Episode 6: Dastan-e-Mohabbat (Episodic Analysis)

The episode starts with Akhbar informing Abu Fazal to take salim far from here. Jodha & Ammijaan looks on stunned, while rukhaiya smirks to herself hearing this. Salim looks drained off and cries.

Everyone are ready outside to send off salim. Salim is still crying. (Flash back scene shows how much salim request jodha that he doesn’t wana leave, jodha stays put and cries ).

(flashback scene shows how jodha requests Akhbar to not send him but he replies her by saying that for a mum her son is first but as a Ruler his nation is first.)

Jodha cries while seeing him going…

Anarkalai comes there and says i am angry on you shehzaade that without saying bye you are leaving.

I dont know where you are going but werever you go this will not let you feel alone, here take this along with you (she hands him a glass jar with something inside)

He takes it along with him.. While the pallak is moving anarkali runs and says shehzade take care of yourself and she keeps her hand on the railing were salim too touches her hand and then anarkali stops by her step.

Salim reaches another mahal and is worried and crying in his room. Someone from behind asks salim are you not asleep. Salim says Mama Maan Singh (Intro of Raja Maan Singh brother of Jodha and he is won lots of battles etc) He askes salim being  prince of mughal why are you crying. Do you know your father is the great Emperor of this nation. He became ruker of nation in a young age and goes on and on abt Akhbar’s Bravery… Salim says please stop it mama i dont want Ruler i want a father, a fathers love and care. Mama explains no salim your father loves you a lot but since he is the Emperor king he is forced to stop his emotion.

Salim says yes he is only fulfilling duties as a ruler and not as a father. Mama says now i understood why he has sent you here…  Son of the great Mughal Emperor should not be so emotionally attached. I will teach you bravery and what is war. Mama leaves asking salim to rest and be ready for tomorrow’s lesson. Salim turns worried and smiles seeing the jar which Anarkali gave him. And says to himself there is a person for me who is my friend (reminces his sweet moments with her)

Next day in a ground salim and mama are surrounded by an army of soldiers in between a person is made kneeled as he is a traitor. And mama Maan Singh asks salim to chop off his head. Salim worriedly says no i cannot take his life, when maama chops off his head and salim sees it and stands shocked.

Here in mahal Jodha sits in front of Krishna’s Idol and cries, Anarkali comes with khala and says Rani Y are u crying. Jodha says as a mother i failed, i couldn’t stop him from going, he is angry with me. Khala consoles her saying a son might be angry but cannot Stay angry forever, he’ll forget about it.Jodha worries and says i was not even able to share my thoughts with my son.Anarkali says jodha that u can send him letter With ur feelings in it. Jodha says her its a rule that wen son is on his study term he is not allowed to meet his mom or receive any letters from her. Anarkali asks but u r a Queen and you can send it. Jodha’s mind voice:Emperor took a decision now its a mum’s turn. She walks away fastly… Anarkali runs behind  asking her to stop but jodha walks faster and reaches the middle of a ground were she openss a big cage with a tiger in it… Seeing this Anarkali panics and runs. 

*Sorry guys not sure abt few mins what happened*

***i think anarkali runs and informs abt this to akhbar or someone and my be soldiers and akhbar would have come to rescue jodha and then akhbar would have asked her y this move. She would have asked him abt sending letter to salim but he would have only permitted for sweets ***

Anarkali says Khala i am saying true it was a big tiger… How brave is Ranisa Jodha that she straight away stood in front of it . Anarkali then says what if even shehzaade is being into more stress nd if he too dies  …. Khala shouts :Anarkali STOP IT… Speak slow… Nothing as such will happen…She explains Anarkali that Akhbar has restrained only Jodha from sending letters to salim but not u (Anarkali) u can send him letter right…Anarkali blushes and feels happy…

Other side the servent informs Rukhaiya that Akhbar has given permission to jodha to send salim sweets.

Rukhaiya plans  wickedly and says though the sweets are from Jodha, on behalf of Akhbar the news will indirectly go from me (rukhaiya)… And smirks


Precap: A gift box of sweets reaches salim with a knife in middle. Anarkali goes to a person and says can you also send my letter along. AFTER 12 YEARS SALIM (GROWN UP AND BRAVE ENOUGH) RETURNS TO ANARKALI WAITING WITH HER LOVE FOR SALIM STILL.

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