Is there love in my life?? Episode – 4 (Nana Nani park!?)

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”Offo!!you mad girl”
Shivay said getting  irritated

“I am sorry vo actually….”Anika said as she tries to explain something

Shivay stops her – “Fine….but you are late on work that also on your first day!! How shameless you are”Shivay said

Anika( in mind )and how irritating you are

Shivay – you know what!! That is what I expected from a girl like you!

Anika( in mind ) and that’s what I expected from a beast like you

Shivay – I know you people very well, you people don’t have value for money, time and family

Anika was not able to take it more and finally replied
“I said sorry na….and don’t you ever dare to speak about my family the people who have a big family like you will never understand the pain and needs who don’t have a family” Anika said as she get little emotional

Shivay changing topic
Okk fine now please can you do that thing for which you came here, WORK!! Go get me a coffee

“What I am not your servant I am your assistant” Anika said as she opposes it

Shivay pulled Anika close to him and they both came very close to each other wind was blowing slightly they were lost in each other eyes finally Shivay broke the silence and said

“You should do what I say, otherwise you may lost your job”

And he leaves Anika
She was still shocked Shivay went to his cabin as if nothing happened and Anika goes to bring coffee for Shivay

@Om’s gallary
Ya…Mr Sharma my assistant place is still not filled you can send those people to me saying that he hangs the call

On other hand
@nana Nani park

Rudra came there with Dadi

“Oye khoteya! Why we came here?” Dadi said

“You only said na you want to go somewhere out to have fun” Rudra replied playfully

“Areeree…. you stupid! I am not a oldie that we came here…. from outing, I meant that I want to go for that horror film ‘Andheri raat mein chudail dikhaye nritya'( witch dances in the dark night )”

“Dadi,that movie broke all records and that’s very scary and in this age you should not watch these kind of movies in fact you should sit on that bench and do bhajhan kirtan

“Shut up you stupid!” Dadi hits rudra on his shoulder
“I  know you are scared to go for that movie right?”Dadi said

“ Dadi there’s nothing like that” Rudra said as he trembles

“Dadi!!! See,a ice cream stall we should go and have ice cream come let’s go fast” Rudra drags Dadi there

To be continued….
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  1. JeevithaTK

    Hi dear,
    Good morning. So ur with the episode. The episode was good dear. Happy to know tht u will be regular from now. Waiting for next episode. Lots of love to u too dear. Tc

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is funny one dear

  3. ItsmePrabha

    hai are you??
    Coming to the epi..amazing one..hamari personal tom and jerry har ek baath pe argue karthe hai na??..they are funny and cute..dadi and rudra scene is funny..will be waiting for the next..

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