Entwined to you Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Time Changes Things!

Twinkle’s POV

The morning came before I could realise it. The Sun’s rays shining through the slits of the windows. I was in his arms, looking at his handsome face, soft, but sturdy. He really was a person who I could look at for hours, and yet, don’t feel bored.
“What?” I raised my eyebrows.
“You looked beautiful last night.” Kunj caressed my cheeks, slowly. “I wish I could wake up next to you, every morning, for the rest of my entire life.”
“You do?” I asked, nudging him slightly.
“Yes. You’re the best thing which ever happened to me.” He replied.

I stood up and wore his shirt. I was sore and I think he knew it. He carried me to the bathroom in his arms, making me crave for him even more. I kissed him as he put me down, and he returned it with passion.
We had a shower together. Our naked bodies touching each other, exploring different parts we had never seen before. Something clicked in my heart, something which… cannot be defined. He told me he had a meeting, so he left, wrapping a towel around me, and kissed my temples. I hugged him tightly.

I continued with the shower and touched my neck, shoulder and br*asts where he had given me love marks. Stepping out, I put on a comfortable robe and headed to the kitchen, raided the fridge looking for something to eat, when I heard some noises from the living room.
I headed to the living room and crossed my arms when I saw him.

“Arjun, how did you get to know I’m here?” I narrowed my gaze at him.
“Twinkle baby, you do realise that I know why you left me? Because I couldn’t satisfy you, right?” He motioned towards me and caressed my shoulder. “And now, I’ll tell you how much I can satisfy you.” He choked me and carried me to Kunj’s room.
“Arjun, I can’t….. breathe. Stop… this!”
He used his neck tie to tie my hands and his belt to tie my legs.
“Take these off me!” I demanded, and he slapped me hard. It felt as if my jaw nearly broke. He inserted something in my mouth to keep me shut.
I started to cry; he punched me on the face and then opened Kunj’s drawers to find a leather belt.
The moment I saw the belt, I became terrified. It was something with which I had had bad experiences. I did not…
“What did you say? You wanted to make love to him and you’d send me the pictures, right, Twinkle?” He said as the belt landed on my hips.
It was extremely painful. Each lash feeling like I was being… tortured. Like a thousand knives were piercing my body, at the same time.
I started to panic, begging him to stop. But he did not care, he continued with the belt. I was beginning to feel numb. Lost all sense, like a ragdoll, unable to move. I couldn’t feel anything. My body was paining all over. Death, would have been a better substitute than what was coming next.

He crawled up to the bed and removed his pants. I became terrified and started to cry, begging him not to do it. Not to…
“You’re MINE. YOU UNDERSTAND ME? MINE. You belong to me and no one else.” he said and entered me. I tried hard to protect myself. I tried hard to prevent that cruel, evil man from doing this to me. But I couldn’t. He was too strong. He slapped me, nearly breaking my jaw, every single time I tried to resist. I could not comprehend what was happening.

When he was done with me, he hit my legs with that belt, again, and again, till they were deep red. I couldn’t feel them. I did not want to live.
He left, after he untied me.
The bed was covered with blood stains, but they were nothing compared to the bruises I had on my body, and the pain he made my heart go through.
I tried to go to the phone, to call Kunj and bring him here, to help me. But my legs didn’t support me.
I fell down, and went unconscious.
I don’t know how long I was unconscious. I don’t know how long it was before Kunj came back, and saw me on the ground, half dead.

He woke me up, hugged me tightly and caressed my back, “What happened?” He asked softly and I started crying. I saw Arjun’s face in him. I saw Arjun’s face everywhere. I closed my eyes tightly, and I saw his face even there. I could not understand.

“Leave, please. I don’t want it again, please leave me, please. PLEASE.” I begged.
“Sshh… Twinkle, it’s me Kunj. Twinkle calm down, please, I’m here. Nothing can happen to you.” He hugged me again, but this time, the warmth of his body made me feel… better, if that was possible.
“Ku..kunj… Arju..Arjun… He….” I started crying again.
I don’t know how Kunj understood me. Maybe he saw my naked, abused body. Maybe he saw those blood stains on the bed. Maybe he saw my legs and hips, deep red, with those belt marks. I don’t know. I just did not want this man to leave me. I wanted this man to stay with me.
“Please, stay with me, Kunj. I…” Tears continued to flow down my cheeks. I was…

Kunj was in shock, but he did not panic. He hugged me tightly, carried me to the washroom and bathed me. I felt like the memories of the entire day were flowing out of me. As if Kunj was my saviour. I could go through anything, as long as he was with me.

He called a doctor to get me checked. Served me dinner and helped me eat it. He kept my head on his chest and caressed it slowly, helping me to small food servings and making me feel… safe.

“Twinkle, I know you’re shocked with what happened. I know you probably won’t trust anyone now. But I’m not here to use you. I’m here to protect you. It is difficult, but trust me, I will do whatever I can to protect you. You’ll live in another place, not this one because that bastard knows this place, and you won’t go to that clinic, ever again. I will handle all your expenses.” He said.
I could not fully understand what he had said, but I nodded. I knew this man truly cared for me. I knew I could go through anything, if he was with me.

I slept in his arms that night, protected, like a baby in her mother’s arms.
Kunj’s POV

The night pressed black on the windows. I could not sleep. I did not want to sleep. Never had I expected that, that… man would do such a thing. Never had I expected my Twinkle to… suffer through that.

I looked at her face, beautiful, but red. It was awfully swollen, which stayed as if they were battle scars. They did not deserve to be on that beautiful face.

I could not take it in. Tears, hot tears, started to fall from my eyes down my cheeks. I could not stop them.
I brought her closer to me, and kept her head on my chest, wrapped in my arms.
She was to stay with me, and no one could hurt her.

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