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@PART 20…

All sit to have their breakfast on the table and everyone has a mind-blowing mood today.
Sukanya: Billu ji will you come to pick us from school.
Shivaay: Sorry Suk I won’t be able to come I have some urgent work today but I will drop you guys today.
Suk: Okay.

Shivaay before leaving: Anika get ready we will go in search of Chanda once i return.
Anika: Do you know about her where abouts.
Shivaay: Not exactly but we need to search her.
Anika: Ya you are right. Come back soon and go safe.
Shivaay nods and smiling leaves to drop the kids.

Anika: Shivaay where are we.
Anika says being confused seeing the place where Shivaay stopped his car.
Shivaay: Umm… Khanna told me that Chanda lives in this society.
Anika: Flat no.
Shivaay: 208.
Anika nods.

After a while both are standing in front of flat no. 208. Shivaay rings the bell and after nearly five minutes a lady in her mid forties opens the door. She gets shocked seeing the unexpected guests knock at her door this early in morning. But more then anything Anika’s questioning and painful eyes make her feel guilty as she travels 14 years down her memory lane.

Anika: Maine toh socha tha mujhe itne saloon baad dekh kar tum toh ek Dum khidki tod khush ho gi par tumhe dekh kar toh aisa lag raha hai ki tumhe 440 V ka jhatka laga hai. Kun Chanda?
(I thought that you will be really happy seeing me after so long but you seem to be shocked rather. Why Chanda?)
She says spitting venom with her sarcasm at Chanda.

Chanda fumbles being nervous: Aa…Aaisa k..k…kuch nahi hai Ani.. Ani… Anika.
(No… Nothing like that Ani… Ani… Anika.)
Anika: Aacha toh tum aise hi ruk ruk kar baat karti ho ya mujhe dekh kar itni khush ho gayi ho ki aaj muh se shabd hi nahi nikal rahe hain.
(Oh so you usually fumble or after seeing me you became so happy that you started fumbling in happiness.

From inside Chanda’s husband (CH): Who is on the door Chanda?
(Darwaaze par kon hai?)
Chanda: Aa… A…
Anika: Kya hua jawaab do.

(What happened? Answer him come on.)
Chanda: Anika please tum abhi yahan se jao mai tumse baad me baat karungi.
Saying this she is about to close the door but Anika puts her hand and pushes the door.
Anika being completely angry: Itni zoor ka thapaad marungi tumhari muh par ki tumhare muh ki geography kharab ho jayegi. Chup chap humare sawaalon ka jawaab do fir hum soochainge tumhare saath karna kya hai.
(I will slap you so hard that geography of your face will change. Answer our questions first then we will think, what we have to do with you.)

In mean time CH comes there and seeing Shivaay gets shocked.
CH: Good morning sir.

Shivaay looks at him and his cunning SSO smirk takes place on his face and he looks at Anika who understands what he means. Today for first time she loved the fact that the name OBEROI’S came to her use.

Shivaay: Nothing much. I think so you should leave you are late for office. We will have a word later.
CH nods and leaves. Both Shivaay and Anika enter.
Anika crossing her hands across her chest: Aab toh tumhare pati ki naukri bhi mera haat me hai. Tum janti Ho ki mai kya chahti hun toh fata fat aapna muh chalao.
(Now your husband’s job is also in my hands. You very well know what I want so speak up quickly.)
Chanda: Ye sahi nahi kar rahi Ho tum.
(You aren’t doing right.)

Anika looses her cool and slaps Chanda: Aur tum ne Jo kiya mera saath Vo sahi tha.
(And what you did with me was right.)
Chanda: Mera pati masoom hai unho ne na hi kuch kiya hai aur na hi unhe kuch pata hai.
(My husband is innocent he knows nothing.)
Anika: Mera bacche bhi masum hai sab jante hue tumne mujhe dhoka diya. Mera bacchon ko apne parivaar se yahan tak ki ek dusre se bhi dur rakha. Maan toh kar raha hai tumhari jaan le lun par pehle tum aapna muh khologi.

(My kids are also innocent, after knowing everything also you betrayed me. You separated my kids from their family. I wish to kill you but first answer my questions.)
Chanda: Pehle tumhe Wada karna hoga ki tum mera pati ko nuksaan nahi pohaanchogi.
(First you will have to promise that you won’t harm my husband.)
Anika being irritated says to Shivaay: Shivaay abhi call ki jiye aur iske pati ko fire ki jiye job se.
(Shivaay, right now call in office and fire her husband from job.)
Chanda gets scared: No no no. Mai Saab Bata ti hun.
(No. No. No I will tell you everything.)

Both ShivIka settle on the sofa as Chanda begins to narrate.

Chanda: 14 saal pehle jab tum hospital me admit hui thi tab tumne do judwa bachon ko janam diya tha aur dono hi bilkul thik the. Jab tum behoosh thi tab mera pass ek parcel aaya tha uss me ek khat tha aur kuch paise the.
(14 years back when you were admitted in hospital you gave birth to twins and both were absolutely healthy. When you were unconscious I received a parcel, that contained some money and a letter.)

Shivaay interrupts: Kitne paise.
(How much money?)
Chanda gulps: 5 lakhs.

Both ShivIka look at each other being completely shocked but soon compose themselves.
Anika: Continue.
Chanda: Uss khat me likha tha ki agar me tumhare ek bacche ko maar dun gi toh Vo mujhe 5 lakhs aur dainge aur agar Maine aisa nahi kiya toh Vo mera pur parivaar ko barbaad kar denge. Mai daar gayi thi mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha tha ki mai kya Karun. Ek ghante tak Maine kuch nahi kiya tab unhone mera phone par ek video bheja jis me mera mumma ko unhone kidnap kiya hua tha aur…
(In that letter it was written that if I kill one of your child I will get 5 lakhs more and if I didn’t then they will destroy my family. I was scared and unable to understand that what shall I do. Till one hour I didn’t do anything then they sent a video on my phone in which some goons had kidnaped my mother and…)

Chanda trails as her eyes tear up and throat chokes with emotions.
Anika bluntly: Aur… (And…)
Chanda: Aur mera dekhte hi dekhte unhone mumma ko chaku maar diya. Fir ek awaaz ayi jiss ne kaha ki agar Maine jaldi kuch nahi kiya toh Vo ek ek kar ke mera parivaar me sab ko maar dengain. Mai fata fat se tumhare bacchon ke pass gayi aur un dono me se ek ko apne saath wahan se le gayi. Mai tumhare bacche ko maar toh nahi payi iss liye Maine usse chupa diya. Fir mujhe pata laga ki tumhari gaadi ka accident ho gaya hai mujhe laga ki ye wahi log hain aur mai dar gayi par mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya kunki ek din ke baad ma loot kar aa gayai jab maine un se pucha toh unhone kaha ki unhe kisine kidnap mahi kiya. Fir do din baad Maine Shivaay ji ko call kiya aur tumhare bacche ko unhe thama diya.

Iss se zyada mujhe kuch nahi pata.
(And they pierced the knife in my mother. Then a voice came from the video itself warning me to kill your child or they will kill rest of my family. I was hell scared so I quickly went to your child and took him as I wasn’t that heartless to kill him I hid him. Soon after I came to know about your car meeting with an accident but this wasn’t it I was more shocked when my mother came back and on inquiring her I got to know that nobody ever kidnapped her. Then after two days I called Shivaay ji and handed your baby to him.
I don’t know anything more than this.)
Shivaay: Do you have any proof to prove your story.

Chanda nods and leaves to her room leaving ShivIka silently staring behind. Soon she returns with an old crumbled paper and a chip in her hand.

Chanda: I knew that someday somebody will come for this.
She gives both the things to Shivaay who checks the paper and video with Anika.
Anika: Anything else you know.

Chanda nods in no. Anika leaves from there and Shivaay follows her but not before giving an alert note to Chanda who nods being scared of him.

Anika looks out of the window sobbing silently her mind is filled with all sorts of doubts and heart is at it’s emotional high. Shivaay slightly holds her shoulder and she turns towards him cleaning her tears. Shivaay who could understand her condition pulls her in a side hug as he too is in no good condition. Anika silently cuddles to him with her tears still flowing.

Shivaay cares Anika’s hair and calmly says: Relax Anika.
Anika: How Shivaay? What if something would have happened to our children that day? What would we have done?
Shivaay putting a break to his car stops it at a side and cupping Anika’s face continues in same calm tone: Anika nothing happened to them and nothing will happen to them. Don’t worry I am here I will make everything alright.

Anika sees in Shivaay’s eyes THE GREAT WALL is back, she smiles seeing him back in his avatar. His this protective side was something she missed for years in a row but now that determination in his eyes is a promise to her and he is sure to set everything at it’s place. All he needs is Anika’s trust, the trust that was lost somewhere according to them ages back but little they know that if they are together even after such a long separation, even if they are one after walking separately on their paths for years together, the only reason is they are “ENTWINED BY FAITH”.

Anika hugs Shivaay: I have full faith in you.

She says in whisper to his ears but pouring in all her faith in him. Shivaay sighs a breath and hugs her even more tightly. They are together for so many day with each other but something has been missing between them and that was TRUST; FAITH which binds them together but when that FAITH is back now nothing will stop them from being with each other for ever and ever. The void that Shivaay had in her life gets filled with Anika’s one word that “SHE HAS FAITH IN HIM”.

Anika: Do you trust me even now.
Shivaay: I lost my trust on you on the day when I had to throw you out but when I held Atharv in my arms that FAITH got restored because only your move of keeping our son alive made me regain my faith all over again.
Please never leave me again.

Shivaay says the last line with a chocking voice and moist eyes.
Anika cups Shivaay’s face: Never at least not till my last breath. Maybe we won’t be with each other for every single second of our life but we will be together.

Shivaay pulls Anika for a hug while she rests her head on his chest and he starts driving again.

Anika: Shivaay whom do you think can be behind all this.
Shivaay: I am not sure Anika but I have asked Khanna to get the proves checked. But something has happened and someone is involved for sure and someone maybe quite near to us.
Anika looking at the road: Shivaay where are we going? This road doesn’t goes to Oberoi Mansion.
Are we going to pick up kids.
Shivaay sighs looking at her: No Anika we are neither going to pick kids nor are we going to O.M.
Anika: Then where?
Shivaay: To spend some time together. We are really stressed with all this just want to be with you for sometime.
Anika: But where are we going?

Shivaay: Where we met for the first time.
Anika: Temple.
Shivaay smilingly nods in agreement.
Anika: So even today you will crack a deal with god.
Shivaay: Anika God gave me more then my expectation and now I have stopped cracking deals with him. I am just going to thank him for everything and pray for our family’s well being.
Anika gets shocked hearing him: Shivaay are you okay.
Shivaay smiles and nods.
Anika: But who put this brilliant thought in your head because I am sure your head wouldn’t have thought such a brilliant thing.
Shivaay: My doll.
Anika: Who is she?

Shivaay: I don’t know. But precisely you can say that if I am standing on my feet and I am quite normal to be called SSO then she is the only reason behind it. She is the reason that I have started breathing and living again.
Anika: Oh god now I am jealous of her.
Shivaay: Are you alright Anika you are accepting that you are jealous this even bigger a shock.
Anika chuckles: Ya I accept it and now a day I accept things more freely all thanks to your darling daughter.

Shivaay: Oh how come?
Anika: Because she is a tadibaz and stubborn like you. Anyways tell me about your doll.
Shivaay chuckles seeing her anxiety: Relax she is my small little girl of nearly 14.
Anika: Wooh that’s great.
Shivaay: So now don’t be jealous of her.
Anika smiles and nods.

Shivaay: You know Anika Doll came in my life when I had lost all hopes on myself, when Atharv was even tired of coping up with me.
The best thing about her is she can see positivity in everything no matter how worse the situation is she will always smile and face it and she keeps no grudges at the end of the day. She goes with the flow and finds positivity in every single thing. She is fearless yet a sweetheart.

Anika gets lost hearing Shivaay but soon he snaps her out as they reached the temple.
Shivaay: Where were you zoned out?
Anika: Your words remind me of Suk. I don’t know why.
Shivaay smiles and both move to the temple.
Shivaay: You have changed alot Anika.

Anika: You too. Your tadi it seems to be a chapter long gone.
Shivaay smiles: What to do I didn’t have you to show my tadi and accept you nobody can handle that. So had to change.
Anika giggles.
Shivaay: Don’t worry madam you are back now I will show you all my tadi and complete the quota.
Both enter in the temple and pray to god with all their heart, mind and soul.

After a while they sit near the pond holding each other’s hand.
Anika: Shivaay…
Shivaay: Kaho. ( Say.)

Anika: What happened to you that Atharv couldn’t cope up with. Did something really bad happen.
Shivaay: Relax Anika all that is history, I will tell you everything on right time.
Anika nods gloomily.
Shivaay raising her chin: Hye please no more tears and sadness it really hurts.
Anika nods.
Shivaay: So let’s cheer your mood.
Anika: How?
Shivaay stands and offers his hand to Anika who too stands up.
Anika: Now what?
Shivaay: Come along.

He takes her to the back side of temple and Anika jumps excitedly seeing aloo Puri.

Anika: WOW aloo Puri.
Shivaay: Come on let’s have it.
Anika: Are you sure.
Shivaay: Yes madam.
Anika: But your hygiene.

Shivaay: It’s ok I can do that much for you.
Anika smiles and both sit on table. A waiter comes to them.
Anika: Bhaiya two plates aloo Puri with two glasses of lassi and halwa.
Shivaay looks at her with wide open eyes.
Shivaay: Are you normal Anika.
Anika: Come on Shivaay can’t you this much for me.

She giggles only to receive an irritated glare from Shivaay but who cares. Definitely not Anika.

Shivaay: You will become fat if you eat so much.
Anika: No problem I already have a husband and a boy friend.
Shivaay chocking at his own gulp: Boy… Boyfriend.
Anika smiles: Manik.
Shivaay murmurs: I won’t leave that idiot he has become villain of my love life.
Anika: I heard that.
Shivaay: So what shall I do, you eat.

Anika giggles at seeing his jealous expression and that to from someone who is no less than a son to her. God help this jalkukda (jealous man) only.

Both after finishing their lunch walk by the pond talking to each other trying their level best to cope up for the past years and making sure of not giving each other the uncomfortable silence.

It’s their relation.
They need to mend it together.
So they will only have to work.

An hour before the dispersal. The Enigma clan along with the new members were sitting on the floor talking to each other and giving some rest to themselves after the entire hectic day.

Suk: So how is your new partner Mani?
She asks giggling as since two days he and his partner couldn’t do any good piece that was getting on their coach’s nerves who has been shouting on Manik even though the mistake isn’t his as the girl whom he has to dance with is least interested in dancing along rather she is busy with her other stuff that irritates Manik, however non serious he maybe but when it comes to his work he is purely dedicated to it and this girl was testing his patience.

Manik: All the best to you Aru as this time we are going to loose. She is such a head ache.
Aditi teasingly: But somebody was taking too much interest in her. Isn’t it.
She says winking at Manik, who makes funny faces.
Atharv: Oh I forgot to give you this.

He handed a paper to Manik.
Manik: What’s this?
Atharv: Her boyfriend’s number.
Manik gives an irritated glare to him while rest laugh at Manik.
Manik: Shut up guys.

Coach: Stop giggling there Manik and do some practice because I won’t spear you if you lost this competition.
Manik sighs looking at his coach and nods but from inside his is cursing him and his new partner.
Manik stands up.
Coach: Come on Jenney.

Jenny too joins him.
Coach: Play the track.
Sun Sathiya from ABCD 2 track is played while everybody sits and sees them.
Starting is Jenney’s part which she performs gracefully but when she has to perform with Manik they lack to coordination and chemistry.
Coach: Stop it. Sukanya you come.
Sukanya nods and goes.
Coach: Sukanya dance with Manik on the same track I hope so you know the steps (Suk nods.) Jenney you watch them together.
Jenney nods and sits with the rest.

Coach: Aditi and Ishaan you too join and rest see the way they dance I want the same beauty in dance when they exchange the partners. So all of you better join after half of the track.
All nod and occupy their positions while who don’t have to dance keep sitting at their place.
Coach: Start.

Sun Sathiya is played when Sukanya and Manik dance together with Aditi and Ishaan on the other side. They dance gracefully for the first half of the song. The best part in Sukanya and Manik’s dance is that they match each others step like no one else can do. The pace, beauty and elegance in their dance is remarkable. Soon they change the partners. Sukanya dances with Atharv, Manik with Jenney and Aditi and Ishaan with their new partners respectively.

Coach: Fine you all need to work hard but to some extent I am satisfied by Sukanya, Atharv and Aditi.
They nod.
Coach: Aditi you go for your solo, then the group performance and then we will be done for the day.
Aditi nods and performs her solo and as soon as she ends everybody claps and soon stop but somebody from her back continues to clap, she turns and her eyes become wider seeing the person she just runs and jumps over him.

Aditi: Papa.

The person is none other than ARYAN SINGH RAJPUT. He twirls Aditi in his arms and soon Krish jumps on his back and kisses his cheeks. With in a second Manik, Sukanya, Ishaan and Rahul were also hugging him.

Coach: Hello Mr. Rajput.
He says forwarding his hand.
Aryan: Hello Mr. Sharma (coach). I am sorry I came all of a sudden.
Coach: No no it’s okay.
We are almost done. So guys we will continue tomorrow you all may leave now.
Everybody leaves.

As soon as coach leaves Atharv sees a man in his middle age all smart and handsome, with not so long hight talking to everyone who has encircled him. But the biggest shock for him was that he is a complete replica of his father not even with an inch of difference.
(??? Yes he is Mahi only. ???)

Sukanya soon snaps him out of his thoughts: Where are you lost bhai?
Atharv points at Aryan/Mahi and only a whisper comes out of his mouth: Papa.
Sukanya chuckles: Chill bhai he isn’t. He is Aditi and Krish’s father he is a look alike of billu ji accept for the fact that his eyes are black.
Atharv nods still being in his trances.
Krish: Di bhai let’s go.
Suk: Ya. Come bhai.
Atharv nods and both leave.

Suk: Dadi ma.
All look up to find their dadi waiting for them.
Amanat: Dadi ma what are you doing here.
Dadi: Ary your parents can come to pick you up, I can’t come to pick up my grandchildren.
Amanat: Of course you can come dadi.
Saying so she hugs dadi and so do the rest.

Sukanya: Dadi come I will make you meet someone.

Saying so she drags dadi to Aryan/Mahi who is standing like a statue on seeing dadi. When dadi sees him she gets shocked but happy at the same time.
Dadi creasing his face whispers: Mahi…
Aryan/Mahi: Aryan Singh Rajput, dadi.
Dadi smiles at him. He bends and takes blessings from dadi who lovingly keeps her hand on his head.
Dadi: Jeeta raho (God bless).
She makes him stand and hugs him.
Dadi: Kaleja che thand pe gayi.

(Now I felt some peace in my heart.)
Aryan/Mahi: How are you dadi?
Dadi: Thik hun aur tujhe dekhne ke baad toh aur bhi zyada thik hun. Toh Bata kaisa hai.
( I am good and much better after seeing you. You tell, how are you?)
Aryan /Mahi: Good.

Aditi coming to Aryan/Mahi.
Aditi: Papa do you know dadi ma.
Aryan looks at her smilingly nods: Of course Baccha.
Dadi with moist eyes: When I saw them with Ragini, I was confused but I am so happy and thankful to you Aryan.
Aryan/Mahi: Dadi anything for all of you.
(getting back to his mood) aab agar aap aise Ganga Yamuna bhaao ge na toh apun ke demaag ka ganga raam ho jayega.
(If you will cry like this then I will go mad.)
Dadi smiles and patting his cheeks: Chup kar khotteya.

(Shut up you idiot.)
Aryan/Mahi smiles and hugs her while from dadi’s eyes few tears make their way.
Dadi: Chal hun tun mera naal ghaar chal.
(Come let’s go to home.)
Aryan/Mahi holds her hand and nods in no: Dadi you know I have no place in that house. They won’t even allow me in.
Dadi: They can stop Mahi but not Aryan Singh Rajput who is Aditi and Krish’s father.
Aryan/Mahi: But dadi.

Dadi: Chup kar Jo me keh rahe hun vo kar nahi toh bacchon ko keh kar gaadi me dhakel dungi.
(Shut up and do as I say otherwise I will make kids to push you inside the car.
Aryan chuckles: Please dadi.
Dadi: Fine. (Aryan sighs) Manik, Suk, Athu, Advik, Amanat, Anya, Aditi and Krish push him inside the car.
Aryan looks horrified at her: Dadi…
Before he could say anything he was thrown inside the car and they were going back to O.M..


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