KKM Story Of Love And War Between Siblings Episode 68

The episode starts with Aryan-Shahana startlingly moving from their positions on hearing Sanju’s loud voice. However, Prachi-Ranbir fail to notice Aryan-Shahana together and are annoyed to see Sanju in their college. Sanju continues to watch Aryan-Shahana from the tip of his eye and thinks in his head, “Oh god, if the first two lovebirds see the other two together, then surely Ranbir, Prachi will have doubt on their relationship, now how will I stop these two?” on finishing his thought, he inches closes towards Ranbir and Prachi. Aryan too starts towards them when Shahana catches his hand, stopping him and says, “Wait, Aryan I need to show you something, I’m sure Ranbir will handle that fool!” Aryan looks towards Sanju approaching Ranbir and Prachi, then turns towards Shahana, nodding approvingly. They leave from that place together. Sanju comes near Prachi and says, “Hi Jaane…” but before he could, Ranbir comes in front of him, swings his hand and lands a tight slap onto Sanju’s face. The latter is shaken from the ground on which he is standing. Ranbir shouts out saying, “She is not your Jaane-man and don’t you dare call her again with that name!” Just then Rhea comes that way and notices the conversation between Ranbir, Prachi and Sanju. Sanju still catching his cheek in exasperation replies, “Fine! I will not call her that” and moves a few inches away keeping a distance from them. Ranbir asks him, “What the heck are you doing in our college?” Sanju irritatingly asks him, “What are you guys doing in the college? Studying right? I too came here to study!” Both Prachi-Ranbir are surprised to hear that and ask together, “Study?” Rhea too gets amazed. Sanju continues, “Yes to study Dip. in Textile Management as I’m the textile in-charge of your designer Sunil Sharma!” Ranbir frowns in confusion, “What? So whatever Aryan told the other day was all true? You are doing textile business, that is by bringing textile materials from Hoshiarpur required for our staff and designer, Sunil?” Sanju gets thinking, “That was just a cooked-up story by Aryan to save his brother but now everything is becoming true!”. Ranbir snaps at him while Sanju nervously says “Ah, yes!” Prachi notices Rhea standing near them and motions towards Ranbir. Ranbir nods and tells Sanju, “Now it is a pain to see you around in our college every day, but even if you are studying in the same college, I don’t want you hovering around Prachi anytime or anywhere, just get it into your mind that Prachi is just MINE! Alright!” Both Rhea and Sanju are dejected on hearing that, Rhea gets looking at Ranbir. Prachi notices it and gets worried. Ranbir continues with Sanju, “Now leave from here!” Sanju catches his cheek, takes his bag which fell onto the ground and leaves from there. After he leaves, Prachi draws close to Rhea and says, “I’m sorry Rhea I misunderstood you when Ma was right, you can never do SUCH CHEAP ACT as after all you are….” She halts herself; then, looks straight into Rhea’s eyes and says, “……after all you are her daughter and my younger sister and I promise from now on I will always consider you in that way!” However, displeased with her words Rhea tells her arrogantly, “Oh just leave it Prachi! You can never become my sister! I have only one sister that is Priyanka and I will not accept you nor your mother as MINE because……” Rhea starts panting as her eyes start filling up while she says, “Because all throughout my life, I waited impatiently for my mother but she never came because she had you and she loved ONLY YOU, she never even thought once about me, if she had then she would have definitely come looking for me but she didn’t and that shattered my hopes and today if she comes all of a sudden and tells that SHE IS MY MOTHER then how can you expect me to accept her and YOU just like that, it is impossible!” Prachi is taken aback by her words and gets heartbroken with tears rolling down her cheeks. Rhea quickly wipes her tears and tells Prachi, “Well even though I have got Dad’s status and money, you were always luckier than me, having born two and half minutes before me; First my mother, then my Dad and now even my LOVE!” Both Ranbir and Prachi are astounded while Rhea continues “Congrats Prachi, even though we were born as TWINS, as I already said, YOU WERE ALWAYS LUCKY WHILE ME ALWAYS UNLUCKY!” on saying that Rhea makes a swift turn and leaves from there. Prachi runs behind her calling out, “Wait Rhea! There is nothing like that…. wait!” however Ranbir stops her saying, “Leave her alone, I’ve known Rhea since childhood and it would be better to leave her alone for some time!” Prachi asks while weeping, “How can I Ranbir, isn’t she my younger sister? How can I?” Ranbir hugs her dotingly by gently placing her head on his bosom while trying to calm her. Prachi vents her pain on his chest.

Sunny still having his hands on his cheek is walking around pondering, “I don’t know where this Sunny Bhai has put me into, I have to spy on his brother and his lover and also face this a*sh*le man Ranbir! Who wants his Prachi? I don’t want her anymore! Now where has this Aryan gone? I wonder if he is still with his love, then I will have make sure that nobody sees them” He looks upwards and sees the nameboard of Library and gets thinking “Usually people come here to stay alone without getting disturbed by others, now has he gone inside with that girl?”

In Sarita behen’s house

Sarita Behen is having a discussion with Pragya. She tells Pragya “Till now, I was thinking that your daughter is responsible for whatever happened with Shahana. But I am shivering with fear to realise that all this was done by that girl Priyanka to get my grandson Rishi and she had also tried it before by filing a molestation case against him. Pragya, I’m really worried for Rishi!” Sarita Behen’s face grows pale on saying that. Pragya tells Sarita Behen, “Come on Sarita ji, even though no one listened to my words in that house, I warned them clearly that I will take strict actions against Priyanka if she tries such things again!” Sarita Behen is still not satisfied and tells Pragya, “Pragya, did you think about what I mentioned earlier!” Pragya confusingly asks her, “What?” Sarita behen says, “About Rishi and Shahana’s alliance!” Pragya is shocked and gets reminded of Sarita Behen’s proposal earlier asking for Shahana’s hand for Rishi. She says, “I have not discussed it personally with Shahana, but when I asked Prachi, she told me that Shahana does like Rishi!” Sarita Behen gets relieved and tells Pragya, “Then why don’t we take the relationship forward? Are you worried that you are marrying off your younger daughter instead of your elder one?” Pragya denies, “No not at all, Sarita ji, it’s just that we need to confirm first from Rishi-Shahana themselves before taking any decision!” Sarita behen. “Okay fine then we will do that first and if it is YES from both, then I think we should go forward with the relation as soon as possible!”  Pragya looks on.

Fusion beats, Purab’s cabin

Abhi and Purab are inside having a chat while Vikram opens the door and asks “May I come in Sirs?” Abhi tells him, “Abhay! Stop your childish pranks and tell us, why have you called us here?” Vikram comes inside and says “Arrey, what else to discuss other than about our kid’s marriage?” Both Abhi and Purab are stunned at his statement. Vikram continues while walking inside, “What? Why are you both looking at me as if I never discussed it with you before?” Just then, Sunny knocks on their door asking for their permission to enter. Vikram motions him to enter. Purab continues with Vikram, “You did mention to me about Aryan-Mishti’s alliance but I still am not sure because I really don’t know if Aryan is ready for it!” Sunny becomes curious on hearing their conversation and maliciously listens to them while showing his designs to Vikram. Vikram asks Purab, “Arrey, what not sure! Did you even ask Aryan anything about it?” Purab shakes his head denyingly. Sunny smiles, while Vikram continues with Purab, “Then how will you know whether he is ready or not? Look Purab, I have a strong feeling that my daughter likes your son and I guess it is the same with your son!” Purab looks on confusingly still not convinced. Vikram seeing his expression asks, “Now don’t tell me that you are still worried about him settling in his life, Purab, I have two kids, Abhi has two daughters but YOU HAVE ONLY ONE SON!” A chill passes down Abhi, Purab and Sunny’s spine on hearing that. Sunny puts the file in his hand down. Vikram looks at it, picks it up and hands it back over to him saying, “Hey be careful, your designs are so exclusive that they should not be lost just like that!” Then he turns towards Purab, “So what was I saying Purab whatever is YOURS will go for the ONE AND ONLY SON OF YOURS, then why are you worried about him getting settled down.” Sunny feels suffocated and excuses himself if the designs are finalised, when Vikram tells him “Your designs are so amazing that there’s no need to improve, I would say that outside your profession by designing for our singers, you should also design for our kids during their marriage!” Sunny immediately denies saying, “No sir, I’m not a part of your FAMILY to work there!” Abhi, Purab and Vikram get muddled to hear that, while Sunny goes out in tears thinking, “Obviously Mr. Purab Khanna has only ONE SON because he KILLED THE OTHER YEARS AGO and I will kill him and his other son in the same way!”

MMIS College, Inside the library

Aryan and Shahana are seated in an isolated corner where no one passes by. He asks her in a whispering tone, “Shahana, why did you bring me here?” Shahana opens her bag and takes out a black beaded bracelet which has Friends written over it. Then, she pulls Aryan’s hand and wears the bracelet around his wrist. Aryan smilingly asks her, “What is this for? Aren’t we already friends?” Just then Sanju comes there and sees them. Shahana tells Aryan, “Well this is a small gift for whatever you did for me AS A FRIEND! But are we JUST FRIENDS?” Aryan is amazed on hearing that question and puts his head on her lap saying, “You know what, yesterday when I put my head in the same way I realised something!” Shahana says, “Me too!” And they get looking into each other’s eyes.  Sanju thinks, “These two are so deeply in love and will confess it at any moment, after which my work will be over!” He turns around in relief, but gets shocked to see Mishti coming that way. He trembles in fear thinking but it is not over yet and shouts, “Hey Misthi, did you come here looking here for Aryan?” Everyone in the library turn their heads towards him. Aryan-Shahana get up quickly from their awkward position. Aryan pulls Shahana’s hand and writes, “Meet me here, tomorrow at 7:00 A.M. in the morning. Sanju is closely watching them from the corner of his eyes, when Mishti comes near him asking, “You fool why are you shouting and how did you know I was looking for Aryan?” Sanju murmurs, “Because I know that you like him!” Mishti asks “What?” Sanju replies nothing, just when Aryan comes there. Mishti gets happy on seeing him and asks, “Aryan, would you mind accompanying me for a coffee?” Aryan looks towards Shahana on that question. Mishti doesn’t notice it, however Sanju carefully watches them. Shahana signs Aryan NO! Aryan hesitantly tells Mishti, “Mishti, actually I have some important notes to get from the library, so I am quite busy right now, we will catch around later.” on saying that Aryan taps her shoulder and leaves from there. Shahana smiles and slowly makes a move. Mishti is annoyed stares at Sanju and leaves angrily. Sanju asks, “Now what can I do if he does come to drink coffee with you? Anyways my classes and work both are over and I hope this is the last day of my work”

In the evening, Sunny’s workshop in the garage near his house

Sanju describes the whole day’s events to Sunny, while the latter is busy playing billiards. Sanju tells, “Bhai, I don’t think I have to continue with the spying work on Aryan, because I’m sure he will propose Shahana, tomorrow, then surely everyone else will come to know after that……” But before he could complete, Sunny hits a ball into the pocket by a cue stick, saying, “No, Aryan will not propose Shahana tomorrow!” Sanju looks on puzzled.


To be continued

  1. Wonder what is sunny gonna do now?? Loved arhana n the way Ranbir took care of prachi. Also, I loved how Ranbir slapped Sanju bcoz obviously Sanju has no right on prachi. But at the same time I felt bad for Sanju bcoz slowly n gradually, he is becoming Sunny’s puppet.

    1. Aleyamma

      It’s so sweet to know that you empathize with Sanju because not many do that with negative characters. Sanju was a puppet for Rhea and Priyanka but his relation with Sunny is quite different. You will get it in the coming and later episodes.

  2. Great. Happy to see updates early. I am having mixed feelings towards Sunny. I feel sad as no one is bothered about him (Purab didn’t tell about him to vikram). And angry as he is constantly plotting against Aryan. This Mishti is also irritating. I’m an Arhana fan. I want them to together without the interference of Rishi nor Mishti. Waiting for more updates.

    1. Aleyamma

      Thanks for appreciating my updates. And I guess you will get a heartbreak in the next episode and hate Sunny!

  3. Love the part when Ranbir tells Sanju that Prachi is just mine❤️❤️.I think Sunny will stop the proposal of Aryan by remembering him about the promise which Aryan gave to Sunny. Sunny will use this opportunity. Well I think so. Please upload the next episode

    1. Aleyamma

      The next episode is uploaded. You were very close but read the episode to see what really happened!

  4. sorry but I am not getting the next episode where is it?

  5. Aleyamma

    Hello Prince ?,
    Sorry for the confusion, Actually there was temporary technical mistake when I uploaded the episode 69.
    So that episode is also named Episode 68.
    You will find Episode 69 when you open the Kumkum Bhagya telly update main page

    The latest update of my FF is Episode 69. Please do check it out, Prince and let me know!
    With Regards,

    1. it was just awesome.

    2. Aleyamma

      Thanks dear!

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