are looking my cutiepie ?? You are not going any where ….Is that clear ? [sowmya hugs dadi and they gets emotional] Rudy make your ™ Protein Shake for somwya….

Rudra : But dadi, woh…

Sowmya : It’s okay, I don’t need it…

Rudra : Oh Hello, how can you say ….I don’t need it [ rudy stares sumo]

Sowmya : What do you mean ?

Rudy gets close towards sumo Related image Just have a sip , trust me that will make you very cute!!! Like

what dadi said….You are cutiepie♥♥♥  ” Dil vil chahat “……instrumental plays

Dadi smiles and looks  at them….Dadi’s view… ” Now it’s time to see how this cuteness travels ahead, rudra You are going to become ishqbaaz…..” Dadi walks away….

Sowmya : Mmhh……Rudy, you feels I am cute ??

Rudra : [rudy nods his head, sowmya smiles] You know why you looks cute….. Because you are standing with the most wanted hero, dream boy rudy …..Related image

Sowmya : [stares rudy with redish eyes] OMG!!! How can I forget it, All are crazy on you, CRY BABY!!!Image result for babies crying imagesImage result for rumya ishqbaaz

Rumya stare each other with their usual kidding eyes and stands like Image result for rumya ishqbaaz    this way as if they are ready to begin a new turn in their bond….

After a while rudy makes protein shake and gives it to  sumo…… Sowmya stares rudy …..

Rudra : I can guess, you are feeling jealous and wondering how you missed this secret of cuteness from RSO ?

Sowmya : Excuse me , who is RSO ?

Rudra : It’s none other than Rudra Singh Oberoi  Oops!! Romantic Singh Oberoi…..Image result for rudra in ishqbaaz

Sowmya : Let me remind you you are none other than DSO …..Duffer Singh Oberoi, only ? Got it !!!

Rudra : Miss Jealous Queen, burn as much as you can, but one day you need to accept it that I am the cool guy and you will correct DSO as Dashing Singh Oberoi!!

Sowmya : Oh God!!! I feels to break this glass…..

Rudra : No!!!No!!!! No!!! My protein shake…… Don’t show attitude towards it, Just have it……It’s good for ….[sowmya stares rudy] Mmh…..Health….. It’s really good….

Sowmya : Thanks rudra!!!

Rudra : Why thanks ?

Sowmya : It feels so nice that you are talking with me freely , i mean you’ve forgotten past….Won’t you ? Image result for rumya ishqbaaz

Rudra : It’s not easy to forget the thing which is done by the person who are close to us….

Sowmya : Rudra, I am sorry…….

Related image

Rudra : I think now you should concentrate on your studies, after all you are the topper and you should be focused on your career….. I really don’t know what I need to do next, but you are all well planned and you knows better than me to handle every thing also……So stay here and study well…..

Sowmya : Rudra, Pls let’s end up these things…….

Rudra : It’s already over, then what the need to say about an end, sowmya ……. 

Sowmya : Listen that day Bhvaya came because I said her to meet you as Love angel…..

Rudra : [interrupts] Pls, It’s better you don’t come up with those shocking past as it hurts me a lot……I don’t want to talk about those things….

Sowmya : But I want to sort out things and pls rudy you need to hear me fully, it’s a request…..

Rudra : Pls…..I said it’s over means it’s over…..I don’t want to go behind past and you wants to say it because you are expecting I should forget and forgive….Then listen….It’s fine, I have accepted your sorry………Is that clear….[rudy turns his face from sumo and leaves]

Sowmya looks him and burst in tears…… Image result for rumya ishqbaaz

“Kisi ke vaaste kahaan
Kinaare aaye kashtiyan
Yeh dooriyan rahi bas dooriyan
Ke chori chori chupke se chupke se rona
Hai zaroori
Ke paani paani ankhiyon ka ankhiyon ka hona
Hai zaroori” plays as BGM…

As rudra was moving towards his car Bhavya arrives there with some one and looks at him…..Image result for rudra and bhavya in ishqbaaz

Rudra ; Bhavya!!!
Bhavya : Hai rudra, how are you ??
Rudra gives a fair smile and looks her…..
Bhavya : I know why I came here when there is nothing to say for us…..But I am here to invite you for my wedding…
 He is my fiancee , Rithwik…. Related image
Rudra : What !!! [rudra gets shocked]



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  1. Fenil

    Beautiful part

    1. Renimarenju

      Thank you so much fenu…Happy new year

      1. Fenil

        Happy New Year Dii and Mahi Jiju

  2. Jasminerahul

    Loved dadi asking rudra to hold soumya’s hand.loved rudra going closer to soumya n saying that if she takes a sip of his protein shake it wil make her cuter n she is a cutie pie was so cute.rumya conversation was funny.rudra cant forget what soumya did to him but he accepted her sorry but not listening to what she wants to say.sad. can u plz say what soumya did to make rudra angry in past?I cant understand. did rudra understand that bhavya was sent by soumya as love angel?wow bhavya introduced her fiancé Ritwik to Rudra shocking him.i just loved this twist very much.excited to see Rehaan as Bhavya’s love interest.in my rumya ss DDLJ too Rehaan Mansi r a pair.perfect pics.i duno who made rumya blue dress edit.but I just loved it a lot.

    1. Renimarenju

      I will explain what happened exactly between them in next update and yeah rudra realized sumo was the person who send bhavya as love angel…..To know why, what and how all those things occured, you need to keep waiting …. I will post it within saturday or sunday….. And rehaan, I liked him in pratigya, just putting him here because ultimately I want to show rumya re-union only…Thanks for commenting

      1. Jasminerahul

        yes even i liked him a lot in pratigya n his pairing with pooja gor

  3. Jasminerahul

    I just loved dadi’s dialogue very much- Dadi : Puthar, I don’t know whether you are friends or whether you are Ishqbaaz ? What I knows is though you both argues with each other also you both are so sweet from heart and whenever you are together, it makes me to feel so good……And rudra seeing dadi how can you left your sumo’s hand ? Hold her hand…

    1. Renimarenju

      Dadi is really the best person who explained what’s ishqbaaz in serial IB and that’s the reason which made me to write like that only…I am glad u liked, happy new year

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Amazing akka.. Finally Rudy stopped somu.. But is still upset with what happened in the past.. Eager to know what happened?? Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love you akka..

    1. Renimarenju

      Thanks prabha…. Pls pls keep waiting…. Love u 2 and happy new year

  5. JeevithaTK

    Hi di.
    Very good morning. Happy New Year di.
    The episode superb di… Our dadi is only one who can make the ishqbaazi of they grandchildren realise…. I just love her…..
    RuMya they r SOOO cute.. Di the pics u post is soo good nd suits it… It becoz soo easy for us to imagine ND remember old sweet memories back. I just loved it…. I don’t know wt misunderstanding they r having… Waiting to know it.. But fully enjoy today’s episode… ND Ya thank u for the new year damaka gift di… Will waiting for next…..
    ” VARSADA antyavu konegondide mattu nimma Ella tondaregalu konegolisutta mattu nimma Ella cintigalu dukkalu menadabattiya jualeyalli karaduhogali endu naanu bayasuttane E Hosa varsavu nimma jivanakke olleyadu matra tarutta mattu long life mattu sontosavanu taralii nimmagu mattu nimma kutumbaku…. HOSA VARSADA SUBHASAYAGALU…. Nimmagi ondu mahan bhavisyavu mattu Ella nimma kanasugalannu puraisalu ptathisutene…. ND ALSO HEALTHY LIFE

    1. Renimarenju

      Jeevitha, I am so happy to find your comment here……Yeah those pics reminds me rumya and I added it and next time also will try to find more pics….. And nanage thumba thumba khushiyayithu nim wishes nodi, ninagu ashte devaru ninagu matte nim familygu ollathe madithe, yavu karanaku dull aga beda putta, nimagu hosa varsha shubhasayagalu, Love u too chinna…..Thanks a lot

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice one dii… Love you

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